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how do you decorate your home? photo by: @graceperdiem decor by: @partyprepworkshop
how would glassybaby light your home? show us and enter the chance to win this gorgeous set curated by @porchdotcom! how to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassybaby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day! [click link in profile to shop set] #giveaway #giveawayalert
view of the construction from above! berkeley fun fact #15: berkeley professor william vere cruess, who is credited with co-founding the field of food science, is the inventor of fruit cocktail. #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
#gbsummerlights #studio54 #roots #hideandseek
a few days ago we shared a story from angela who lost her mom july 15 to ALS. she messaged us later that day with this note: "I really did not expect to find such comfort in the comments from people I don't even know! How cool that these little lights bring together like-hearted people who take the time to "like" a story or offer genuine sentiments. I'm humbled. Thank you for fostering this connection." thank you to angela for sharing, and thank you to our#communityofkindness for always being there for one another. we'll be lighting a candle for her, her family and everyone who needs a little extra comfort tonight. #glassybabystories #cherish #kindfull
progress being made, see you in september #berkeley! berkeley fun fact #14: the periodic table of elements includes four elements – lawrencium, californium, berkelium, and seaborgium – discovered by berkeley researchers.#gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
sending a little sunshine your way?? #hope #soul #sassy #rubberducky #crayola #shine #crush
off loading spiral arts equipment. berkeley fun fact #13: a gold nugget, believed to be the gold that john marshall discovered on jan. 24, 1848, setting off the california gold rush, can be found at the bancroft library #gbbfunfacts
don't miss your chance to win this gorgeous set and a box of palm wax tea lights! we've teamed up with our friends at @porchdotcom for a #giveaway. how to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassybaby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day! [click link in profile to shop set]
today's your chance to get that holiday shopping done, just a little bit early. join us online or at any of our glassybaby locations to preview and pre-order* three new double overlay and exotic holiday sets deck the halls, precious cargo and forbidden fruit. *orders will ship or be available for in-store pickup mid-october
telling our stories by these #gbsummerlights. what's your story? share in the comments below or with the hashtag: #glassybabystories #tellon #birthdaysuit
valhue #3: we love dogs. meet our glassybaby family member winchester (pictured here). glassybaby is not just composed of the human spirit. our four-legged friends play just as big a role as we do. our new Berkeley hot shop and retail/event space will welcome dogs of all breeds. we can't wait to meet these new furry faces! #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
for those of you who start holiday shopping in july, we love you. let us help. this sunday, july 26, for one day only, join us online or at any of our glassybaby locations to preview and pre-order* three new double overlay and exotic holiday sets deck the halls, precious cargo and forbidden fruit. *orders will ship or be available for in-store pickup mid-october
art #repost @meredith.ondine.rose
"My mom was diagnosed with ALS in October of 2014. After one of her first doctor's appointments, we went to the Madrona store and I bought her STRENGTH. She was slowly going to lose her physical strength, but her mental, emotional, and spiritual strength was infallible. That was what she could rely on as she dealt with each stage of the disease. Even at the end, her determination, grace and fierce independence impressed and surprised her medical team. However, knowing her life history, my sisters and I knew my mom had more strength than the five of us combined. ALS took my mom on July 15, 2015. That day, I took her glassbaby off her mantle and have since kept it on my nightstand as a reminder of her STRENGTH and to encourage me to find my own as I mourn the loss of my amazing momma." - angela rigley #glassybabystories
the staircase to the mezzanine is up! berkeley fun fact #12: the uc berkley basketball player with the biggest feet traditionally donates his shoes every year to their campus mascot, oski t. bear. #gbbfunfacts
how would glassybaby light your home? we've teamed up with our friends at @porchdotcom to #giveaway this gorgeous 'love your home' set. how to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassybaby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day!
new glory holes arrive from seattle! berkeley fun fact #11: cal has a 750-pound cannon it fires whenever the golden bears football team scores or wins a game #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
grace and valor looking fancy in qc today.
checkout our adventures in the most "haunted town in america" -- it might be haunted but boy is it gorgeous! #tbt #throwbackthursday ?? link in profile
rentals ???? #gbsummerlights
1000 lbs of glass melters have arrived! berkeley fun fact #10: uc berkeley has skeletons of a tyrannosaurus rex and a pteranodon on view in the lobby of the valley life sciences building #gbbfunfacts #berkeley
#giveawayalert: we've teamed up with our friends at @porchdotcom to #giveaway this gorgeous 'love your home' set. how to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassybaby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day!
we've revamped our @glassybabyairport location! Traveling through @seatacairport this summer?? stop by concourse c and check us out??????
we teamed up with our friends at @porchdotcom for a #giveaway! enter now for a chance to win this gorgeous 'love your home' set curated by Porch. How to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassy baby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through Aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day!
berkeley fun fact #9: uc berkeley's sather tower, aka the campanile, stands 307 feet tall, making it the third tallest bell and clock-tower in the world. #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
a comment left on one of our web orders. made us lol we ?? our customers.
a woman received three glassybaby and a note from a dear friend. the note read "ocean is where we met, friendship is what we have, and believe is what we do." the woman had cancer and had been going through chemo treatment. she opened the box and saw she had received an 'ocean', a 'friendship' and a 'believe'. last week this woman visited our seatac store and told us her story. she was brought to tears saying she felt as though receiving that gift of glassybaby had a huge impact on her healing. she is now in remission. #glassybabystories
valhue #2: a zillion hues. one true color. glassybaby are made from the earth and we are committed to protecting it. we are excited to announce that our new Berkeley hot shop and retail/event space was just approved for solar-powered energy! solar-powered glassybaby? (well not literally ;) ) how cool is that?? #gbbfunfacts #bayarea #funfacts
we teamed up with our friends at @porchdotcom for a #giveaway! enter now for a chance to win this gorgeous 'love your home' set curated by Porch. How to enter… 1. follow @Porchdotcom & @glassybaby on Instagram 2. submit a photo of how glassy baby would light your home and tag #LoveYourHome 3. tag 2 friends to join in on the fun! contest runs through Aug 3rd, and you can enter once a day!
sending you some summer vibes #gbsummerlights #summer #lights #summernights
it's christmas in july, santa is coming to glassybaby early! ???????? on july 26, for one day only, we'll be pre-selling our brand new exotic and double overlay holiday sets online and in-store. purchase these three limited edition sets now, and get them before they go out to the public! delivery will be made in mid-october. keep checking back here to see previews of each set.
berkeley fun fact #8: uc berkeley students and alumni have been the recipients of 11 pulitzer prizes. #gbbfunfacts #funfacts #berkeley #bayarea #glassybaby
a photo of our 'pride' collection at the Grace Cathedral marriage equality celebration with @sfgmc #lovewins #courage #pride #gbsummerlights
"I gave two to a cousin and her husband when he was in the last stages of pancreatic cancer. They lit them during their tea time. I encouraged them to share them together so that when he was gone, she would have the light and the love to sustain her. Both loved them." ?#?glassybabystories?
we're unloading the annealer! berkeley fun fact #7: berkeley has sent more volunteers to the peace corps than any other u.s. university. #gbbfunfact #bayarea #berkeley #funfacts
some gorgeous glassybaby glowing at lee's home. what's illuminating your home tonight? show us by using our hashtag: #gbsummerlights
cheers to friday! how about a @ooladistillery 'citron squeeze' out of one of our gorgeous citron drinkers? 2 ounces ALOO Vodka from @ooladistillery 1 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice 1/4 to 1/2 ounce simple syrup #tgif #cheers #vodka #summercocktails #gbsummer #friday #weekend
we're putting up drywall at the hot shop! berkeley fun fact #6: berkeley lab has discovered 16 chemical elements in total – more than any other university in the world. #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea
just a few pretty things. #glassybaby #hope
those lights though? #bayarea #sf #gbsummerlights #baylights #internationalorange #beachocean #gratefulred #bayareacollection
need some #courage? we're lighting a #fearless for you #gbsummerlights
berkeley fun fact #5: uc berkeley students and staff have been the recipients of 71 nobel prizes. that's a lot of smarts in one place! #gbbfunfacts
love new york? we do too! 10% of each sale of our 'happiness' glassybaby is donated back to Gilda's Club NYC. with this, we are permanently tied to this amazingly fun city. see how two pacific north westerners faired in the big city, visit ?#tbt ?#throwbackthursday? #takemeback
a week ago we asked you to light a glassybaby #foraunte. she is suffering from blastoma lymphoma and is having a difficult time right now. this is a picture of the healthy snacks lee and her kids brought her. she deserves the best! thank you again for sending her all your love #communityofkindness
enjoying this perfect summer with these #gbsummerlights #glassybabysummer #greenlake #gratitude #aquamarine #nest
a woman came into our glassybaby bellevue store last week. she came to buy a 'little boy blue' for her friend who had lost her son a year ago that day. the woman in line next to her overheard her story and told her she was a great friend to do so. the first woman responded, admitting it reminds her everyday to hug her own son a little tighter. the second woman teared up. she knew that lesson too well, her own son had attempted suicide last year. the two strangers embraced in a hug. #glassybabystories ??#communityofkindness ?
we've been sharing a lot of great fun facts about our new berkeley community. as we continue to do so, we'd also love to share with you a little bit about glassybaby, our 'valhues', and as we grow, how we'll be infusing these into this amazing bay area community. valhue #1: a community of kindness. glassybaby one of a kindness creates a community wherever kindness and giving occur. our new Berkeley hot shop and retail/event space will be creating new jobs in the Berkeley area for local glass blowers, warehouse and web staff, and retail sales employees. we are looking to build our local community with you and would love to know your story. interested in working for glassybaby Berkeley? please email #gbbvalhues #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #communityofkindness #bayarea #glassblowers
sweet hazel with #hazelnut. post by @five4gena #repost #doglover ??? It's National Puppy Day and I can't let it go by without reposting a picture of my sweet puppy Hazel with a #hazelnut #glassybaby taken at @glassybabybellevue (February 2014 | 2 months old)
some glassybaby family friends shopping our @glassybabystanford! we ?? this #bayarea community. who out there has visited one of our new shops??
hyacinth sunbathing ?????? #gbsummer
berkeley fun fact #4: america's free speech movement started in berkeley in 1964. way to go #berkeley! #gbbfunfacts #bayarea
coffee books and glassybaby #morning
spending this summer night with #beach. which glassybaby is lighting your summer? share with us at #gbsummerlights.
celebrating #nyfwm by lighting some of our most fashionable colors. link in profile ?? #masteroftheuniverse #whiskey #wicked
berkeley fun fact #3: the highest point in berkeley is grizzly peak at 1,754 feet. #gbbfunfacts #bayarea #berkeley
where do you pull your inspiration from? love this post from @five4gena #repost. ??? Getting @glassybaby color inspiration from the latest @potterybarn catalogue. My friend @therosemarytree was also inspired by the PB pillow cover, check out her photo here: . #glassybaby colors: essential. purple haze. skinny dip. imagine. lamb. truffle. tulip. luxury. roots. eggplant. true blue. gingerbread. celadon. velvet touch.
#gbsummerlights #seattlesunset #glassybabysummer
berkeley fun fact #2: ??b?erkeley has one of the highest rates of bicycle commuting in the country #gbbfunfacts #berkeley #bayarea #funfacts
tea time #repost @rosaannularia. ??? A very pretty #GlassyBaby with Rose and Mint #IceTea. #FairTrade #Organic #RawSpice #OrganicDirectory #TeaReasons #Flowers #Roses #Tea
cheers to date night and petit syrah! #winenight #datenight
glassybaby is coming to berkeley! to celebrate us joining this awesome city we'll be rolling out a fun fact about berkeley and a picture of our construction each day until we open. let the countdown begin. berkeley fun fact #1: berkeley was named for the irish theologian and poet george berkele?y? #gbbfunfacts #funfacts #berkeley #bayarea #glassybaby #hotshop
traveling this summer? forgot a gift? stop by @glassybabyairport. we're conveniently in concourse c???? #glassybabytravels
#gbsummerlights #internationalorange #bayarea #sf #sanfrancisco
in seattle this summer? join us for a glassybaby happy hour, july 29 at our madrona hotshop. $15 per ticket* each ticket includes one complimentary glass of Efeste Tough Guy Bordeaux (must be 21+ years of age) and a sample of Cupcake Royale baby cakes. the $15 ticket price will be waived with the purchase of any glassybaby or drinker on the night of the event. to purchase email: or call: 206.518.9061 *please RSVP by july 24th 10% from every purchase will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund in support ofThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Washington/Alaska Chapter. can't make it? from july 29th-august 5th please enter giving code 'lls' upon checkout and 10% from your entire purchase will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Washington and Alaska Chapter. ??link for event in profile
????love this! #repost @glassybabyuvillage with @repostapp. ??? it's shark week!!! look what we found! an aqua verde glassybaby with a shark fin! another great example of how special and unique each hand made glassybaby is! #oneofakindness #glassybaby #sharkweek
#gbsummerlights #kindness #muse #wings #pebble #wingman
have we mentioned, we love dogs? #repost @glassybabymadrona. #welovedogs #puppies #toocute ??? camden wants to wish you all a happy monday! #dogfriendly #glassybaby
help us in welcoming our new ceo, bill cummings. we are very excited to have him join our team! read founder lee rhodes letter announcing our new leadership. ?? link in profile.
read why these two boston locals got to meet Matt Damon. warning: may need tissues. ?? link in profile #tbt #throwbackthursday #boston #mattdamon #giving
how is glassybaby lighting your summer? post with #gbsummerlights #glassybabysummer #kindness
our newest store is officially open! ???????????????????????? come visit us ???? @glassybabyferry is located at the ferry building marketplace in san francisco. 1 ferry building, san francisco, ca 94111.
we ?? our customers #repost @glassybabymadrona. ??? Our customers are one of a kindness?? Thank you Allison for stopping in Madrona with this box of goodies and sweet note...xo #perfectlyimperfect#glassybaby
on a hot summer day, what is better than drinking iced lattes out of these gorgeous drinkers?? available exclusively at the @starbucksroastery #capitolhill #sodo #first&pike #madisonpark #latte #summer #iced
here we come berkeley #transformationtuesday
how have you been enjoying glassybaby this summer? share your summer nights with: #gbsummerlights
who's that fabulous woman in the pink wig????? that's glassybaby's founder, Lee Rhodes', aunt. she is suffering from blastoma lymphoma. she is having a difficult time right now. tonight, we would like to ask our #communityofkindness to light a glassybaby for her. tag the photo with hashtag #foraunte.
