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glassybaby + Tipping Point Community
November 21, 2013

10% from the sale of each ‘gratitude’ will be donated to Tipping Point Community to help break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area

We’ve all faced difficult choices, but few of us have had to choose between paying our electric bill or putting food on the table.  For close to 1.3 million of our new neighbors in the Bay Area, these choices are part of their daily lives.  glassybaby is pleased to announce our newest giving partnership with Tipping Point Community, whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area.  glassybaby believes that breaking this cycle is a critical component of human healing.

Tipping Point’s approach focuses on four key areas:  housing, health, education and employment, the founding structures of any city.  Through their grant program, Tipping Point makes sure that the most effective non-profits get the support they deserve.  Currently, that includes 42 different human service organizations.  Because the Tipping Point Board of Directors covers all fundraising and operational expenses, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to help those impacted by poverty.  And Tipping Points support doesn’t end with dollars.  They also support grantees with technology, fundraising and communications resources that they need to grow and improve.  Last year, Tipping Point grantees impacted the lives of nearly 90,000 people in the Bay Area.  To purchase ‘gratitude’, click here.

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