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perfectly imperfect.
June 13, 2014

you know what i know what she knows what he knows: the glassybaby seconds sale is nearly upon us! it's time for the perfectly imperfect glassybaby to shine, it's time for the glassybaby community to come together and share stories, it's time for unstoppable giving.

there are those who decide to camp out the night before, excited to be at the front of the line when the doors open at 8am on saturday, june 21. there are those who travel great distances, some even taking flight to make a glassybaby adventure to the emerald or golden city. there are those who have been collecting since the days of lee's garage, and those who will be there for their first time.

yes, the differences make us individuals, but the similarities make us unstoppable.

because we're there to give. we give to those we love, and our giving continues in the form of scholarships for so many aspiring nurses. it's unstoppable giving.

there's the white light fund, where 10% of seattle seconds will go to provide nursing scholarships at seattle university, seattle pacific university, bellevue college and shoreline community college.

there are the seconds in san francisco, where 10% of proceeds will be given to the california pacific medical center for nursing scholarships.

there's online, where 10% of every glassybaby will be donated to the foundation of national student nurses scholarship program.

and there's the first in line contest, where you can nominate a nurse who will help us kickoff the giving!

so you may come for your own unique reason, but we all leave a shared impact of giving that surely won't stop the good. picture a series of dominoes that don't have an ending: scholarships, nurses, caring; repeat.

let's celebrate the perfectly imperfect glassybaby together: see you on saturday, june 21!

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