??traveling this summer? check out our @glassybabyairport store at seatac! pick up that last minute gift or begin that vacation a little early with a treat for yourself ???? find us in concourse c. #seatac #travels #wanderlust
congrats to the @uswnt for bringing home gold in the women's world cup yesterday. what a great weekend for #usa ?????????? #worldchampions #uswnt #webelieve
coming soon: glassybaby at the San Francisco ferry terminal! #sanfran #bayarea #glassybaby
how cute is this iced coffee in #birthdaysuit?? thanks for the photo @airika #repost #glassybabydiy
"i first read about glassybaby in a martha stewart magazine while sitting in a doctors office. i ripped the page out of the magazine. ???? then carried that page around in my wallet for years and years. and years. when I finally made it to seattle a few years ago my first ever glassybaby was 'believe'. i'm now the proud owner of 13 glassybaby's and 3 drinkers. just the first of many." #glassybabystories
fourth of july #gbsummerlights #glassybabysummer. thanks for the photo @kjansen22!
cheers to a beautiful fourth of july. #july4th #drinkdeep #maraschino #splash #fizz
happy fourth of july! ???????????? #forever #hope #happybirthday
we are partnering with @thisisstory to offer a select few of our glassybaby in New York City for the month of july. location: 144 tenth avenue x corner 19th st, New York, New York
what are you up to this long weekend? ?? #glassybabysummer
we love seeing how our customers celebrate with glassybaby. thank you for this awesome photo @sandienewton #repost #happybirthday #dream #forever #july4th #celebrate #usa
we've been getting a lot of questions about the sustainability of our palm wax candles. so, we'd love to share with you a couple standards our candles follow: 1)The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) : our tea light provider is a member of RSPO. this is an organization of RSPO certified growers who have implemented sustainable farming practices, who believe in social responsibility and protecting native forests and animals. there are requirements that must be met in order for a grower to be RSPO certified. for more information please go to 2) GreenPalm is an organization that advances the sustainability movement in the palm industry by keeping track of how much crude palm oil is produced by RSPO certified plantations and then brokering its sale on the open market. our tea light provider goes thru GreenPalm to "book and claim" RSPO certified sustainable palm oil to make the wax needed to produce our tea lights. for further information please go to
getting our blues out #july4th ???????? #blueeyes #regal #cashmere
'valor' coming in hot from our studio for the holiday weekend ???????? #july4th
how can you not love new england in the fall? check out our adventures in the great north east. ??link in our bio. #throwbackthursday #tbt
cozying up with 'petite syrah' tonight????????
a mother and daughter frequent our @glassybabyuvillage store. always buying one votive for the daughter. sometimes bringing family members, sometimes just the two of them. a few weeks ago the mother shared the reasoning for the pair's visits: they had been coming after each one of her daughter's chemo treatments, as something to look forward too. but that day's visit was a special one, it would be the last time they would be coming in for that occasion. she made it through her treatment, and had her last chemo appointment. #glassybabystories
only a few more days to get your fourth of july decorations! need ideas? check out our pinterest board ?? link in profile. #hope #trueblue #forever #happybirthday
need something cool to drink this summer? how about a 'citron squeeze': 2 ounces ALOO Vodka from @ooladistillery 1 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice 1/4 to 1/2 ounce simple syrup shake with ice and strain in to an iced glass. garnish with a lime wedge or wheel. #drinkdeep
american made. #happybirthday #hope #trueblue
last day to get your seconds before they're gone! today june 30, 10am-6pm we'll be selling a select few of our seconds at our original Madrona store. address: 3406 east union street, seattle, wa 98122 10% of all sales will be donated to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.
one of our glassybaby family members picking blueberries! besides a votive, how do you use your glassybaby? #glassybabydiy
we'd like to say thank you to our first ever glassybaby happy hour partners: @Ooladistillery? and @DRYSoda. our last thursday event was a success because of them. check out the local Seattle company's instagrams, you won't be disappointed! looking to throw an event? try our event space at our Madrona store / hot shop. email our events manager for more information at: #citron #citronsqueeze #happyhour
there's still some time to get those seconds before they're gone! monday and tuesday, june 29-30, 10am-6pm we'll be selling a select few of our seconds at our original Madrona store. address: 3406 east union street, seattle, wa 98122 10% of all sales will be donated to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.
valor, sparkling in the window of @glassybabybellevue #july4th
we've had so much fun this weekend for our seconds sale, let's continue it! monday and tuesday, june 29-30, we'll be selling a select few of our seconds at our original Madrona store. address: 3406 east union street, seattle, wa 98122 10% of all sales will be donated to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.
a beautiful story from @evadoll representative of her beautiful friendship #glassybabystories #repost. thank you for sharing! ??? a little #tbt in honor of @nightowlette. When I found out that she was going through chemo again, I sent her an #aquamarine @glassybaby - 10% from the sale of each 'aquamarine' glassybaby is donated to glassybaby white light fund in further support of the marsha rivkin center for ovarian cancer research, so I thought it was perfect for her. She started collecting @glassybaby (mostly 'hope' because she lived in a self-described 'white haven')...and once she had enough to have one for every day of the week, she starting sending one to a friend every month. For my birthday last year, she sent me her first "pay it forward" glassybaby and I couldn't stop crying when I opened it. That was 13 months ago. Her positivity throughout her treatment was so inspiring - she was definitely a light to others, and every time I light this candle, I will think of her. ???? #restinpeacesweetfriend #beingbraveislettinggo #wishicouldbehomeforthefuneral #oneofakindness #discoverwhatsbeneaththesurface #missourtalksalready
how cute (and delicious) is this palette we were spoiled with by Kelly's Cupcakes. for more info contact Kelly at
since day one, we've had the most amazing customers who have built this beautiful community of kindness. to celebrate you all we'd like to continue this amazing weekend, and take it back to our roots. today, june 28, until 500pm we'll be selling a select few of our seconds at our original Madrona store. address: 3406 east union street, seattle, wa 98122 10% of all sales will be donated to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System?. #glassybabysecondssale
thank you to everyone who came out to our seconds sale today! since day one, we've had the most amazing customers who have built this beautiful community of kindness. to celebrate you all we'd like to continue this amazing weekend, and take it back to our roots. tomorrow, june 28, 830am-500pm we'll be selling a select few of our seconds at our original Madrona store. address: 3406 east union street, seattle, wa 98122 10% of all sales will be donated to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System?. #glassybabysecondssale
only one hour left! come get your seconds: 624 south lander street seattle,wa. glassybaby - $28 drinkers - $35 Exotics - $48 10% of sales goes to the puget sound VA. #glassybabysecondssale
all these beautiful seconds need a home????. NO LINE come visit: 624 south lander street seattle, wa. -- closes at 2pm
plenty of glassybaby and no line ???????????????? #glassybabysecondssale 624 south lander street Seattle,wa
tables still full of perfectly imperfect glassybaby and NO LINE! come down and visit us: 624 south lander street seattle, WA #glassybabysecondssale
it's almost seconds sale time!! don't forget during the hours of the sale (8am-tbd) you can receive 10% off online purchases of 3 or more glassybaby or drinkers* and keep track of stock, watch our live feed of the sale on our livestream page (link in bio??) happy shopping ???????????????????????? *does not include exotics or accessories. #glassybabysecondssale
and so it begins...the start of the #glassybabyseconds line! ???????????????????????? what troopers!
second sale tip #5: keep track of stock and watch the sale live on our livestream site. link in bio ??. (pictured: a few sneak peeks of some of our perfectly imperfect seconds)
the winner of our @carpediemcollective contest and their very own glassybaby is.... Brynn Renné of dandy & fine parties?! thank you to the whole collective and Carpe Diem for your amazing photos of glassybaby. keep snapping on and send your photos into #repost @dandyfineparty ??? Hi friends ???????? I need your help! I have a photo submitted for a contest to win a beautiful @glassybaby votive! To help, just click on over via the link in my profile and vote for your favorite! (Pick me, pick me!) ???????????????? THANK YOU!
history was made today #lovewins tangerine | sunshine | fearless | imagine | Cabo | regal | eggplant | lollypop
introducing our new set: color guard ????????.
second sale tip #4: leave the big purses at home. they make it hard to move around in the warehouse. crossbody bags and hands free! #glassybabysecondssale
helping to build a model T at the Henry Ford Museum?, holding glassybaby by the fire and admiring the street art. Detroit, Michigan is the next stop on our #throwbackthursday to the glassroots tour #tbt check out our adventures link in profile??
last day left to vote in the @carpediemcollective contest on our Facebook page. give your favorite photo a like. link in our bio ??. ??? One of our wonderful partners, @glassybaby is holding a contest with some of the attendees' images from our previous collective! Head over to the link in profile and "Like" your favorite photo as your vote. Good luck to the participants! #glassybabycarpediem #glassybaby #carpediemcollective
have no fear, deliciousness will be here! seconds sale tip #3: don't worry about making breakfast saturday morning, get to the line earlier ???? we'll have Seattle's very own @biscuitboxsea selling their flaky and buttery biscuits smothered in local flavor. #glassybabysecondssale
four days before 9/11, i was diagnosed with stage 3 (of 4 stages) colon cancer. i was 41 years old. the cancer metastasized to my liver. i had three major operations and numerous smaller operations, chemotherapy on two occasions and various complications. i could feel the life seaping out of my body. i was given 5 years to live. by God's grace and with the support of my family and medical personnel, i survived. i'm not sure why. i've lost several friends that seemed far more deserving of life to the ugly cancer. i share this for one reason. if i can give even one person suffering from cancer HOPE, then this email is worth it. survivors fight. thank you glassybaby for everything you do to support those suffering from illness and pain. Susan Fiehler St. Louis, MO #glassybabystories
closed toe shoes ?? comfy clothes ?? tote ?? second sale tip #2: wear comfortable clothing, closed toe shoes, and don't forget something to carry your glassybaby away in. our tote is perfect ????. that way, you can focus on finding your perfectly imperfect glassybaby. #glassybabysecondssale
here is an updated photo of our Berkeley hot shop! #transfromationtuesday we can't wait until construction is done and we begin making some of our glassybaby here. who in the Berkeley area is going to visit us to watch our glassblowers at work?
say hello to 'valor' the newest color in our glassybaby family: with the enemy powerful, the mind weary, the battle desperate, the only way on is inward, to the very center of yourself where live the reasons for struggling past the limits of strength: your people need you and your people believe in you. this need and this belief are always there, whether crouched in a foxhole or prone on a hospital bed, as the sources of the selfless form of courage called valor, and all the victories 'valor' has won.
looking to get the best of the best at our perfectly imperfect seconds sale? be the first person in line and gain entry into the sale ten minutes before anyone else. that's right, start shopping at 7:50am and have ten whole minutes alone with all those seconds. see you in line friday!
only a few days left to vote on your favorite photo from the @carpediemcollective! like your favorite photo as your vote, the photo with the most likes will win the glassybaby they photographed. the contest will be open to voting until Wednesday, June 24. link in profile?? happy voting?? ?#?glassybabycarpediem? ?#?carpediemcollective?
we love that each one of our glassybaby given, bought or received has a person, place, memory or moment attached to it. collect those beautiful moments. #glassybabystories
online shoppers, we haven't forgotten about you??: during the hours of the seconds sale on june 27 (8am-tbd pst) you can receive a discount of 10% off of any purchase of three glassybaby or drinker.* please enter giving code 'secondssale2015' upon checkout. *does not include exotics/double overlays, giftcards or accessories
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
cheers to you dad ???? #fathersday #june21 to see the full picture look in our bio??
Which to choose???????
one week until our seconds sale, let the countdown begin! second sale tip #1: to keep your glassybaby perfectly imperfect prevent chipping by never stacking them. want to be extra safe? bring socks to wrap your glassybaby up in.
Only one more day to shop for dad! what about an iced cold 'cola'? #fathersday #june21 #glassybabydads
checkout our facebook page to vote on your favorite #photo from the @carpediemcollective. give your favorite from the collection a like, the photographer with the most likes will take home the glassybaby they photographed. voting ends wednesday, link in profile??#glassybabycarpediem #carpediemcollective
three women came into our university village store last week. the first had just undergone her first chemo therapy appointment. the second was the friend who had accompanied her that day. the third, was a stranger to the other two. after all three women had left the store, we received a call from the stranger. she had overheard the other two and wanted to send the first woman a glassybaby, on her, to light her way through this difficult time. thank you stranger for your 'kindness' ???? ?#glassybabystories? #bud #aquamarine #beach #muse
evening 'single malt' for dad. #fathersday #june21
Family Law CASA and @uwtheta accept their $30,000 check for their participation in the #lightthebridge event. UW thetas raised the money at the event for their partner Family Law CASA. Family Law CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) serves as the voice of children in court when their parents are involved in contested paternity, divorce, and third-party custody cases. they work to ensure a safe, nurturing environment for children in tough custody cases in King County. thank you to both organizations for such great participation at #lightthebridge. we are still in awe of the power of our #communityofkindness
cheering on the cubs, making candles at Bright Endeavors and devouring Swirlz Cupcakes; that's right the next stop on our ?#?throwbackthursday? glassroots tour is Chicago! ?#?tbt? read on about our adventures in the windy city, link in bio??.
the wait is over: join us june 27th for our perfectly imperfect seconds sale. doors will open at 8am. quantities are limited, so please arrive early. we will be at our sodo warehouse, address: 624 south lander street, suite 34 Seattle, WA 98134 10% of all sales from the seconds sale will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund to support the health and well-being of veterens at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System.
giving dad #hops this #fathersday #june21
tune in tomorrow morning for a special glassybaby announcement!
our customer Laura sent us this photo of her grandma celebrating her 75th birthday. happy birthday grandma! thanks for the great photo Laura. send your photos into or tag us. #shine #unconditional #aquamarine
gorgeous #hudsons found in our qc today ????
making some delicious summer cocktails with our friends at @ooladistillery. come by and have a taste at our happy hour June 25 6-9pm. tickets are only $15! to RSVP for your spot email #citron #citronsqueeze #ooladistillery
loving these warm hues in #dad this #morning.
poolside with #happyhour ??????
only a few more days to get that special something for #dad #june21 #fathersday
getting out our #july4th decor. #happybirthday #relish
bottle of wine + drinker = perfect #fathersday #june21 #singlemalt #julep #lastcall
can't forget to garnish?? #rosewater #bellini
summer magic #canary #lucky #aquamarine #regal #triumph
last saturday we partnered with relay for life north seattle to create a remembrance wall for loved ones who had passed. each glassybaby was hand engraved with their name. #glassybabystories #relayforlife
always welcome ???? #repost thank you @cherylpellerinphoto! #welovedogs ??? My kind of sign! #cherylpellerinphoto #dogswelcome #ilovedogs #glassybaby #dogsrule
everyone has a story. what will yours be? #glassybabystories
we love to watch them glow?...@glassybabyroadshows
gorgeous photo sent in by one of our lovely customers. thank you for sharing! share your photos by emailing or by tagging us.
get them a gift that will sit on their table for a lifetime #truewhite
our qc is nailing it with the color combinations this week. #canary #grace #greatoak
dads love drinkers too #singlemalt #june21
our first stop on our ?#?throwbackthursday? ride???? to the glassroots tour is...Oregon! visiting the Oregon Food Bank, passing Oregon trail routes, and visiting “the beeriest city in America” (yum and thank you Bend!), are just a few memories we made. read all about our team's Oregon adventures link in profile??#?glassybabystories? ?#?tbt? #oregon #bend #oregonfoodbank #foodbank #adventures #travels #funtimes #instagood #fun #beautiful
join us at our Madrona hot shop and event space for a glassybaby happy hour, june 25th 6-9pm. $15 per ticket, each ticket includes two signature cocktails from @Ooladistillery (must be 21 years of age or older), unlimited soft drinks and a glassblowing demonstration at 6:45pm. 10% from every purchase will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund in support of the Floyd and Delores Cancer Institute at @Virginia_Mason. the $15 ticket price will be waived with the purchase of any glassybaby or drinker on the night of the event. to purchase a ticket email: or call: 206.518.9061 *please RSVP by june 19 #seattle #happyhour #drinks #cocktails #seattleevents #events #madrona #virginiamason #ooladistillery #instagood #photooftheday #bestoftheday
our june 2015 featured partner is Camp Korey. Camp Korey empowers children and families living with serious medical conditions through year-round, life-changing experiences, always free lf charge. 10% from the sale of each angel will be donated to glassybaby white light fund in further support of Camp Korey. #communityofkindness #giving #campkorey
love how @claraepark created her own creative work space with 'grace' #repost #creativity #workspace #minimalism ??? ? Trip to IKEA + cleaning day = new work space! #vsco #vscocam #flowers #glassybaby #calligraphy #workspace #thatsdarling
don't forget to sit back and enjoy that ??. #glassybabysummer
it's #transformationtuesday! each week we'll be posting a photo so you can watch this space transform into a glassybaby haven. this blank canvas will be made into our new California hot shop located in Berkeley. this week's update: we're really feeling the construction today????????. everyone is going full bore. there is concrete being poured. electricians turning lights and outlets on and off. framing of office and technical rooms is happening. guys are refurbishing the sprinkler system. lots of activity. lots of noise. so excited right now????????????????????????, stay tuned.
need a last minute gift for your grad? we've got you covered???? #happiness #shine #giventofly
"i received my first glassybaby "fearless" as a birthday gift. i had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was about to have a double mastectomy. to celebrate being one year cancer-free, my daughters gave me my "mom" glassybaby. I then added a "sea glass" glassbaby in memory of my mom who lived at the beach and collected sea glass. my glassybaby reflect my life!" #glassybabystories
#communityofkindness #motivationmonday #quotes #kindness
it's national bestfriend day! ???? share your favorite story together with #glassybabystories. don't forget to tag them???? #bff
snuggling in with a bottle of wine and a pair of our drinkers????. what is your glassybaby story tonight? #glassybabystories #fizz #winenight #winenut
get them a gift for their table that will last them a lifetime #fizz #ido #weddings
glassybaby began with our story, about the power of hope in our lives. now, the story is about you, about the power of your hope. to every survivor, today and every day, we light our glassybaby for you and the power of your hope. #nationalcancersurvivorday #glassybabysurvivors #glassybabystories
a local Seattle photography collective spent the day taking photos of glassybaby. checkout their amazing photos at hashtags: #glassybabycarpediem #carpediemcollective
dad needs a great glass to go with that bottle of wine #fathersday #june21 #singlemalt
can't decide what palette to choose?? why not rent a few! rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for $30 and find those colors you love. #cherish #soul #smooch #dream #truewhite #wedorentals????
