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new perspectives
April 04, 2014

Seattle is the only city that I have lived in that, on a clear night, the lights stay within themselves. The night sky doesn’t simply reflect the glow of our modest skyscrapers. No, instead, our sky is blanketed by stars, constellations, the moon and planets. So on clear nights when the sky is in all of its glory, and on the clear days when the mountains loom in the distance all around us, the beauty of nature and space humble me as I bask in the art that is all around us.

Last night, I saw something new. The moon glowed yellow above the Olympics, just a fingernail, but a large one as an early moon on the horizon often appears. The big dipper did something I had never previously seen before: it's reflection appeared to dip into Lake Washington, reminding me of my childhood days when I would bathe in the bathtub, my mother telling me stories and laughing with me as she poured water over my head to wash away the tear-free shampoo. Those days were long ago, and something as magnificent as the night sky brought back memories of joy.

I know the moon, I know the big dipper, but both offered a whole new perspective on something that I have been seeing all my life, and sometimes take for granted.

It’s a new perspective that often helps us appreciate where we live, who we love, and what we do. Seattle has become my new community, in part because of the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday.

And so I love the new perspective of the glassybaby community page. Here we have everything we love about our glassybaby social community, all in one place, with beautiful pictures, quotes, and images that remind me of everyone who is a part of the glassybaby mission. There is all of the info on the road shows there, what the happenings are on Facebook and Twitter, and even this here—the blog!

Another refreshing update comes with the revamped color club — the special monthly givers of glassybaby who Lee works directly with to spread kindness. There are the options of 3-, 6-, 9- and 12-month memberships, so there are even more ways to get involved. Also new to the color club are exciting new welcome kits based on the size of the membership purchased.  

So sometimes a new perspective on something you already loved, helps you appreciate it even more! 

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