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the beginning
lee rhodes is diagnosed with cancer for the third time, she is a mother of three. lee remembers meeting patients in waiting rooms who could not afford day-to-day costs like bus fare, childcare and groceries during chemotherapy. while entertaining friends, she drops a tea light into a roughly hewn glass cup, and the first glassybaby is born.
garage sales
lee hires artists to make more glassybaby and gave them as gifts. people loved them.
glassybaby is officially founded
lee sells them out of her garage and donates money from sales to charities helping cancer patients heal.
green lake studio
the first glassybaby studio and hot shop open in the green lake neighborhood in seattle, wa. this location was once home to the Vitamilk factory. much of the structure of the original factory remained untouched.
'true white'
the first glassybaby goodwill color is introduced. 10% from the sale of each 'true white' is donated to help cancer patients with day-to-day needs not covered by basic health insurance.
martha stewart
glassybaby is featured on the Martha Stewart Show.
the white light fund
glassybaby establishes the white light fund to support cancer patients and families at the Collegiana, a patient family housing service at the University of Washington Medical Center.
madrona studio & hot shop
the glassybaby studio moves to the madrona neighborhood, artists create up to 500 glassybaby a day.
more stores
glassybaby opens two additional brick & mortar stores located in the university village and bellevue neighborhoods.
Entrepreneur of the Year
our founder lee rhodes is named Entrepreneur Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year 2011
one million more.
glassybaby reaches one million dollars in charitable giving.
san francisco
glassybaby opens its doors the presidio heights neighborhood of san francisco.
two million thank yous.
on march 31, glassybaby reached two million dollars in charitable giving.
three million. and change.
glassybaby has donated more than $3 million dollars to organizations dedicated to helping people, animals and the environment heal
glassybaby white light fund launch
501(c)(3) organization based in Seattle Washington, founded to assist glassybaby in its goal to promote hope and healing.