everyone has a story, we want to hear yours. use our hashtag: #glassybabystories
what pairs well with your friday night bottle of wine? a pair of our handmade stemless wine glasses, of course! we call them 'drinkers', check it them out link in our bio?? #singlemalt #winenight #winenut #tgif
beginning at sundown on the evening of saturday, june 6th, dozens upon dozens of beautiful white 'remembrance' glassybaby votives-- engraved with the names of loved ones who have battled and beat cancer or those who have lost their lives to the disease--will be illuminated and placed on a special memory wall at this year's 'relay for life' event in Seattle. the candles will glow throughout the night and into the morning until dawn. If you are in the Seattle area please join us at the event if you would like to take part in this tribute and purchase a keepsake 'remembrance' glassybaby to be placed on the wall in honor of a loved one. (You will have the option of having it engraved after the event.) if you are not in Seattle, stay tuned we will be sharing a photo of the wall here Saturday night. 10% of all sales will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund, in further support of the American Cancer Society.
time for a friday treat!???? #treatyoself #tgif #daiquiri #limoncello #negroni
glassybaby | ???? | ???? decorate your next party with ease: rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for only $30! #dinnerparty #wedorentals????
every thursday this summer we'll be throwing it back to our glassroots tour! #throwbackthursday #tbt our team met such amazing people and visited such beautiful places, we want to celebrate one adventure with you each week. the journey back begins next week, check back in. don't know about the glassroots tour? checkout our website link in our bio??
did you know that it is national hug your cat day???????? we didn't either! but we're still celebrating at the glassybaby warehouse with purr, love and hugs. don't forget to give your furry friend a squeeze from us ???? #nationalhugyourcatday #welovecats #hugs
how are you celebrating summer? #instasummer #summerweather #vacationtime #sunshine
everyday there is a new surprise at glassybaby: a unlikely duo sprung up in our quality control today. #comfort and #soul. how gorgeous are they together???????????????
should i match my china or my couch? my walls or my trim? dont't know what colors to get? why not try them all?? ??????????????????????? rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for $30 this summer and get endless possibilities.
enjoying those summer nights???????? #summertime #reds #sunset
tastes like summer?? #summer #poolside #yummy #cheers
where will you take yours? #travels #thebeach #picnic this summer, rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for only $30!
time to relax ???? thanks @glassybabyroadshows for this gorgeous photo! #repost ??? lighting 'the ocean' and 'flower' tonight feels right after such a gorgeous seattle day. hope you got outside to enjoy it! #glassybaby #conservationinternational #pnwliving #flower #theocean @the.pnw
the little details #wedding #ido #wedorentals???? #eggplant
rain ?? or shine ??, who is ready for some fun summer cocktails?? tag someone you'd love to say cheers with????. #nightcap thanks for sharing @gregnlisat! #repost #summer #cocktails #cheers ??? Found the coolest ICE BALL mold for Summer drinks. Tj Maxx, I love you! #glassybaby
cheers to dad #fathersday #june21
have you checked out our new decor inspiration boards on pinterest?? get ideas on how to incorporate the latest decor trends into your home. link in our bio??. #pinterest #home #decor #style
everyone loves relaxing with #glassybaby. thanks for the post @jessbrownica! #repost ??? This cat takes the greatest naps! #catnap #catsofinstagram #glassybaby
class of 2015 #graduate
add a little something extra to your next dinner party -- rent glassybaby! they add a gorgeous glow to your evening and its easy. you can rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for only $30????????????????????????
happy Saturday! ????????????????
a little #hope. tag a friend who needs a little extra tonight????
at glassybaby we love to help share your story. this week, we'd love to share a story about a unique event we were able to host this month at our Madrona hot shop: we were contacted by Kate, a Washingtonian glassybaby collector who wanted to participate in our glassblowing open house. Kate is deaf and needed an American Sign Language? interpreter in order to participate. this was a new request for glassybaby and unfortunately, we were not able to find one in time for our open house. however, our events coordinator Megan kept searching. after contacting many different interpreters around the area she found out that one of our Bellevue employees, Cindy, is a licensed American Sign Language interpreter. finally, we were able to schedule Kate to come in for a private session with one of our glassblowers. Cindy was able to interpret while Kate made her first piece of gorgeous glass. we had so much fun with Kate that day and it was beautiful to watch Cindy and her sign to one another. we look forward to continue partnering with a new #communityofkindness. to book your next private glassblowing event or a spot in one of our open houses, contact Megan at
a glassybaby dinner party #rentals
love this photo of 'grace' by @claraepark #repost ??? ? Thankful for His 'grace' #vsco #vscocam #glassybaby
good old 'dad' #fathersday #june21
needing some inspiration????? check out our latest 'palette perfect' post on our blog. link in our bio. don't forget to check back for decor inspiration, information on our nonprofit partners and glassybaby news!
#photobombed by this cutie at today's photoshoot?? she even struck a pose for us ????????
we do curbside ???? pickup! order your glassybaby over the phone, pull up outside, and we'll bring out your hand-picked glassybaby right to your car. no hassle, no fuss????
did you know you can rent 6 glassybaby and a tote for only $30?? make a splash at your next dinner #party, bbq or event with our rental program. contact your local store or our customer service to place a rental.
our very own Giving Director, Alison just got married. of course, she celebrated with glassybaby. congratulations Alison and Jordin!! ???????????????????????? how can we help you celebrate your special day? ask about our rental program at your local store or with our customer service team at photo credit to Brindamour Photography #ido #wedding
thank you to all the men and women who have given their lives for this country. today we light 'forever' in honor of your bravery. #memorialday
need a gift for your bridesmaids? say #cheers! #ido #wedding #drinker
loving this palette curated by @glassybabystanford inspired by bay area sunsets. what is inspiring you this weekend? #repost #sunset #handmade
looking for groomsmen gifts?? cheers! #weddingsesason #ido #wedding
feeling inspired by these colors. thank you @davidfannie ???????????? #repost #pink #palette ??? La Vie en Rose @patriciablanchet @glassybaby #winslow #evelyn #smooch #sister #glassybaby #patriciablanchet ???? #pink #shoefie
@glassybabybellevue is ready for the weekend! #memorialday #tgif
feeling some #husky pride today. #Washington #uw #classof2015 dubs | spirit
we have new beeswax candles at #glassybaby! we are so excited to announce our new partnership with @beeswaxcandleco. they are an amazing company who produces 100% real beeswax candles, made in America. give them a sniff, ???????? they are fabulous????????????????????????
what are you up to this long weekend?
#Repost @glassybabystanford ??? 10% of all sales today at @glassybabystanford will be donated to the glassybaby white light fund, in support of Children's Health Council. Children's Health Council removes barriers to learning, helping children become resilient, happy and successful, at school and in life. come visit us today #oneofakindness #shine
how gorgeous is this beach set?? credit to our @glassybabyroadshows for making such a pretty combination for #summer?????????????????? #warm #sun #colors #happy
gorgeous #bridal inspiration from @bridalblisspdx. #ido #truewhite ??? #bridalblisssea #bridalblissnw #glassybaby
#classof2015 #graduate
Palo Alto: help @collegetrack light the path to empowerment for students from underserved communities. today only, 10% of each glassybaby sold at @glassybabystanford will be donated to College Track.
social studies #teacherappreciation
fill your special day with 'grace' #ido #wedding
#spring #colors in the windows of @glassybabymadrona. what colors are brightening up your home for spring? #bright #vibrant #teacherappreciation
pretty beiges from our newest store located @stanfordshop @glassybabystanford #bayarea
what's brightening up your #monday night? ? #lights
how will you say #ido? #wedding #decor #inspiration
have you heard about our corporate sales program? at glassybaby we love to help celebrate your customers, clients and employees. check out our @glassybabycorpsales instagram and learn more about what we can do for your business.
#classof2015 #graduate
a knock-out ???? #grace #wow #beautiful
Clint gets his first glassybaby. 'frog hunting', he hunts a lot of frogs. happy birthday Clint! 11 years old ????????????????????????
meet Jared, he was our first customer at our @stanfordshop store @glassybabystanford opening earlier this week. Jared is a Seattle local in town for a meeting. he left with a 'given to fly' and 'cashmere' for his mom. so sweet, thank you Jared!
who is ready for summer?? 'hudson' is! #summer #bahamas #spotted
another visitor to @glassybabystanford. meet Ralph the goldendoodle???? can you tell? #welovedogs. come visit us with your furry friend ????
tag a teacher you'd like to say 'thank you' to???? #teacherappreciation
some purple lilac love from @les_sou_les ???? #repost ??? < mom > #happymothersday to me from @chels_grove & @glassybaby #seattle #love #mothersday start a #collection #perfect #gift #quality & #philanthropy #oneineverycolor #pleaseandthankyou #lilacs #aromatherapy #spring #flowers #bonjour #weekend
how cool is the custom made holder?? made for our customer Ellen by Gatski Metal
how adorable is this photo. Of 'gnome'! have you stopped by one of our road shows yet? #Repost @glassybabyroadshows ??? the perfect pairing: 'gnome' finds a colorful friend in fiestaware. #glassybabyroadshow #gnome #fiestaware #glassybabylove #colorful #fun #decor #blue
playing with pretty pinks today #palette #ido lace | true white
a reply to our #spring #inspiration blog from our customer Sue in Cape Cod. she says spring comes very slowly there, but her spring glassybaby help keep the promise of spring alive ?????? thanks for sharing Sue!
this is astro. he's a three month old Tibetan Mastiff who visited @glassybabystanford all the way from Russia (with love ????????). he loves to cuddle ????. #welovedogs #tibetanmastiff #petstagram
tag a teacher you love #teacherappreciation
i guess we brought the Seattle rain with us @glassybabystanford @stanfordshop??????#paloalto #bayarea
how do you display your glassybaby? we love this gorgeous cabinet a customer had custom built for her collection ???? #wow
where do you let your 'white light' shine? #lightthebridge #Repost @five4gena?????Still feeling the magic of a beautiful & peaceful experience this morning at sunrise and trying to recapture a little slice of it on my mantel tonight at sunset. Honored and humbled to have been a part of it. #glassybaby #lightthebridge #I90bridge
can't make it to palo alto? check out our latest blog post, a photo blog on the building of our newest store at @stanfordshop. link in bio??
imagine #teacherappreciation
@glassybabysf would like to welcome it's Bay Area sister shop now open at @stanfordshop. congratulations @glassybabystanford, and happy shopping #bayarea!
all ready for our @stanfordshop opening tomorrow ???? who's coming to visit?? ???????????????? #stanfordshop #stanford
its #wedding season! ???? what #glassybaby are you renting for your special day? #ido
who was the teacher who inspired you? #teacherappreciation
love this shot taken by @madelinedown ???? have some beautiful shots of glassybaby? send them into and we'll post them! ??? I'm all about that vase, bout that vase. ???? (Thanks for the #glassybaby @whitneyabarber ) #VSCOcam
#spring blues ????????
glassybaby one of a kindness ? is coming to Palo Alto this wednesday may 13! we'll be located in @stanfordshop, come visit us ???? #stanfordshop #paloalto #stanford
our @glassybabyroadshows team came across this beautiful display at Corliss Estates in Walla Walla, Washington. #meditationmonth
"no, not the food, not P-I-E, the number, P-I, goes on forever. No pie can last forever, unfortunately—" Mr. Henry???? broke off his patient explanation. "Danny, do you have something you’d like to show the class?” Danny hurriedly erased the note ???? Adrienne had just passed to him. “uh… nope. nothing really.” the teacher read and then balled up the smudged note from Danny’s desk and smiled???? to himself; english and history class ended with second period this morning, but ?social studies????? continue all day, even during math, and for the rest of everyone’s life. introducing our newest glassybaby, social studies. #teacherappreciation
#beautiful #spring table ???????????????????????????????? #sundayinspiration ???? angel | true white | kindness
need some spring decor inspiration? check out our latest blog post?????? link in our bio??
happy #morhersday to all the moms out there! you amaze us every day ???? still needing a gift for mom? no need to fret, let us help you out. #easygifts
for an initiative of #kindness ? what brought you to #lightthebridge ?
need a last minute #mothersday #gift? our lavender water drinker and a bottle of wine is the perfect gift for #mom????
find us at the #RemodelistaMarket today until 5pm. @Remodelista @marincountrymart
need a gift for mom? let us help ???? #mothersday #easygifts
how cool was the helicopter though?????? #fbf #lightthebridge
stay tuned: kindness is arriving ? at @stanfordshop #stanfordshoppingcenter, slated to open this wednesday 5/13!! @glassybabystanford
join us tomorrow at the #RemodelistaMarket. Where: Marin Country Mart. When: 10-5. @remodelista @marincountrymart
only 3 days left to shop for mom! #flowershop #mothersday
#howto brighten up a room ??????
spontaneous kindness #lightthebridge check out our facebook page to see all the photos from the event. link in bio. #Repost @lisashelbyhayward?????#lightthebridge seattle before dawn.
super mom. #mothersday #easygifts
we'll be at the #RemodelistaMarket At Marin Country Mart on 5/9. hope to see you there! @Remodelista @marincountrymart #bayarea
#lightthebridge partner profile: Family Law CASA of King County? Jill Kaufman - Family Law CASA of King County I became a supporter of Family Law CASA when I learned that low income children in King County in high risk custody cases have no right to free legal or advocacy services. At that time I realized the true importance of Family Law CASA. While the Juvenile Court system does provide support for offenders; these truly innocent children do not have the same legal rights. These families are dealing with domestic abuse, drug abuse and/or mental health problems -which make the courts' decisions even more difficult. CASA volunteers research, interview, document and provide the court with the information they need to make good informed decisions about the futures of these children and families. CASA give kids the voice in court that they deserve. Solely funded by private sources we are so grateful to be recipients of the #lightthebridge event award - we would never have been able to do it without the support of @uwtheta! Thank you for helping King County children and thank you to @glassybaby? for being such an inspiration. The event was an overwhelming joy. photo by @abstagram___
mount vernon: our @glassybabyroadshows team is off to skagit valley hospital today. we'll be there from 10am-6pm. see you there!
who did your 'white light' shine for? #lightthebridge get well soon John.
bottle of wine + our lavender and rose water drinkers = perfect gift for mom???? #mothersday #easygifts
#lightthebridge partner profile: @americancancersociety Stacy Strickland- Relay For Life? of Issaquah I joined Relay in memory of my dad. As I've learned more about the impact cancer has on a global level and how the American Cancer Society is working to find a cure, I've started to Relay for myself. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. If I am 1 in 3, I want to fight back against cancer while I can. I want to do whatever is in my power to help the American Cancer Society improve early detection, treatments and patient services... which are all so important to quality of life. #finishthefight #kindnessisspontaneous photo from twitter handling: @megan_acs
happy national teacher appreciation day! thank you teachers, for all your amazing work. #teacherappreciation #thankyou #easygifts
we loved seeing the Seattle community gather together for amazing causes that were close to their hearts. #communityofkindness what was your favorite memory of #lightthebridge? @dah_veeth?????6 a.m. #theteam #glassybaby #lightthebridge #bellevuelifespring
may 10 is #mothersday, get #mom a bouquet that will last forever #flowershop #easygifts
A clean spring #white #palatte. #glassybaby
what brought you to #lightthebridge? we'd love to hear your story. #communityofkindness #kindnessisspontaneous
thank you for helping our child's 'dream' come true. #teacherappreciationday #thankyou #easygifts
'thank you' for always 'believe'ing in them. #teacherappreciation #thankyou #easygifts
#communityofkindness #lightthebridge
thank you for helping my #child 'shine'. #teacherappreciationday #thankyou #easygifts #teacher #student
never to late to get mom that perfect #bouquet. checkout our #flowershop in stores and online under our #easygift section. #mothersday
#mothersday #easygifts
???????? #wedding #inspiration #ido #bride #love #ceremony
haze hangs over marsh mud, and a bent willow weeps with silent rain. but deeper in the drear grows a flower, a tender flower of simple symmetry, a 'lotus', waiting to be discovered in ethereal patience. say hello to 'lotus', in stores just in time for#meditationmonth. where do you meditate with your glassybaby? #keepitsimple
thanks to all our furry???? supporters who woke up early with their #bff to support #lighthebridge. we #love you?? #whitelight #communityofkindness #welovedogs #dog #petstagram
national teacher appreciation day is may 5! we're bringing out some of our favorite colors to say thank you to our teachers. #teacherappreciationday #thankyou #easygifts
view from the helicopter this am at #lightthebridge. what an amazing #communityofkindness. 1200+ people. $66,000 promised. $83,000 donated.
such amazing photos from this morning. thanks for this one @lhrobb. now for some much deserved rest for everyone who participated #tgif. thank you again. we did it ????. 1200+ people. $66,000 promised. $83,000 donated.?????I've been awake for four hours already... #glassybaby #lightthebridge #seattle #vscocam
tell her how much you 'cherish' her. #mothersday #easygifts
who did your 'white light' shine for this morning? #lightthebridge #communityofkindness
winners are up! click on the link in our bio. read founder Lee Rhodes letter to you all on our facebook page. thanks again to everyone who participated ???????????????????????????????????????? 1200+ people. 66,000 promised. 83,000 donated. #Repost @seattlerefined ????Did you catch glassybaby's light the bridge on I-90 this morning? #lightthebridge
thank you to everyone who came this morning to support #lightthebridge. It is amazing to see what our #communityofkindness can accomplish together. stay tuned later this afternoon, we'll be announcing the winners! #communityofkindness #glassybaby #whitelight
#lightthebridge thanks for the photo @nickelsmith ??????????????3:30 wake up for #lightthebridge. #littlebitcrazy
need some #mothersday inspiration? we're here to help????
another gorgeous #spring palatte from @glassybabybellevue #inspiration cashmere | muse | dolphin
Lighting believe, faith, safe, and hope at @glassybabymadrona for the daughter and friend of a special glassybaby customer, they are missing in Nepal ?? come home safe.
are you excited for tomorrow?? there's a few more hours to signup! tag your friends. registration closes at 5:00pm. we want to see all your beautiful photos of the morning so don't forget to hashtag your posts with #lightthebridge let's do this ???? let's #lightthebridge
need a birthday gift? our latest batch of #happybirthday are show stoppers???? #wow #lookatthatred
flowers? no way. get her the #bouquet she really wants ???? #blossom #easygifts #mothersday
don't forget to sign up for the Seattle Brain Cancer Walk?, this sunday, may 3! all proceeds from the walk will support the research efforts of our partners at Ben & Catherine Ivy Advanced Brain Tumor Research Institute? at Swedish Medical Center?. online registration ends today at 5:00pm, or sign up starting at 7:30 am day of. 10% from the sales of each 'lion’s heart' will be donated to The Ben and Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment and Research Center.
deadline has been extended you have until thursday at 5:00pm to signup. will you be there when we #lightthebridge? ? for more information click the link in our bio.
earn $30,000 for any nonprofit close to your heart. who will you support? #lightthebridge to learn more click on link in our bio.
spoil her this #mothersday
#adorable #baby shower #inspiration from a glassybaby friend????
get your exclusive 'white light' #glassybaby. be a part of the #glassybaby story. #lightthebridge
love this photo of 'grace' from @graceperdiem. thank you for sharing ?????????My love gifted me with this #beautiful @glassybaby called 'grace' on my last birthday. As I'm feeling the effects of not being a good multitasker, it serves as a reminder to give myself the grace and not be so hard on myself as long as I'm doing the best I can. If any of you are feeling overwhelmed today, I truly hope you can breathe easy and give yourself the grace you deserve. #grace #glassybaby #petals #flowerstagram
let's earn $66,000 for nonprofits may 1. let's #lightthebridge. for details click on the link in our bio.
a 2014 partner profile: 'compassion' + Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute at @virginia_mason in 2014, 10% of 'compassion' sales were donated to the Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute at Virgina Mason where each cancer patient and their family is treated as one-of-a-kind and provided with the daily support they need to heal. we thank them for their committment to hope and healing. #threemillionandchange #virginiamason #compassion
say #thankyou with a #bouquet that will last mom a lifetime. find our 'flower shop' on the #easygifts section of our website. #mothersday #loveyou
one morning, $66,000. help us #lightthebridge for more information click on the link in our bio.
we love that when we get into work in the morning we have to change those numbers everyday. and its never a little change, its in the thousands. glassybaby friends, #thankyou for making it possible. ???????????? we can't wait to see what more we can do as a community of kindness. #threemillionandchange #communityofkindness
say happy #mothersday to #grammy. #easygifts
what cause will your #whitelight shine for? #lightthebridge for more information click on the link in our bio.
???? @glassybabyuvillage #purple #palatte #inlove
wondering what to get mom? shop our #flowershop ????. find it in the 'easy gifts' section of our website. #mothersday #easygifts #flower
#skinnydip #fearless #beautiful
happy ???????? #arborday!
who will you #lightthebridge for? ? #whitelight for details click on the link in our bio.
one morning, $66,000 to giveaway. help us #lightthebridge ? for details click on the link in our bio.
thank you mom, for giving us 'strength'. #easygifts #mothersday
???????????? #purple #palette
a 2014 partner profile: 'sweet pea' + Pancreatic Cancer Action Network @pancan in 2014, 10% of 'sweet pea' sales were donated to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan). their dedication and hard work has changed lives by creating hope in a comprehensive way through research, patient support, community outreach and government advocacy. wow. #threemillionandchange #pancan #sweetpea
relaxing with #compassion. what color are you unwinding with tonight? #stressawarenessmonth #relaxing #mind
be a part of the glassybaby story, help us #lightthebridge. #whitelight for details, click the link in our bio.
shout out to one of our favorite people at glassybaby. congratulations David on your @specialolympics bronze and silver medals! #communityofkindness
happy #earthday! today we're celebrating by turning our store lights off and letting our glassybaby shine. want to join in the fun? #lightsoff @glassybabysf
?#easygifts #mothersday #mom #grammy
gorgeous #palette #spring @glassybabybellevue
spaces are limited, get your spot and help us raise $66,000 for your favorite nonprofits? #lightthebridge #whitelight #nonprofit #seattle for details click on link in our bio.
a 2014 partner profile: 'cabo' + Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Foundation in 2014, 10% of 'cabo' sales were donated to Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Foundation to support groundbreaking research at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. we are grateful for their hard work to help change the future for pediatric cancer patients and their families. #threemillionandchange #bentowne #cabo
our love is 'unconditional' #mothersday #loveyou #unconditional #easygifts
what nonprofit will you be supporting may 1st? #lightthebridge #whitelight for details click the link in our profile.
i've got a lovely bunch of drinkers...
what brightens your monday??? #wakingup #goodmorning #sunshine
have you followed @glassybabyroadshows yet?? see where in the world 'gnome' will be next ????. ????on the way to chelan for today's road show at @karmavineyards, 'gnome' stops to enjoy the view at beautiful lake easton. #gnome #glassybabyroadshows #glassybabylove #karmavineyards
love these colors being made at our madrona hotshop today ???? #handmade
get your exclusive 'white light' glassybaby. help us launch the glassybaby white light fund. #lightthebridge for details click on the link in or bio.
grandma, you always 'spoil me'. now its my turn. #easygifts #mothersday #grandma #loveyou
we are blown away by the #glow captured at a member of the glassybaby family's home. #spring #palette
administrative professionals' day is april 22, we'd love to help you say 'thank you'. #administrativeprofessionalsday #thankyou #support
thank you 'mom' for all that you do???? #easygifts #mothersday #mom
we #love creativity! checkout this unique use of our glassybaby drinkers by a dear friend of the glassybaby family. a drinker chandelier ????. #colorful #pretty #diy
earn $30,000 for your favorite non-profit. #lightthebridge #whitelight #glassybabywhitelightfund #seattle for details click the link in our bio.
how cute is our friday visitor?????? #glassybabydogs #puppy #tgif
???? #blossom #easygifts #mothersday
???? #easygifts #mothersday
feeling #sweet????
our #pinterest has a new look ???????? check us out and #happy pinning ???? link in profile.
in 2014, donations from the glassybaby white light fund provided a monthly stipend critical for keeping 29 nursing students enrolled in their nursing program. #northseattlecommunitycollege #nurses #threemillionandchange
mom, you'll always be our 'life raft'. #mothersday #easygifts
#pretty pinks from @glassybabymadrona #pink #palette #love
we absolutely love it when our customers get creative for their special occasions. congratulations on the little one @perfect10sf?????????perfect preview of the party! Details from my baby shower tomorrow on! ???????????????? Each guest chose an age and wrote a birthday card for our baby girl to open up on the corresponding birthday!!! #perfect10baby #babyshower
the wait is over. 'hyacinth' and 'azalea' are now available in store and online. just in time for #mothersday shopping. #easygifts
? #hideandseek
a little 'kindness' for you????
in love ???? #spring #palette @glassybabyuvillage #warm #bloom #beautiful
50 pink glassybaby to represent 50 women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. the goal: $2,500 why: to provide payment for phone bills for 50 women so they can stay connected with their doctors and families during treatment. how: please enter giving code 'bcef' upon online checkout at and 10% from your entire online order will be donated to Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF). #threemillionandchange #givinginaction #pledge
relaxing with 'angel'. what colors are you unwinding with tonight? tag us????? #stressawarenessmonth #glassybaby #relaxation
one of our glassybaby family members has been busy at home, how fun is this? ???????? #mondaymotivation #succulents #love
in 2014, 10% of sales from the 'dream' glassybaby was donated to the Collegiana at the University of Washington. these donations provided overnight stays for 55 individuals receiving cancer treatment at the University of Washington Medical Center. #uncompensatedcare #threemillionandchange #universityofwashington #collegiana
#sunday #inspiration?
???????????? @glassybabybellevue
#blossom set???????? #spring #flowers #instablooms
treat yourself. happy saturday. #bubblebath #glassybaby #easygifts #mothersday
how lucky are we to have these amazing creatures in our life everyday? #nationalpetsday #friendship #pets #dogoftheday
bringing out all of our favorite #mothersday colors???????? #mom #grammy #bestfriend #love
10% from the friendship glassybaby sold in our san francisco store in 2014 helped save the lives of 5,280 #animals @sanfranciscospca #spca #sf #welovedogs #threemillionandchange #puppy #dog #bestfriend
a little light in the darkness?. from a glassybaby friend.
when #sister and #brother stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us? #nationalsiblingsday #siblings #love
dear glassybaby ambassadors, please join us on friday, may 1st for a first-ever I-90 bridge lighting to help launch the new glassybaby white light fund, a thoughtful way of giving and giving back through your glassybaby purchases. up to 1,500 spaces available for this outdoor event/art installation with the glassybaby community of kindness. 100% of the registration ticket price ($44) will be donated to the top 23 giving partners* who can rally the largest teams to be a part of the lighting. *must be a 501(c)(3) and aligned with the glassybaby white light fund mission. 1st place = $30,000 2nd place = $10,000 3rd place = $6,000 20 runner ups = $1,000 each cost to register: $44, includes your one-of-a-kind 'white light' glassybaby, available exclusively at this event. for details and registration visit: you can also find the link on our Facebook page. featured glassybaby: white light #whitelight #giving #whitelightfund #glassybaby
good food and good people. #beautiful #perfect
#purple #palette ???????? @glassybabybellevue #amazing
in 2014, glassybaby donated $154,000 to @conservationorg to help protect nature for the benefit of everyone on earth. that's about 10,266 acres of rainforest protected or 2,053 miles of oceans saved. #conservationinternational #threemillionandchange #rainforest #ocean #nature
we have an exciting announcement for all of you...check back here friday morning????
???? colors: #beachbum, #lace, #fearless, #sunshine, #kindness, #crush, #friendship.
10% from every drinker sold in 2014 helped provide the VA Puget Sound Health System with 29 hospital grade LED TV's for veteran cancer care and fusion therapy patients for their use during treatment - total purchase cost of $10,909. #threemillionandchange #veterans #uncompensatedcare
only one week left to preorder 'azalea' and 'hyacinth' before it hits stores april 15. visit our @glassybabybellevue, @glassybabyuvillage or @glassybabymadrona to order yours today. #spring #azalea #hyacinth
????: are you ready for bed yet? #bedtime #cuddles #night #wetdog #bestfriends #puppy
what will you be pouring your craft brew in today? #nationalbeerday
the goal: $2,500 to provide payment for phone bills for 50 women so they can stay connected with their doctors and families during treatment. how: please enter giving code 'bcef' upon online checkout and 10% from your entire online order will be donated to Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF) #threemillionandchange
sweet dreams????.
we are so excited to be announcing that glassybaby will be opening a store in the Stanford Mall this may. we thought, who best to ask but our customers to come and work for us? we are looking for fun, enthusiastic, talkative and outgoing individuals who love our product and mission. full time and part time hours available. if interested, please reach out to we will be conducting in person interviews the week of April 20th in Stanford. We can’t wait to have you join our growing team. #paloalto #stanford #jobs
in the midst of chaos lies creativity. #art #sunday #inspiration
donations to @campkorey, an official member of SeriousFun Children's Network, founded by Paul Newman, helped enable 20 kids with life threatening illnesses to attend summer camp, including medical staff, supervisory support and lots of fun, all free of charge. #threemillionandchange #campkorey #seriousfun #summercamp #uncompensatedcare
happy #easter ???? glassybaby and friends ????
get well soon #jonimitchell #lightacandle #hope?
???? #spring #colors
#easter setting #inspiration. what'll be decorating your table?
cheers #mojito #friday #tgif
???????? Back to front; bud, baby, angel, cashmere
during holiday 2014, the glassybaby kindfull campaign helped provide more than 250,000 meals to help feed those in need at various food banks around the country, including Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan. #threemillionandchange #foodbanks #uncompensatedcare
in love with this #easter palette.
one million more. two million thank yous. as we pass $3 million in giving, we are celebrating three million. and change. our campaign speaks to the fact we have already passed $3 million. and it calls attention to the change the glassybaby community has created. glassybaby gave away a million dollars last year and will give away close to $2 million this year. a little votive can spread a lot of kindness. #threemillionandchange
#tulip looks good tonight. #gorgeous #glow #bestoftheday
#gorgeous #easter setting. #love
he didn't want to stand in one place for his whole life, keeping watch over the same front lawn. so the lucky little 'gnome' approached glassybaby and offered us a deal: we can use his image and his powerful mustache, as long as he gets to come along on each road show, so he can see the world. meet 'gnome'. exclusively available at our road shows. find all the details for these events on our road show website: once you get your new friend, take pictures of 'gnome' wherever you go. tag us, and we'll be posting them on our social media. #gnome #travel
could watch these all night...? Front to back: nest, beluga, skinny dip
ready for spring cocktails? cheers. #drinkdeep #thirsty #ilovespring
#easter isn't just for pastels. #palette #love back to front: beach bum, nest, wingman, cabo*
gorgeous spring blues coming out of qc tonight #beautiful #ilovespring #sopretty
what will the easter bunny be bringing you sunday, april 5th? #easter #easybasket #spring
how perfect are these #easter pastels we found at @glassybabybellevue?? #easybasket #love
relaxing with some sunday #springspiration. we love the pairing of mint with a soft pink pastel. what colors have you been loving this season? #springtime #style #beautiful
getting ready for next sunday #easter #decor #easybasket
lighting the house with some of our favorites in honor of #earthhour. share your #earthhour photos with #glassybabyeh
getting some in-store #springspiration from @glassybabymadrona. we love the fun mixture of pinks and oranges. what are your favorite #spring colors? #springtime #sopretty #petals #flower
meet #tulip. 10% from the sale of each 'tulip' will be donated to support uncompensated care for cancer patients and their families at the Cancer Care Patient Assistance Fund at Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation. now available in-stores and online. #spring #flowers #flowerstagram
what will you be getting in your 'easy basket'? #easter #perfectgifts
pink perfection #spring #flowers
cheers to friday. #tgif #drinkdeep #drinkers
#tbt to this gorgeous blue and gold glassybaby wedding. we love helping you celebrate that special day. #weddings #glassybaby #decor contact one of our store locations to add glassybaby to your special occasion through our rental program. #wow #sopretty
'karl the fog'. color 8 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #karlthefog #baycollection #design #art
We ?? #easter pastels #easterdecor #easterbunny
'presidio'. color 7 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #presidio #presidioheights #baycollection
bellingham: join us 3/26 at gary's from 11am-5pm. 10% of all glassybaby and gary's sales from this event will be donated to the whatcom center for early learning. can't make it to the event? from 3/26-4/1 use the giving code 'learning' at to give. ?#whatcomcenterforearlylearning ?#?giving? #roadshow
some evening #springspiration. how will you be decorating your easter table? #easter #decor #springstyle #amazing
'kindness'. color 6 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available online,, and at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights. #kindness #baycollection.
Ever wanted to go behind the scenes of glassybaby? join us this thursday, march 26th for our glassblowing open house.? guests will get to make a bowl, paperweight or float one-on-one with a glassblower in the colors of their choice at our madrona hot shop. they will also get to choose a glassybaby from our store. $120 per person first reservation starts at 5:00pm groups of all sizes welcome. ages 13 and up contact: to book your tickets #glass #glassblowing #art #events #glassybaby
happy national #puppy day. this little guy is killing us, so cute????. #nationalpuppyday find 'on the rocks' at: #ilovemydog #instagramdogs #instapuppy #lovepuppies
our new tea light boxes are now available online. how cute is the 'thank you' bear?? all the drawings featured on the boxes were created by our friend and local artist jeffry mitchell. find them at: #gifts #tealights #glassybaby #localartists #thankyou
'bay lights'. color 5 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #baylights #oldbaybridge #baybridge #baycollection
tonight we are lighting 'sunshine' to honor the victims of the Oso Mudslide. we are so grateful for our incredible community that came together last year to collectively help us rally more than $10,000 to provide #healing and #change for the lives for the families of the victims. a little votive can spread a lot of kindness. #threemillionandchange #oso #sunshine #unitedway #powerofgiving
'ocean beach'. color 4 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #oceanbeach  #baycollection #worldwaterday
happy world water day ????. we're celebrating with 'water'. 10% of all sales of water are donated to conservation international? to protect nature for the benefit of everyone on earth. view 'water' at: learn more about world water day at: #water #waterday #community
glassybaby tote = the perfect 'easy basket' ???????? #easter #easterbasket #events #springspiration #lifeisgood #amazing
'grateful red'. color 3 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. available online at, and the glassybaby san francisco store only: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights. 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #gratefulred #lucilepackard #baycollection #art
our team had a blast today at the northwest women's show. stop by this weekend and see why #glassybaby is perfect for all your special occasions and events. we will be at the centurylink field event center - 1000 occidental ave south - in the dazzling events & dream weddings section. 10% from the sale of each glassybaby will be donated to the alzheimer's association, western and central washington chapter. can't make it to the event? use the giving code 'alzheimers' at #northwestwomenshow #alzheimersassociation #giving #weddings #events #glassblowing to receive more information on the event please visit
'international orange'. color 2 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #internationalorange #goldengate #baycollection #sanfrancisco #baylights
its the first day of spring and it looks like the easter bunny came early????. #easter #decor #springspiration
join us 3/20-22 at the northwest women's show and see why #glassybaby is perfect for all your special occasions and events. we will be at the centurylink field event center - 1000 occidental ave south - in the dazzling events & dream weddings section. 10% from the sale of each glassybaby will be donated to the alzheimer's association, western and central washington chapter. can't make it to the event? use the giving code 'alzheimers' at #northwestwomenshow #alzheimersassociation #giving #weddings #events #glassblowing to receive more information on the event please visit
'dawn'. color 1 of 8 in our new glassybaby 'bay collection'. exclusively available at the glassybaby san francisco store: 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights #dawn #sutterhealthcpmc #baycollection #instacolorful #art
Getting some #springspiration from our university village team today #springdecor
introducing 'the bay collection'. 10% from the sale of each glassybaby in the 'bay collection' will be donated to local non-profits that heal, including Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco & Sutter Health CPMC. exclusively available at our san francisco store - 3665 sacramento street, in presidio heights ?#baycollection ?#sanfrancisco we will reveal each color, and their special description, over the next few days. please be sure to check back!
gorgeous easter decor by our friend @happyhappynester. we love the light and airy spring colors. #decorinspiration #springstyle #easter #glassybaby?????I was recently tagged for a #widn by the lovely, @therichlifeonabudget. I just picked my Callalilies and I want to wish you a Happy St Patrick's Day!! I'm off to hike the hills this morning. Enjoy your day and I tag for a #widn @kozykountrykottage @elpetersondesign @salvagesista play if you can.????
what greens are you celebrating with tonight? ???? #happystpatricksday #springstyle #decor #glassybaby
happy st patrick's day ???? #clover #stpatricksday #allgreen
cozy s u n d a y vibes from our friend @trammiie we just love her colorful collection, so inspiring????#Repost A Sunday well spent brings a week of content ???? colors in photo, l to r (believe, robin hood, shine, sweet pea, evelyn, lucky and goodness)
thank you, portland. please join us this evening from 5-8pm for a pop-up store closing celebration! lite bites & libations provided. the last chance (for now:) for an in-store shopping experience in the portland area! 10% from all sales at this closing event will be donated to The Pongo Fund, an Oregon-based charity focused on fighting animal hunger. we would love to see you! xo #portland #wellmissyou
taken away with this one ???? #dayone #happyfriday #tgif #fridaythe13th
fun fact: did you know that when the weather is dry, our reds shine even brighter?? how cool is that? these new 'happy birthday' are a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e stunners!!! the richness of this new melt has made one of the most gorgeous reds we have seen in a while! available online and in-stores #happybirthday
our stores bring us color inspiration every single day #luckyus #springgreens #stpaddysday
those colors, right? (smooch, shine, sunshine, lucky, fortitude, peace, sweet pea)
spring 2015 preview. now available for pre-order in our washington stores. not in washington? please feel free to call us for more details #spring2015preview #spring
that shelf life = glassybaby forever (colors: pollen, daffodil, sunshine, fearless, new fern)
in honor of all the amazing ladies that make our world go round ???? ?#?girlpower? ?#?MakeItHappen? ?#?womensday? (colors in photo l to r: sweet pea, goodness, belle)
spring vibes #colorgameonpoint @glassybabymadrona
things might get a little crafty this weekend #hope #tgif
how could we not eat this @campkorey brownie when it's made with such fabulous ingredients?celebrating 10 years of #seriousfun at the Camp Korey Prescription Laughter Luncheon this afternoon. we love being a partner to such a wonderful organization that brings summer camp fun to children with serious illnesses, all free of charge! that's some serious fun! now back to this delicious brownie ???? #joy #growth #healing #everyglassybabygives
#tbt to this luscious sea of reds and oranges at the old #greenlake studio ????
introducing the newest addition to our line of exotics. meet 'Emerson'. 10% from the sale of each 'Emerson' will be donated to College Track, which empowers students from underserved communities to graduate from college. link to shop in profile. #exotics #color #giving
rise & shine to this luscious sea of pinks and creams ???? we hope you enjoyed your visit to @glassybabymadrona @dandyfineparty #Repost @dandyfineparty with @repostapp.?????Today's color inspiration. And one of our amazing sponsors for Party Prep Workshop. We will be playing with the beautiful Glassybaby votives straight from the @glassybabymadrona studio and hot shop, where they are handcrafted. Want to learn more details and register for the workshop? Head to my profile & click through the link. And head to if you want some of this pretty in your home! #ABMlifeicolorful #flashesofdelight #thatsdarling #dshappy #dscolor #dscollections #thehappynow #livethelittlethings #IGers_seattle #thatcolorproject #foundforaged #gatheredstyle #postitfortheaesthetic #onthetable #partydesign #partystyling #eventdesign #eventstyling #weddingdesign #weddingstyling #glassybaby #partyprepworkshop #pursuepretty #ABMhappylife
a fresh start to the week #happymonday #giventofly #greens
classic. clean. stylish. (glassybaby names: blue eyes, cashmere, dragon, dream, forever, big sky, hope)
weekends are for resting...and maybe a little spring cleaning ????
hey glassybaby madrona, we can feel it ???????? #tgif #Repost @glassybabymadrona with @repostapp.?????Can you feel it?#beachbum#ocean#hugs#glassybabymadrona
#tbt to that day the sun hit the green lake studio ever so perfectly #truewhite #harvest (old) #itsalmostfriday
we couldn't resist sharing this sweet little heart ???? know someone that needs a little love? pass it along #allyouneedislove
time for a little shut eye ???? until tomorrow morning xo, glassybaby san francisco (glassybaby in photo: love)
cabo. chanel. either will do ????
???(glassybaby in photo l to r: sunshine, crush, seattle sunset) #happymonday
sunday's = sleeping in ???? (glassybaby in photo: baby)
hello #sunshine ???? some #dailey love from our friends at @tdmmercerisland ???? keep burning strong ladies (and gents ????).
??? dear 'grace'. your beauty never ceases to amaze us xo glassybaby #tgif #Repost @elle.m.jenn with @repostapp.????
#tbt to one of the very first restaurants to feature glassybaby on their tables. a million thank you's to our dear friends at Nishino. still serving some of seattle's best sushi ???????? xoxo (glassybaby in picture: hope)
seattle sunset-inspired #paletteperfect
for our community on the east coast. sending some glassybaby warmth your way ?????? #staywarm #seattlesunset
"we would like to thank jefferson for his declaration, but with all due respect, 'happiness' is not something to pursue, but rather to stumble upon while trying to be grateful and generous" - Mericos Rhodes. wishing you all happiness this #presidentsday (glassybaby in photo: happiness)
lazy sunday checklist. a good book, check. glassybaby, check. #lazysunday #happysunday (glassybaby in photo: given to fly, jane's caramel, cream, peaceful, bedford brown, roots)
happy valentine's day #love
oh, it's never too late to give the gift of color & light. e-gifts emailed in minutes ( glassybaby in photo l to r: bff, baby, love, smooch #valentinesday
#tbt to the sweetest little glassybaby cookies gifted to us last year ????
swing by any of our three local #sanfrancisco pop-ins for your last minute valentine's day gifts! 10% from all sales donated to local non-profits including Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco, Tipping Point Community & Sutter Health CMPC. #spiceron3rd #dogpatch #storenvy #crockergalleria #themasonjar #themarina more info here:
a glassybaby family member was delighted to find this little light at her dinner last night ????#thomaskeller #color #light
it was all a dream...or just the weekend ???? #mondays #dream
in the denver area? we are! 11am-3pm. Tattered Cover Bool Store #roadshow #happysunday
dear portland pop-up, we ?? u. #ombre #valentinesday
?????? happy friday ?????? #smooch #comfort #kindness #amore #valentine
#tbt to the original "baby" glassybaby ???? would you give these as baby gifts?
hue perfection ???? #ifonly #natureinspired #nofilter
night lights at @glassybabysf
??#happiness ???? #smooch
happy Groundhog Day. here's to six more weeks of winter! we love this pic from the @glassrootstour stop in Woodstock, IL this past september #memorylanemonday
hut, hut, light! #bluefriday #weare12 #seahawks #superbowlsunday
there's something so sweet about these last five seconds from last week's #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
???? friday night lights ???? glassybaby featured: baby, sweetheart, kindness
???????? happy #bluefriday ???????? #seahawks
loving this weather-inspired art at the Jamestown Art Center ??????????????
?? #valentinesday2015 #everlasting #hope
a glassybaby team member brought her sweet little #chocolatelab to our offices yesterday. we think her name is going to be maggie. we'd love to hear your ideas ???? #welovedogs glassybaby in photo: chocolate
only a certain touch, a light touch, slow, can shiver a tingle softly down your spine from tender fingertips: a magic touch, a 'velvet touch' - mericos rhodes. now in-stores & online #valentinesday #velvettouch
@glassybabysf has a new look just in time for your #valentine to visit. we're at 3665 sacramento street in presidio heights. ??
we're ready! #goseahawks @seahawks #weare12 #superbowlxlix
'imagine' #glassybaby
princess, birthday suit, elephant, wise, and dream at @glassybabyuvillage #glassybaby
the glassybaby seconds sale is now sold out. thank you to everyone who came out. if you weren't able to make it, we are offering 10% off 3 or more glassybaby in all of our washington stores as well as online with the discount code 'secondssale'. #secondssale #glassybaby #perfectlyimperfect
the line at our sodo sale is around the block, but we will keep you updated on the status! #secondssale #glassybaby #perfectlyimperfect
we're having a blast. #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
the line for the seconds sale is making our hearts sing. #glassybaby #secondssale
the cutest #glassybaby #secondssale training video from @meltothep. see you at 624 south lander street in sodo. doors open at 8am! ????
just a peek at the kind of #perfectlyimperfect glassybaby you'll find at tomorrow's #secondssale. doors open at 8am at 624 south lander street.
we're getting ready to welcome you all to the seconds sale. and yes, those are last years @seahawks seconds. doors open at 8am at 624 south lander street in sodo. #perfectlyimperfect #secondssale
join us for our heart of glass glassblowing event at @glassybabymadrona next wednesday and thursday, the 28th and 29th. you will make your own heart paperweight, learn the technique & also choose your own glassybaby. spots are filling quickly, email to book.
see the tool marks on the inside of this 'we are 12'? this saturday is your chance to get a #perfectlyimperfect @seahawks glassybaby second. doors open at 8am at 624 south lander street in sodo. #secondssale
can't make it to our #secondssale? we're thrilled to offer this to our online community. 10% of your purchase will be donated to @lungevity.
check out these beautiful shelves built just to hold glassybaby by LeeAnn Baker Interiors. #welcomehome #glassybaby
see the irregularity in the ice of this #glassybaby? that makes it a #perfectlyimperfect second. join us this saturday at 624 s. lander street for our january #secondssale. doors open at 8am. 10% of all sales will be donated to the skagit valley hospital foundation.
'seaglass' and a very special birthday note. repost from @havokinthewest
throughout the week, we will be sharing a few of the perfectly imperfect glassybaby you can find at our seconds sale this saturday, jan. 24. this hue was a special corporate order that you won't find in stores. #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect #glassybaby
#Repost from @tracyjmorgan18 "the seconds sale is this sat at 8 am jan 24th. it is at glassybaby's sodo warehouse. so much more room. 624 south lander. all the white glassybaby on my mantel are seconds. they are my favorites!! unique and one-of-a-kind. hope to see you there!!????" #perfectlyimperfect #secondssale
we love this artwork by gail, a glassybaby fan who sketched this scene of the line at our seconds sale a couple of years back. will you be joining us in sodo for this years sale? #perfectlyimperfect #secondssale
"if i cannot do great things, i can do small things in a great way.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #mlkday
'cozy' by @five4gena
what a win! 'we are 12' & 'blue friday' @seahawks #gohawks
#12thman in hawaii! 'we are 12' and 'blue friday' @seahawks #gohawks #repete
'true blue' and 'imagine' #bluefriday @seahawks #gohawks
'jane's caramel' for your friday morning sweet tooth.
glassybaby orange in the sunshine. pictured: tangerine, crush, crayola, and shine.
goodness, stormy, dolphin, hugs, and kindness fresh from the hot shop @glassybabymadrona
@seahawks inspired drinkers @glassybabyuvillage #gohawks
the details you've been waiting for are finally here. RSVP for our perfectly imperfect seconds sale through the link in our bio.
our quality control team is hard at work checking each and every glassybaby against a list of 23 traits that could make it one of our perfectly imperfect seconds. #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
'grace' and 'elephant'. are you watching the #goldenglobes?
#Repost from @sweetsaltcrunch "saw these beautiful @glassybaby drinkers at @starbucks reserve roastery and tasting room"
#Repost from @laskelton #gameday #gohawks #12thman #luckcharms #glassybaby
#secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
#bluefriday #gohawks @seahawks
sea of glassybaby blue and green.
we love our latest location. have you visited glassybaby @seatacairport?
our portland pop up shop at 1221 sw 10th ave is all decked out to support the @uoducks #GoDucks #CFBPlayoff
have you spotted glassybaby billboards in downtown seattle?
mark your calendars for the perfectly imperfect. #secondssale #glassybaby
studying up on crafting the perfect cocktail for our glassybaby drinkers.
our newest hues, 'day one' and 'birthday suit'. photo by @five4gena
introducing our latest hue, 'day one'. "last year’s resolution: 'let’s do or say one kind thing to each other every single day!' seven-hundred and thirty kindnesses later, you and an old friend toast champagne together: 'to kindness all year long, because when you have someone who’s been there since day one, every day is day one of the rest of your life.'" -mericos rhodes
we would like to thank jefferson for his declaration, but with all due respect, 'happiness' is not something to pursue, but rather to stumble upon while trying to be grateful and generous.
every new year provides 'new beginnings'. happy new year!
staying in is the new going out. #nye2014 #happynewyear
glassybaby on board @seatacairport. #seatac #glassybaby
adding a little #glassybaby warmth to this chilly front porch. 'aquamarine' and 'grace' @glassybabyuvillage
@five4gena "#glassybaby #seahawks #gohawks #weWINwhenglassybabyislit"
'grace' and 'wicked' make our #nye glow. photo by @glassybabysf
"we dress like our glassybaby around here." - @mtantau #love #glassybaby
#weekendgetaway #glassybaby
how's that for a #glassybaby christmas? thanks to julie for sharing her photo with us.
did you get glassybaby this year? share your photos with us using #glassybaby! 'seattle sunset', 'skinny dip', 'jane's caramel', 'shine'.
merry christmas from everyone at glassybaby.
are you giving glassybaby this #christmas? photo by @cath.oehler #glassybaby
'jolly' and 'soul'
customers using the glass blowing glory hole for a lightbox @glassybabyuvillage means it must be christmastime! we are open through christmas eve for your last minute gifts.
swing by and pick up your last minute holiday gifts from glassybaby! we're open through Christmas Eve! photo by @glassybabysf
our glassblowers love an audience. sightseeing @glassybabymadrona
#gohawks!! photo by @five4gena
the @glassrootstour tour has ended their journey across the united states. read their last blog at #endofthetour #thankyou #glassroots
we love this 'master of the universe' and matching manicure. #sofun #manicure #glassybaby
glassybaby portland has a special kind of glow.
#hanukkah at @glassybabymadrona
our favorite holiday cocktail has the best partner in crime with our 'hot toddy' drinker.
'rudolph' is at home under the christmas tree.
that's a wrap! thank you for supporting and joining us in the @glassrootstour. it was a wonderful experience meeting our community around the united states over the last four months. until next time...
#sanfrancisco, we are celebrating the @glassrootstour at @glassybabysf (3665 sacramento street in presidio heights) until 8. we would love for you to join us.
a customer reached out to us to share her mom's collection and have us help her pick the perfect compliment to her glassybaby. we were thrilled to help. if you have a collection you want to add to, #myglassybaby and we can recommend more hues we love!
after 4 months, izzy and mericos from the @glassrootstour are finally in san francisco! come by @glassybabysf (3665 sacramento street) tomorrow from 4pm-8pm and enjoy 10% off of any order of three or more glassybaby during that time.
one-of-a-kindness is now arriving. we are excited to announce glassybaby at the @seatacairport. find us at the entrance to the c gate the next time you take off. #seattle #glassybaby #seatac
our glassybaby elves are hard at work sending out special gifts with handwritten notes. #happyholidays
this, and a good book, please. #cozy #winter #glassybaby
quite the hue @glassybabybellevue
we love this photo from @gigi. want to blow glass @glassybabymadrona? contact us at -- glass blown kinda saturday #seattle #glassybaby @rablank @lizauld
congratulations to enchanting princess events, the winner of our #aroundourtable photo contest. thank you to all who submitted your photos.
every handwritten note will say as much, or as little, as you'd like. included with every order with a personal note.
even on a stormy night, our glow is always 'peaceful'. photo by @patinamoon
'hide & seek', 'warm gravy', 'gingerbread', and 'purple haze'
'kindfull' on the @glassrootstour. the team made a stop @bluewater_pilates today.
'rudolph' the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose, and showed is that it can be better to shine out than to fit in.
our glassblowers are groovin' @glassybabymadrona #wevegotthefunk
thank you to @feliciafollum for sharing her sketch with us. we love it when art inspires art.
'naughty' & 'nice' are on our list this year. #glassybaby
someone has found a new spot among 'jane's caramel'. does your family hide a mischievous little elf during the holidays? #elfontheshelf #glassybaby
one of our favorite things about the pacific northwest? sunsets like these.
four limited edition glassybaby drinkers have landed a front row spot at the new #starbucksroastery. let us know if you stop by and check them out! @starbucks @sbuxroastery
it's a fun day in seattle. can you guess where we are? psst...keep an eye on @glassybaby for a shot of our latest limited-edition unveiling available only at this spot.
our glassblowers love the opportunity to share their craft with others and teach people how to blow glass. thanks for visiting us, @marianeantoinette, and we hope you love your ornament! want to blow glass with glassybaby? contact us at
congratulations to our resident marathoner, peter, who placed 2nd in the seattle marathon last weekend. @seattlemarathon #runSEA14
meet lulu, the sweet 2-year-old little pup who visited our portland holiday pop-up shop yesterday. can we keep her? #adorable #welovedogs
the holiday season is full of 'grace', in all its forms.
deck the halls. even we are envious of @five4gena's fireplace.
our founder, lee rhodes, displayed her beautiful collection this thanksgiving including our latest hue, 'kindfull'. enter to win a 50-piece glassybaby rental by sharing photos of your glassybaby using #aroundourtable.
'toy soldier' and 'elf' soak up the season @glassybabybellevue
introducing our latest glassybaby, 'kindfull'. 10% (at least 20 meals) from each 'kindfull' will be donated to local food banks to help provide much-needed food and nourishment for those in need.
the holidays have arrived at our sodo headquarters. #tistheseason #glassybaby
we love seeing how you light your home with glassybaby. enter the 'around our table' photo contest, where you can win a 50-piece glassybaby rental and color consultation. it's easy to enter, just use #aroundourtable on your photos featuring glassybaby now through 12/12. then, send your family and friends to our facebook page 'around our table' album from 12/13-12/17 to vote on your photo, because the photo with the most likes will be our winner. #glassybaby photo by @markcadman
a customer just stopped by on her bike to buy a 'thank you' glassybaby and managed to fit the box with bow right in her back pocket. we are definitely in #portland and loving it!
#mtsthelens on an early morning flight. so much color inspiration! #beautiful
now glowing in #portland. visit us at 1221 sw 10th ave. pictured: 'cherish', 'master of the universe' and 'grace' glassybaby
soon, you'll see glassybaby departing from here. can you guess the latest place to find glassybaby one-of-a-kindness? #glassybaby #comingsoon
let's hear it for the boys! @seahawks #goseahawks #weare12 #winning
joy, wish, mistletoe and a special norwegian merry christmas. please join us at the nordic heritage museum today and tomorrow from 10a-5p at their annual yulefest.
#portland, we are open for business! please visit us at 1221 sw 10th ave. our hours are mon-sat 10am-6pm and sun 11am-5pm.
last year, with your help, glassybaby was able to donate more than $45,000 to the Seahawks Women's Association. wow. here we go again... introducing the @seahawks 2014 collection. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Seahawks Women's Association to support the well-being and healthy development of women and children. available in limited quantities in our washington stores and for preorder on #seahawks #glassybaby
in every glassybaby store, there's a special place for you to mark the impact of your purchases. each color represents 5-15 meals for the hungry this holiday season. that's 'kindfull' and it's all because of you. thank you. @glassybabybellevue #glassybabygiving #kindfull
we're sending out this month's color club exclusive glassybaby hand picked by our founder lee rhodes. with 3, 6, 9, and 12-month options, we ship kindness right to your front door every month.
no glassybaby is without purpose. today, we delivered damaged glassybaby to be recycled at bedrock stone, where they will be tumbled and made into art once again.
with a good book and a cozy quilt, this might be the best spot to spend a monday.
#Repost from @glassrootstour It's snowing sideways in #SanteFe, and so the color and warmth of #glassybaby stand out even more. We have a #popup shop at the @santaferailyard until 4 PM today (don't worry, it's indoors!) If you or someone you know is in snowy Santa Fe, send them our way!
we all need a #wingman
we're warming up with some 'bedford brown' glassybaby
we're in #yakima tonight at glenwood square from 4-7pm. we hope to see you here!
the glitter of seattle from the glassybaby headquarters reminds us of the glassybaby exotics, 'grace', 'master of the universe', and 'hercules'.
holiday shopping for a good cause makes the season even more #kindfull. repost from @childhaven1909
10% of every glassybaby drinker is donated to the VA. to date, glassybaby has donated $135,000 to the dept. of veterans affairs with your support. #veteransday
from our @glassrootstour team: good morning Austin! Come check out the @HOPEMarketATX in east Austin 11-3pm today to get your fix of fresh produce, artisan crafts, live music, and @glassybaby! #atx #texas #HOPE #glassrootstour
our new color, 'warm & fuzzy' is making us feel, well, warm and fuzzy. repost from @glassybabysf
these #fall sunsets...
welcome back, sunshine. we missed you @glassybabybellevue.
'hudson' and 'skinny dip' at the city harvest 4th annual cider taste.
'hudson' and 'cabo' at the @cityfruit 4th annual cider taste @palaceballroom.
@glassybabymadrona + fall + our 'nature is speaking' set = perfection @conservationorg
we love this photo from @ckongsea "No wonder we call her "12th Nan"! ???????? my mom is the cutest. Her kitchen #seattleseahawks shrine, her blue and green #glassybaby #glassblownpumpkin and #12thmanlego ????????"
we're packing up the first of our 'nature is speaking' set, using recycled packaging materials and ribbon. 10% of sales from the set benefit @conservationorg.
it's november and time to start our #thanksgiving decor. we love how @five4gena displayed 'warm gravy' #gobble #turkey #glassybaby
happy first birthday to @glassybabysf #3665sacramento #presidio #happybirthday #1year
we're excited to spread the #kindfull spirit this season. in the month of november, 10% of all sales will be donated to food banks to help feed the hungry.
happy halloween from everyone at glassybaby. here's a shot from trick-or-treating fun @glassybabyuvillage @shopuvillage #halloween #trickortreat #glassybaby
Happy Halloween from New Orleans and the @glassrootstour team. #halloween #neworleans #nola #wicked #glassybaby #glassrootstour
one hue to #halloween, and we've got our 'rainboots' ready for the night. it always seems to be a little damp when we trick-or-treat.
now that's what we call a 'seattle sunset'. photo by adam d.
2 hues to #halloween, and we're reminiscing about an old halloween costume we loved, a 'little bear' in a cuddly outfit, ready to trick-or-treat.
eastsiders, join us tonight at mercer in sammamish (3046 issaquah pine lake rd) until 8pm and see your favorite fall hues. @mercergirlkaren
'hide & seek' is meant for cold, rainy fall days leading to #halloween. 3 hues to the spookiest night of the year!
there's only 4 hues to #halloween, and we've got our 'pumpkin' ready. how about you?
we've got a new look in @glassybabymadrona. come visit us and check it out.
5 hues to #halloween, and @five4gena has the prettiest display of 'tangerine' and 'hidden moss' we've seen this october.
the glow of a glassybaby provides hope, healing, relaxation, joy, and so many other things. but on nights like tonight, it makes quite the light source. #poweroutage #glassybaby
6 hues to #halloween, and we've got some 'wicked' plans for fall fun. how does your family celebrate the season?
7 hues til #halloween with a spooky pic of 'sweet patootie'. share your photos to be featured in our countdown using #glassybabyhalloween????????
the sunset from the @decoristhome show house in presidio terrace is spectacular tonight. #fullofinspiration
we are so impressed by the decor at the @decoristhome design showcase 2014 in san francisco. 'master of the universe' looks right at home in presidio terrace.
with 8 hues to #halloween, 'midnight' brings warmth to even the stormiest of days.
a friends surprise birthday party calls for the glow of 'tangerine' and 'smooch'. #glassybaby #celebrate
9 hues to #halloween, and 'tangerine' is perfectly orange for the occasion. #glassybaby
only 10 hues to halloween! we're relaxing with 'devil dog'. #halloween #glassybaby
#Repost from @glassrootstour --- We had a great pop up shop today @mouthpartycaramel! #chalk #streetart #baltimore #glassybaby #glassrootstour #caramel
we're bewitched by creamsicle, shine, and jane's caramel. #halloween #decorations #glassybaby
the countdown is on. only 11 "hues" to halloween, and we're kicking it off with the glow of 'jane's caramel' that makes even the spookiest night a treat.
we can't get over this set. preorder now in store or online at #natureisspeaking @conservationorg
celebrating @conservationorg and their commitment to saving the planet tonight @glassybabymadrona (plus a peek at our latest set, 'nature is speaking')
@glassybabysf is celebrating the @sfgiants today. congratulations on the national league pennant and a trip to the #worldseries #orangefriday #SFGiants
#tbt to last years #glassybaby pumpkin carving contest. @glassybabymadrona #repost
little bear, warm gravy, and skinny dip are the center of attention @glassybabybellevue #glassybaby
izzy of the @glassrootstour did some amazing chalk art in nyc today. we love seeing lady liberty with her very own #glassybaby.
picking out the perfect purple at our little shop of kindness in san jose! so fun to be visiting. #glassybaby #hechosesweetpea #repost @glassybabyuvillage
'envy' and 'crush' on bainbridge island with the bremerton ferry making a special appearance.
we love taking glassybaby to our communities outside of seattle and san francisco. want glassybaby to set up shop at your next event? email and we'll bring glassybaby one of a kindness to you.
we came across 'wicked', 'wise', and 'friendship', looking like they were meant to be. we love these colors together. #glassybaby
#sanfrancisco, have you seen the kindest bus shelters around? we're excited to be spreading glassybaby one of a kindness around the city by the bay.
the glassybaby team with vice president joe biden. #womenofvalor
we are so thrilled that our founder, lee rhodes, is being honored as one of three women receiving the woman of valor award today from senator maria cantwell and vice president joe biden. #womenofvalor
meet the glassybaby polariscope, where every glassybaby is checked out and the only place where seeing a rainbow is bad. the polariscope helps our quality control team ensure that there's no stress on the glass before we send them to our stores. a rainbow means that the glassybaby needs a little more time in the oven and is reheated and tested again until it is perfect and rainbow-free.
decorating for halloween is one of our favorite things to do in the fall. we would love to see your decorations! use #glassybabyfall to share your photos with us for the chance to have your collection featured on our facebook and instagram.
we love #fall and it's many hues. photo by @cshine52 #glassybaby #color
morning meetings in the dark--only at #glassybaby @glassybabymadrona @glassybabysf @glassybabybellevue @glassybabyuvillage
'smooch' to celebrate breast cancer awareness month @tdmmercerisland #celebratelifedailey #glassybaby
last call & hot toddy are our favorite ways to sip this fall. can you tell what glassybaby inspired these drinkers? #Repost from @glassybabybellevue
there's no shortage of hues to love. what's your favorite glassybaby?
breakfast @fairmontolympic with @virginiamason. so wonderful to hear about the good they are doing in our community.
meet last call and hot toddy, our new fall drinkers. visit us @glassybabymadrona and enjoy a refreshment on us.
cherish, aquamarine, and angel ready to head to our stores. #glassybaby
looking for a treat? come to madrona and blow your very own glassybaby pumpkin just in time for #halloween. email us at for more information.
there's just something about exploring #washington #nature #beautiful #glassybaby
pumpkins + gourds + glassybaby = fall. colors (l to r) single malt, dad, faith, bark
colorful language #cozy #angel #baby #jasperjane
glassybaby book, vol. featuring 174 individual and unique stories written by mericos hector rhodes. now in-stores and on (in 'accessories') #nothinglikeagoodbook #alreadyoutdated #vol2comingsoon
#kindness has landed at the #valleyfairmall in san jose, ca. please meet the 'little shop of kindness'.
new for fall at @glassybabymadrona: pumpkin parties! make a blown glass pumpkin with one of our talented glassblowers and a group of your friends! plus, enjoy our gorgeous new event space afterwards. to book: ????
a sneak peek at an upcoming collaboration with our good friends at @conservationorg #naturespeaking #theflower
caramel apples anyone? #janescaramel
it's the @glassrootstour day in #chicago at the #designharvest #goodtimes #chalkpainting #windycity #pugs
we #believe an #indiansummer might be right around the corner #whidbeyisland
this is julie who drove all the way up from Iowans chicago to see #glassybaby and the @glassrootstour she left with two shopping bags full...???? thanks Julie!!!
the @glassrootstour team is excited to have a very special pop-up shop tonight at the @cubs game. they will be at the team store across from #wrigleyfield until first pitch. ??????????
#puppies. what brings more happiness than that? ??
count us in for an afternoon nap. #welovedogs #glassybaby
inspired by a morning jog in #sanfrancisco. visit us in presidio heights at 3665 sacramento street. #glassybaby
we're at the @chateaustemichelle until 6:30 tonight enjoying the weather with some of our favorite hues. we'd love to see you.
there's just something about @glassybabymadrona ??
what a way to say goodbye to the day. we'll be staying up late to try and catch the #auroraborealis tonight.
we're so excited to share the news about our brand-new event space at @glassybabymadrona! now, you can blow glass with our artists and enjoy a meal with friends in an intimate setting. whether it's just because or a big milestone, we can't wait to celebrate with you! email for more info and to book your occasion!
we love this city. #seattle #gohawks
we're here at the bell harbor conference center for an evening of wine benefitting the pacific northwest diabetes research institute. 'pollen', 'belle', and 'smooch' were made for a day like today.
today, we remember.
glassybaby volume 1 all wrapped up with a 'princess' by its side.
come get your @glassybaby @snakerivergrilljh today 3:30-5:30pm #repost @glassrootstour #jacksonhole
on an overcast day, we ?? 'grace' and 'wise' to brighten our day.
we're lighting 'aquamarine' for national ovarian cancer awareness month. 10% of every sale of aquamarine benefits the marsha rivkin center for ovarian cancer research. #ovariancancerawareness #ovariancancer #glassybaby
is there anything better than a mom cuddling with her baby? #sosweet #happysunday
every day should be this lovely. #golf #weekendaway #summer
the view from @glassybabybellevue #sunshine
take a look into volume one, a one of a kindness collection of our glassybaby and their many stories written by mericos rhodes of the @glassrootstour. in stores now.
sit back and relax, it's almost #friday.
we love this photo of izzy enjoying #portland and their many food trucks! follow them @glassrootstour to catch all of their adventures.
sometimes, a relaxing glow is just what the 'soul' needs. #glassybaby #soul
we ?? the handwritten notes that come with a color club membership. repost from @therosemarytree #glassybaby #princess #august #colorclub #handwrittennote #pastel #seattle
and they're off! the @glassrootstour has officially started their 16-week journey across the #USA bringing #glassybaby to you!
it's days like these that we love relaxing with a great book and our favorite glassybaby. #rain #seattle
we ?? how our founder, lee rhodes, displays her glassybaby outside. how do you display your favorites? share your photo with us using #myglassybaby!
two happy campers in the @glassrootstour van. mericos and izzy's journey begins on sept 1 and we couldn't be more excited to share their stories.
mericos and izzy will hand-deliver the first 5 online orders of 3 or more glassybaby on 9/3 between 9am-12pm pst. orders must be placed by 8/29 before 12pm pst. please enter giving code glassrootstour at checkout.
there's a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant #lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can.
?????? @glassrootstour
a look at the process. @glassrootstour #chalkart #sidewalkchalk
we are so impressed by izzy's creativity. stop by and see her in action!
izzy from our @glassrootstour team is creating a sidewalk mural in front of our madrona store today. bring your family to watch her work at 3406 e union st.
where are you taking your glassybaby this weekend? #Repost from @glassybabysf #glassybaby #summer
our latest color, #beluga. in the aquarium, the 'beluga' grins and nods its big forehead at you from the other side of the glass, as though he’s just as interested in you as you are in him. -mericos rhodes
every sunset is beautiful. where have you seen your favorite #sunset? #nature #glassybaby
filming with the @glassrootstour team and the collegiana. it's so inspiring to hear about the impact that glassybaby giving has had on them. to date, the glassybaby white light fund has provided assistance to 400 @uwmedicine patients and caregivers.
the @glassrootstour is chatting with @trinachow about all things glassybaby giving. so inspiring to hear about her #breastcancerawareness efforts and her connection to glassybaby.
'love' is all you need. #glassybaby #thebeatles
our founder, lee rhodes, was officially named to take the #alsicebucketchallenge. will she accept? stay tuned to see!
meet our color of the week, sassy.
the perfect #summer setup by @libjan. we love concerts in the park! have fun ????????
we love waking up early and going for a walk in the sunshine in the morning, gathering berries to snack on out of 'julep' and 'pucker'. #summertime #freshberries #simplethings #glassybaby
glassybaby inspiration, now in #gif #glassybaby #northernlights #nature
our glassroots tour team are excited to be at the @barmethodwa road show to benefit @bentownefdn. we'll be at 124 westlake avenue n until 7:15pm tonight.
loki, an honorable member of the glassybaby team, loves watching the glassblowers work just as much as we do. ??????
the view from @campkorey is spectacular. we can't wait to share all of the amazing things campers experience at this wonderful place.
we think 'jane's caramel' and a good book are a great start to a cloudy thursday. #glassybaby #happythursday
these are a few of my favorite things ????
backstage @glassybabymadrona #behindthescenes #glassybaby
today's blog: a little watermelon with a twist in our 'fruit punch' drinker. @parktavernsf #cocktail #glassybabydrinker
feeling brave? 'fearless' and 'skinny dip' make one of our favorite sets, 'no, you go first'.
inspiration from a weekend trip to mount rainier #mtrainiernationalforest #summer #weekendgetaway #glassybaby
that's a wrap. thanks for a wonderful seconds sale, #portland.
we are amazed by the incredible turn out at today's portland seconds sale! we have a small amount left and will be closing up early at 4pm. please feel free to swing by before then!
they're ready for perfectly imperfect! our friends in #portland are lined up for our first ever on-the-road seconds sale. join us from 10am-7pm at 1307 overton st.
we visited the seattle children's hospital today and it touched our hearts to hear that no child is turned away from the hospital, regardless of their parents ability to pay for their care. providing for uncompensated care is what makes glassybaby giving so impactful. #itsnotusitsyou
join us tonight @glassybabybellevue for a sip and shop event with @columbiawinery. we're here with delicious wines and bites until 7pm.
happy 100th birthday to the #stoplight. ????????#happybirthday
wonderful color from izzy of the @glassrootstour - thanks for sharing your work, izzy! #glassybaby #art #video
it's been a summer full of spectacular seattle sunsets, but this one took our breath away. #sunset #seattle
true, she gets to enjoy magic carpet rides and royal dances, but sometimes she must also grow her hair three stories long, bite a poison apple, or kiss a frog. we define a 'princess' as one who can pass through great trials to find love.
we are so thrilled to share that we will having our first ever on-the-road seconds sale this saturday, august 9 in portland, oregon. join us at flex space - 1307 nw overton street from 10am-7pm. 10% of sales will be donated to the @ohsuknight cancer institute challenge.
the cutest baby shower at our madrona store today, complete with a diaper centerpiece ????
how does your garden grow? #dragon #lucky #sweetpea #glassybaby #garden
these rumbling skies make for some beautiful inspiration. #washington #thunderstorms #glassybaby
a beautiful night with a great glassybaby glow. we ?? this shot from our friend claire.
mericos rhodes and izzy greer are bringing glassybaby to you. find out more at or follow them at @glassrootstour
enjoying the #blueangels flying over us here in madrona and lighting 'big sky', 'wingman', 'true blue', and 'wings' in their honor. #seafair blue angels photo by @monijean
"if the sight of blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has the power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand--rejoice, for your soul is alive." -elenora duse #quote #glassybaby #littleboyblue #cashmere
just a little 'smooch' to brighten your tuesday. #glassybaby
we are so proud of our glassybaby blog writer and friend, peter harrison, for tying for 3rd in @thesfmarathon this weekend. #marathon #sanfrancisco
how adorable is this glassybaby display? great @potterybarn find @11rt09dt!
a sweet summertime treat...oh, and some cherries. featuring 'happy birthday' and 'hope' #glassybaby
choose your hue. glassblowing fun with friends from camp korey. want to bring your friends to glassybaby and blow your own glass? email us at
kuma is our official welcome pup today. the good news? he's accepting pats on the head all day today @glassybabymadrona #dogsofinstagram #socute #welovedogs
fearless, dream, chatham, and triumph pop in our san francisco store. what colors would light your perfect table? #color #glassybaby #design
a customer came into our madrona store wearing a sweater that her mother knit her for her 15th birthday. while a few birthdays have come and gone since then, it was a treat to see her with this pop of color on a rainy day. #peony
a little 'hidden moss' adds a pop of color to a cloudy day. #seattle #glassybaby
enjoying the morning #sunshine and found big sky, bff, cream, and courage in this hanging basket. #beautiful
it's #nationalicecreamday, so we're celebrating accordingly. the only question is: which topping do we choose? #blueberries #raspberries #blackberries #icecream #yum
#Repost from @glassybabyuvillage --- loving the sunlight shine through these colors @glassybabysf--soul, whiskey, true love, and bark.
this adorable little fellow visited us @glassybabysf and we couldn't get enough! #dogsofinstagram #puppy #socute
a fun little 'presidio press' cocktail in our julep drinkers at our san francisco store. @glassybabysf #sideoflime
love this seattle sunset, belle, crush, imagine, and sea foam shot from @glassybabybellevue.
have glassybaby, will travel. #seattlesunset #beginagain
we're loving the ambiance today. glassybaby, ringo starr, and the beautiful @chateaustemichelle winery.
behind the scenes at #glassybaby. one of our favorites, jeffry mitchell, is hard at work making #beautiful new artwork for us.
fresh out of the oven. #peace #studio54 #cabo want more from our madrona store? follow them @glassybabymadrona
here's to hoping we have a #sunset even close to this #beautiful tonight #seattlesunset repost from @kara_daniela
#aquamarine makes us happy. especially when its our glassybaby that gives 10% of proceeds to the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research.
repost from @kremarcke. a cool treat in some beautiful hues. #glassybaby #summer #icecream #yum
so fun to meet a wife in our @glassybabyuvillage store who was buying a set of drinkers to give to her husband to celebrate his promotion and new office at work. #bestwifeever
we love this photo that our friend ruth sent to us of her glassybaby waterbottle, bubbles and a loon family in new hampshire. #perfectsunday #glassybaby
we love a good #shelfie. show us how you display your glassybaby or drinkers using #glassybabyshelfie. #betterthanaselfie
we're at queen anne days today from 9am-6pm sharing the glassybaby glow with 10% of sales donated to the queen anne helpline who help the elderly, disabled, or low-income residents of queen anne. come visit us at 6 w howe street #everyglassybabygives #roadshow
repost from @glassybabymadrona honored to have the #sunshinekids here today @glassybabymadrona #glassybaby #glassblowing #glassybabyevents
introducing our newest color, perfect for #friday. we're feeling a bit 'sassy'.
#light #ocean #glassybabyheaven
fun at golden gardens shooting our tote #glassybaby #goldengardens
'master of the universe' in all its glory #metallic #freshfromtheoven
strawberry lemonade out of our 'pucker' drinker at the madrona store. come visit us this afternoon and enjoy for yourself. 3406 east union.
root beer float, #glassybaby and @mollymoonicecream style. #seattle #summer #rootbeerfloat
good day, #sunshine
early morning glassblowing in madrona. come visit us and see the magic for yourself.
stopping in for a gumball and some #glassybaby #bellevue
a beautiful bride who asked for only glassybaby at her bridal shower. #luckygirl #presentswithpresence #glassybabybride
it looks like someone enjoyed the holiday. pic from @brucewayne_frenchie ???????????????????????????? #instafrenchie #bestfrenchies
this #independenceday, we're inspired by this neighbor who walks with this flag in our 2 mile parade every 4th of july. he lost his son in the vietnam war and carries it with him in remembrance of all the people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. such a wonderful reminder of what today's celebrations are all about.
#Repost from @laskelton. love this shot #4thofjuly #america #glassybaby #americanmade
lots of light inspiration at emerald downs celebrating #independenceday. we're closed tomorrow to enjoy the holiday, but will be back on saturdday just in time for your weekend shopping.
carry them with you. the one-of-kind glassybaby tote, for all your summer adventures. #glassybaby #americanmade photo by @five4gena
glassybaby fan wendy built a glass shelf into the top portion of her windows to display her collection. what's your favorite way to show off your glassybaby? show us your photos using #myglassybaby.
together, we give back. thankful to have the opportunity to celebrate our giving partners this #charitytuesday. #everyglassybabygives #twomillionthankyous
crazy shopping aftermath or calm sea of blue? we know what we think ????????
starting our weekend off right with a little #barre at the @tdmmercerisland ! ????????????#daileymethod #goodness #sunshine #hope #power #imagine #shine #strength #everyglassybabygives
let's go #USA #soccer #worldcup #americanmade #happybirthday #hope #trueblue
golden light #grace #sunset
#summer photoshoot-baby #drinker #poolside #jgarnerphoto
a foxy wedding indeed. thanks for sharing your special day with us #melissaandeugene glassybaby weddings: #glassybabybride
glassybaby + @annsacks #roadshow tonight from 5-9pm, 2201 westlake avenue, suite 103. 10% of sales donated to YouthCare.
happy #pride week #rainbow
monday #regram from the most fabulous #designdarling @mackenziehoran we ???? your style! ????
second half, let's go USA!! ??????????#worldcup #glassybaby #joy #hope #compassion
they made it out, climbing pack filled and all! thanks for spending your morning with us @mercedes_luna (and ben ????) see you at the next one! #regram #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
happy 6th anniversary to victoria and joel. these fabulous #overachievers not only ran the #rnRSEA marathon; they then came to our #secondssale and are headed off to a romantic dinner at @mammamelina . thank you for spending part of your special day with us ????
two men and a (glassy)baby #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect still lots left and no line :) we would love to see you!
"do you really need an entire box for all your #seconds mom?" - Linus (the bravest (and cutest) golden) #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect #welovedogs
if love can't cure it, nurses can. #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect #nurses #giving
@streetdonuts thanks for bringing the most #yummy and #delicious donuts to our sale today!! here until 12pm! #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
these beauties just showed up rockin' their very own #perfectlyimperfect t's. what an incredible community we have. have fun ladies!! 10% from today's sale will be donated to @seattle_pacific for a #nursing scholarship.
and one hour later, they're out the door with almost 30 new #glassybaby seconds!! congratulations ladies! xx #firstinlinewinners #nurses #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
congrats on a successful #secondssale experience to you ladies! thanks for being such amazing and dedicated customers :) ???? @mrsmendoza11 #regram
thanks for joining us this morning @originalkeds #regram #secondssale #perfecltyimperfect
our "first in line" winners are the cutest thing we've ever seen! we are so inspired by their passion for #nursing. congrats ladies! xoxo
one hour until the doors are open!! #secondssale #perfecltyimperfect
these two cuties set a record as our earliest overnight #secondssale campers ever! love this!! #dedication #perfectlyimperfect
omg the tables are set!!! ???? #secondsale #perfectlyimperfect doors open at 8am tomorrow (saturday, 6/21)
one of the many reasons why our community is so awesome. see you (& that pack!) tomorrow @mercedes_luna ! #dedication #secondssale #perfectlyimperfect
happy national take your dog to work day ???? #welovedogs #bristolthebulldog #mustache
hanging with the lovely #kimholcomb chatting about this weekend's upcoming #secondssale see the story tonight at 7:30pm PST on @eveningmag #madebyhand #twomillionthankyous #perfectlyimperfect
'american made' set #madeinamerica #summer
wishful wednesday. #hotpink
hi salumi! #dogdaysofsummer
a glassybaby friend shared her collection with friends & family this past weekend. what a beautiful palette! #bff #stormy #goodness #power #nofilter #glassybabyoneofakindness
happy #fathersday to every papa bear.
who said the grey gets old in seattle? #elephant #wingman
it's day 2 of our 3-day portland road show at the galleria (sw alder street between sw 9th & sw 10th ave). doors open at 12pm! 10% of all sales donated to the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. hope to see you there! #glassybabyroadshows #tgif #portland
spotted these old school glassybaby at a friends house. #perfectlyimperfect #tbt
it's possible that #friendship just might be the most beautiful neutral #designenvy #happywednesday
hello hollywood! #bigsky #weekendgetaways
love the #seattlesunset we captured on a location scout for our summer photo shoot. #nofilter #goldengardens #naturallight
the june 2014 seconds sale is saturday, june 21st. doors open at 8am. can't' make it? please check the our facebook page for updates on an online (and san francisco in-store) offer available to our community during the seconds sale hours. #perfectlyimperfect
table love. a glassybaby friend shared a pic of her table set with glassybaby. we think it's a perfect setting for sunday brunch! #fordplantation
inspiring us since you were 5. congratulations on your graduation mericos. we love you!
lucky, crush, hope, big sky & seattle sunset are all in attendance at the #NWEmmy awards today. what fun!
lucky us! a perfect pairing of red glassybaby + red wine from #modernhousewines. thanks for the love @swansonvineyards #tgif
#paletteperfect t's circa 2008. #tbt ??????????????????
good baby, bad baby. #happywednesday #dogsbehavingbadly
#twomillionthankyous to the #bentownefoundation for the tour of your inspiring research center! we love your passion for creating hope for pediatric cancer treatment ????
we love the #colormatch that our vp of stores had with her fun green dress and @starbucks gift cards!
glassybaby ????s the #emeraldcitytrolley ???? today marked their first madrona hot shop visit as a part of their cityARTescapes tour! guests enjoyed a quick tour and history of glassybaby before they headed off to their next destination. until next time!
#reflections #bark #dad #pond
lee and friends at today's @upowerorg event to celebrate the launch their new glassybaby color 'power' (available in our local stores today. online on 6/2). 10% from the sale of every 'power' will be donated to Upower to transform the lives of underserved young adults through physical fitness. #glassybabygiving #everyglassybabygives
inspired by what nature has to offer. we think this blood orange would make the most beautiful #glassybaby #colorcrush
heavenly colors #freshfromtheoven #tgif #angel #unconditional #wish
here’s a photo we love from @rebeccajarvis ! like her photo and tell her your inspirations! #regram #twomillionthankyous
love these old school original glassybaby #tbt #crayola #creamsicle #fertile
our weekly #colorcrush #roots
meet ruby. this little gem stopped by our offices to say hello, lucky us! she's the newest member of the glassybaby family ???? maybe a new name for a glassybaby??
sneak peek at the june #colorclub #happytuesday
#twomillionthankyous to every veteran. #memorialday #remembrance
loving the unique color splash that we found on this #dad glassybaby #perfectlyimperfect #oneofakindness #happysunday
hello pretty pinks & creams #nofilter #smooch #cherish #cream #dream #kindness
#twomillionthankyous to the mercer island #daileymethod for shining the glassybaby light ???????????? #lucky #sunshine #shine
our friday #fedex pickup matched our madrona window display perfectly. #tgif
it's a rainy spring day in seattle so we decided to bring the 'sunshine' to us ???? #tgif
'strength'...we all need a little bit :) read more about our newest partnership color with the @lauramercier Ovarian Cancer Fund in this week's blog: #lmocf #ovariancancer
we can't get enough of these vivid pink 'peony' from last week's #hopebrew event at The Foundry @herbanfeast for @beagiver #twomillionthankyous for shining the glassybaby light with your guests ????
our giving at work. a va nurse just shared that she had inherited this glassybaby collection from her niece who passed away. after each chemo treatment she would treat herself to a glassybaby. we are so thankful for the amazing work that gets done here. wow. #twomillionthankyous
starting the creative process for our new accessory packaging with our dear friend and local artist, jeffry mitchell. we are beyond excited ????
sneak peek of the new fixture at our uvillage store. happy, happy monday :)
happy 100th bday to our friends @uwdeltazeta thank you for shining the glassybaby light on your big day! #sisterhood #gratitude #sweetheart
hello pretty primary colors at #glassybaby #universityvillage #thankyouteacher #happiness #crayola #imagine #fortitude
a glassybaby family friend spotted some 'jane's caramel' and 'hide & seek' at a local favorite relaxation spot #cedarbrooklodge. #twomillionthankyous for shining the light with your lucky guests :)
choosing the right color for the june color club. maybe something bright and cheery to keep the sunshine around :) #colorclub
we love these bright colors. 'smooch', 'fearless', and 'crush' are #freshfromtheoven
congratulations to all of the grads out there. #glassybaby #easygifts
the #glassybaby employee glassblowing party begins. shout out #mrgyros for the great food.
beautiful bright yellows at our #bellevue store, perfect for a sunny day. 'canary', 'daffodil', 'taxi', 'sunshine', 'rubber ducky', 'faith', 'unconditional'
we love these sunkissed oranges, posted by @five4gena. 'creamsicle', 'cozy' #glassybaby
these colors make us reminisce of our days as kids in school. #teacherappreciation #thankyouteacher 'happiness', 'crayola', 'believe', imagine', 'fortitude'
"glassybaby candle store in Seattle. loved the candle I saw at my sisters house, so my mom and I got one." - @emilee_moyer. thank you for visiting!
thank you to everyone who made our @uber mother's day VIP party a success. @3howls @theochocolate @drysoda @uber #uberlovesmom
happy mother's day to all the moms out there. 'frog hunting', 'hope', 'cherish'
'grammy' and 'hugs', our 'spoil me' set. #bellevue #mothersday
chef, chauffer, cheerleader, cherished. thank you mom. photo by @denimandtonic #mothersday
we are so excited to be a part of the @nordstrom pop-in shop. beachy accents. #nordstrompop @nordstrombellevue
Lee's father, also known as 'grandpa Charlie' visited our #madrona store today - all the way from Baltimore.
today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. 10% from the sale of each 'strength' will be donated to the @lauramercier Ovarian Cancer Fund.
today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. 10% from the sale of each 'strength' will be donated to the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund. cc: @lauramerciercosmetics
thank you teacher. 'crayola', 'new fern', 'happiness', 'hugs', 'safe' #teacherappreciation #easygifts
the perfect #mothersday table. #pink
from sand, to hand, to heart. 'aquamarine' 'hope' 'cabo' and 'baby' are #freshfromtheoven.
we're enjoying our 'mezcal' drinker today. happy cinco de mayo.
wherever mom is, forever free shipping. #mothersday
who's ready for 'happy hour'? photo credit: @shannon_r_west #singlemalt #happyhour
it's friday, just 'breathe'. 'imagine' 'kindness' 'new fern' and 'breathe' are #freshfromtheoven
we love this may day basket, put together by a #glassybaby family member. 'goodness'
reflections of #twomillionthankyous in our #madrona store.
some original #glassybaby from when we first began.
'mom' & 'mom' #mothersday
fun spring #glassybaby flower arrangements by @osborne20. thank you for sharing. #regram
one of our glassybaby family members was given this amazing #glassybaby watercolor painting by her sister @biancaabrooks for her birthday.
Mom always loves the time of the year when the flowers start to 'blossom'. #mothersday
“the first blooms of the season alongside my lovely #glassybaby collection” - @arin_m
Sunny weather makes pictures better #glassybaby #pnw - laura photo by @laura_claypool
Salumi the rescue dog picking out pink #glassybaby to go with her rockin' pink outfit. #welovedogs #dogsofglassybaby #madrona
our friend Peggy sent us this photo, which she titled "joy". #glassybaby
#sneakpeak our friends at @seattlerefined were at our hot shop today for a photo story coming out soon. #madrona
#glassybaby friend Jan sent us this beautiful photo from her condo terrace in #seattle. #spring
the people of Oso are not forgotten. together, we have raised more than $9,500 for Oso mudslide relief through the sales of 'sunshine'. $10 from the sale of each 'sunshine' will go to Oso mudslide relief through the end of April. photo credit @ericahoff
#glassybaby treasure chest.  #madrona
happy earth day. 10% of all online sales today will be donated to Conservation International to help protect and maintain the world's ecosystems.
#glassybaby spotted on #portlandia. #aquamarine
we love this beautiful and detailed #easter table from a good friend of #glassybaby.
#glassybaby at a wedding in arizona. thank you @champagneandshimmer for the photo. #gbweddings #weloveweddings
we're going on a #glassybaby hunt. happy Easter.
“I gathered all of our #glassybaby to clean and our new kitten Ernie is obsessed with them. He loves taking the tea lights out of them and putting them back in.” – customer Christine
"bringing spring inside." - @five4gena #easter #giventofly
we couldn't have done it without you. we invite you to join the conversation with the hashtag #twomillionthankyous
table is set, smells of a feast in the oven, family is gathered, all are the makings of a perfect #easter.
glassybaby drinkers, made to hold your favorite beverage, are #freshfromtheoven. 'Annjette' 'seabreeze' 'splash'
'are you my mother?' #paletteperfect #glassybaby #spring
we love this photo from @therosemarytree who said receiving her first shipment from the glassybaby #colorclub made her day. welcome to the club. #sweetpea #handwrittennote
thank you @lisatablack for celebrating $2 million in giving with us. #twomillionthankyous
a perfect #easter setting. #spring
you only turn 60 once. Cindy celebrated her birthday in style at our #madrona store and hot shop. congrats and happy birthday!
we're loving this #easter # glassybaby display sent to us by a customer.
perfect #spring day #easter #angel #soul
thank you, tangerine and sunshine #freshfromtheoven
wilma the chick is ready for easter. #easter #shine
we received a sweet treat from Laura Anne Cookies. #glassybaby cookies. they tasted as good as they looked.
the perfect #easter basket
our april #colorclub is packed up and ready to go out :) any guesses on this month's color?
sleeping puppies, spring flowers, #glassybaby. #welovedogs @gregglennonjr
sea foam, dragon, brother, wingman #freshfromtheoven
#glassybaby was front and center at this glassybaby family member’s lorax themed birthday. OR it's not about what it is, it's about what it can become.” #glassybaby at a #lorax birthday.
celebrating two million in giving with #twomillionthankyous #glassybaby #madrona
glassybaby proudly thanks everyone in our community who has helped us give back more than $2 million as of march 31. hand-blown healing through 10% giving. we invite you to join us as we spread gratitude #twomillionthankyous
two million sneak peak it’s almost time. #gbsneakpeak #twomillionthankyous
a little ray if 'sunshine' on a gray seattle saturday. because of our incredible community, we're getting closer to the $7,000 giving mark for the victims of the Oso mudslide in a little over a week. you never stop inspiring us. #osostrong
new #glassybaby family member azalea snuggles with ‘fearless’. #dogsofglassybaby #welovedogs
a beautiful way to line a wedding reception entrance. we love weddings. #gbweddings
we've relaunched our 'color club'. receive a handpicked (and sometimes exclusive) glassybaby each month by Lee our founder, and a welcome kit with glassybaby swag. #gbcolorclub
@saramariecornish and friends loved their hands on glassblowing experience at our #madrona hotshop. #gbevents
a little key lime pie sounds sweet. 'key lime', 'skinny dip' and 'sister' are #freshfromtheoven.
#sanfrancisco #presidioheights store love from @lansf.
take us to 'cabo' for some 'sunshine'. #freshfromtheoven
it takes four glassblowers to make one #glassybaby. 'angel', 'skinny dip' and 'belle' are #freshfromtheoven.
we are amazed at the power of our community. today, because of you, we will write a check for more than $5,200 for the United Way Disaster Recovery Fund for Mudslide Relief to help those affected by the Oso muslide. thank you to @thambelt for sharing this photo of her 'sunshine'.
we're excited to share our new community page with you. it's a place for our community to keep up with what we're doing and just "hang out".
'mom' and 'shine' are #freshfromtheoven on this sunny spring day.
it's a beautiful spring morning here in #madrona.
forgive - every human makes mistakes, mistakes are how we learn, and learning is how we grow. learn to 'forgive', and let your life grow. #freshfromtheoven #newcolor
as you know, we usually give 10%, but this is an urgent need in our back yard. we are listening to our community and have decided to give $10 (a little more than 22%) from the sale of each 'sunshine' to the Oso Mudslide Relief Fund to help alleviate some suffering in the town of Oso. #OsoStrong
a little game of hide and seek this morning in qc. 'hide and seek', 'friendship', 'muse', and 'robins egg' are #freshfromtheoven
the thrill of the hunt. meet "egg hunt". 'poet','goodness', 'lavendar', 'angel', 'poet', 'baby'
we're feeling springy today in qc. 'sweetheart', 'cabo', 'peter pan' #freshfromtheoven
"I think I have every pink you make in my studio." -Miranda
we're dreaming about skinny dipping in the ocean. 'skinny dip', 'dream' and 'ocean' are #freshfromtheoven.
introducing our new glow key. you'll find it at the end of every product description on #glassybaby
we're feeling springy. 'believe', 'grammy', 'jane's caramel' are #freshfromtheoven
the colors of spring at our #uvillage store. 'aqua verde', 'gem', 'lace', 'soul', 'fearless', 'arthur' #paletteperfect
'mom', 'angel', and 'ocean' are #freshfromtheoven today. their first stop from hot shop to store front.
there's nothing like a good book, a view, and glassybaby on a spring afternoon. 'muse' 'goodness' 'wingman' 'bedford brown'
the sunshine has us feeling yellow today. 'unconditional', 'canary', and 'lemon drop' are #freshfromtheoven
Carter Truesdale Interior Designs in california featured #glassybaby at this beautiful dinner for their clients this week.
there's nothing like a batch of #glassybaby #freshfromtheoven. 'creamsicle' and 'shine'
spring has arrived. #paletteperfect
#glassybaby is at the American Red Cross King County Hero's breakfast this morning. 10% of sales will be donated to the American Red Cross. #gbroadshow
'hope', 'sorry', 'regal', and 'baby' make their way through qc. #freshfromtheoven #glassybaby
spring palette at our #uvillage store. #paletteperfect
we love this evening view photo from @jamie12i. #sanfrancisco #glassybaby
our friend Ellen's st. patrick's day table, lit with the glow of #glassybaby
planting for #spring at our #madrona store.
the luck of a four leaf clover on st. patrick's day. #stpatricksday
'kindness' 'hudson' and 'big sky'make their way down the QC line. #freshfromtheoven
top of the mornin'. #stpatricksday 'imagine' 'leprechaun' 'lucky'
glassybaby at the UW Women's Center 'Women of Courage: Bridging the Divide' Gala last weekend. #roadshow
greens. #stpatricksday #colorinspiration
today we delivered the final check to the @seahawks Women's Association. more than $42,000 was raised through the sales of the 'spirit of 12' and 'seahawks pride'. #powerofgiving
glassybaby at a wedding in newcastle, wa. #gbweddings
enjoy a whiskey ginger. 'single malt' and 'ginger beer' drinker.
'leprechauns' know the secret - a charm is only 'lucky' if and because you believe it so.
team lunch at seattle favorite and yelp top 100 restaurant, Mr. Gyros. #ispyhappiness
hazel the australian labradoodle admires 'hazelnut' at our #bellevue store.
a great customer and friend shared this photo with us. her husband bought her this cabinet to store her amazing glassybaby collection.
from @yakimalibbylu #glassybaby at The Plateau Club.
a fresh batch of 'hide & seek' and 'envy' make their way down the QC line. #freshfromtheoven
glassybaby 'family' member Peter completed the Austin marathon in february. representing #glassybaby all the way.
our new palette card has space to fill in your wish list, notes, or ideas. #paletteperfect
the beautiful display in our bellevue store windows. photo courtesy of our great friend and customer gena. #bellevue
a zillion hues. this one of a kind, true color bar is where it all begins.
introducing our spring 2014 color palette. #madrona #palette perfect
we enjoyed having everyone for the #smlunch. thanks to @evergreens_salad for the delicious food and @thefeareygroup for coordinating. photo courtesy of @innab
excited for #smlunch in madrona with @evergreens_salad and @thefeareygroup
shopping at our san francisco store. @donnahoyne #sacramentostreet
this is 'master of the universe', one of our new beautiful 2 step process glassybaby.
we love weddings. from bridal party gifts to engagement parties at our stores to lighting up the big day.
'spirit of Sochi' from our creative customer Laura.
the perfect desk side companion on #valentinesday
happy valentine's day. #valentinesday
show your #kindnesstoanimals and support the @sanfranciscospca. thanks @7x7sf for this cute photo. more details here
every valentine note is handwritten. #valentinesday #glassybaby
true love. #valentinesday #madrona
hugs and kisses. #xoxo
when the forces of the universe are beyond your control, the best thing to do is to hold on to hope. #worldcancerday
the perfect gift for the 12th man or woman in your life. available this week only in our madrona, u village, and bellevue stores.
light up your morning.
glassybaby rainbow
we hope you're enjoying your holiday prep. did you give the gift of glassybaby?
we can dream, right? #seattlesnow #needatropicalparadise
inspired by nature.
christmas cheer with a vintage deer by @sherylhales
think of a wonderful thing, it's the same as having wings. #PeterPan #glassybaby
we always do.