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a colorful language

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I always turn to glassybaby when my loved ones need a little pick-me-up and a dose oflight, hope and healing.  It has served as my go-to gift for birthdays, holidays and house-warming parties, but the opportunity to give glassybaby extends far beyond the obvious.

When you give glassybaby, you are given the opportunity to tell a story.  Our combination of colors and names really allows you to find a palette that complements any color scheme and signifies any emotion. We like to call it ‘colorful language’.

I recently heard of a few new ways to give glassybaby, so I wanted to share them with all of you.  One customer told a sales associate of her idea to give a drinker and a bottle of champagne to each of her friends as they celebrate their 21st birthdays, and our new list of drinker names makes this idea even more fun!  Whether you want to go with ‘fizz’ and ‘maraschino’ or ‘vodka’ and ‘vermouth,’ we’ve certainly got you covered.

I was also told of a woman who received glassybaby from all her friends at her bachelorette party.  With every glassybaby telling the story of each unique relationship between the bachelorette and her friends, I can’t think of a more memorable way to celebrate.

There’s always a good reason to give glassybaby, and we’d love to hear yours!


drink deep.

After several months of hard work, we are excited to finally be launching our drinkers with a whole new theme of names, revolving around actual beverages and drink components.  May we present to you ‘drink deep.’

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Over the years, people started using their glassybaby in more ways than one.  Aside from lighting them, customers, staff included, began drinking out of their glassybaby collections.  And so, the drinker was born.  Lee’s oldest son, Hector, wrote the perfect description of the drinker and how it came to be.

Long before the arrival of the drinker, Lee had always wanted to give back to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Having visited several times, she saw how underfunded they were and she wanted to help in a big way. From the day they were born, back in 2008, 10 percent from the sale of every, single drinker is donated to the Department of Veteran Affairs to support the basic daily health needs of our veterans.  Giving is the core mission at glassybaby, so it has been so rewarding for us to be involved with such an incredible organization.

The drinker can be used with both warm and cool liquids and can be rinsed in the top shelf of your dishwasher (although we recommend hand washing ). Like their glassybaby sibling, each and every drinker is hand blown with three layers of glass by our talented glass artists. With names ranging from ‘moo’ to ‘fresh squeezed’ to ‘fizz’ to ‘crème de cassis,’ and a variety of sets, there’s a drinker for everyone in your life.  We’re ready for you to peek through our entire collection, so come check them out!

drink deep.


happy easter

Spring has sprung, Easter is practically here and April is right around the corner!

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I think it’s safe to say this year has flown by and I couldn’t be more excited to greet the spring season once again.

With Easter approaching in just a couple days, I’ve been peeking through all our sets in order to find the best gifts for all my friends and family and, I must admit, it’s going to be a tough decision.

Some of my favorite sets this year are ‘spring,’ ‘for peeps sake,’ ‘egg hunt,’ ‘hot chicks’ and ‘spring fling.’  With the combination of giving, playful colors, adorable set names and stunning home décor, glassybaby is the ideal gift this Easter.

After contemplating my options, I’ve decided to gift my loved ones with the ‘spring’ set and I recommend the same to all of you.  Our beautiful ‘spring’ set contains ‘lamb,’ ‘first kiss’ and ‘pollen,’ and 10 percent gives back to the Regional Heart Center Support Fund at UW Medical Center.

And with all our bright Easter colors, I might even suggest hiding glassybaby around the house rather than eggs!

Happy Easter!  We hope you enjoy it with your loved ones.


happy homecoming

a brother’s return from Afghanistan is celebrated with glassybaby

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Our mission is to spread love, light, hope and healing around the world, so it’s always rewarding to see that become a reality, as I recently did.  Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful mother and daughter, Tina and Risala, at glassybaby in Madrona.  The Kansas natives were here to surprise their son/brother who had just returned home from Afghanistan and, having heard about glassybaby through a loved one, they decided they had to stop on by.

Risala explained, “We enjoyed immensely our visit to the glassybaby store. It was a wonderful way to commemorate the homecoming of my brother (my mom’s son). (…) Well, we LOVED the city!! As I mentioned above, my mother and I were in the city to surprise my brother at the welcome home ceremony of the 593rd Sustainment Brigade at Ft. Lewis, WA. The Family Readiness Liaison and command worked diligently with us to make this a wonderful surprise for my brother. He had been deployed for nine months to Afghanistan after a short return from Iraq.  We had heard about glassybaby votives from my partner, Glenda. When planning to leave for the trip, I asked her what she would like as a gift from Seattle. She told me of this beautiful story of hope and life and of how this woman’s victory over cancer had led to the creation of the glassybaby. Well, I could not get the power of the story out of my mind. I mentioned it to my mother and she, too, wanted to see this place in person. Once we took the tour and felt the love and life in the place, we knew that owning glassybaby to commemorate this time was perfect. My mother selected ‘studio 54’ and the one I selected for myself is ‘belle.’ I selected ‘hudson’ for Glenda. Now, we plan to exchange glassybaby at Christmas each year!”

Thank you for visiting us and sharing your story.  We hope you enjoyed your trip and we would love to see you both again!

Mr Romantic does exist!

and he shops at glassybaby…

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I thought Mr. Romantic only existed in the movies, but it turns out I was wrong. And he likes to buy glassybaby!  A glassybaby customer recently divulged her husband’s act of love when chatting with Annjette, store manager of our University Village glassybaby.

The customer explained to Annjette that her glassybaby collection had been depleting over the past couple years, due to giving several glassybaby away as gifts to her loved ones.  After realizing her loss, she decided that she would buy one new glassybaby each week in order to rebuild her collection.  And that’s not even the best part.

To add to the excitement, she struck a deal with her husband for a ‘matching program,’ as Annjette explained.  For every glassybaby she buys, her husband buys her one too!  This week, she purchased two ‘cupid’ glassybaby, but who knows what will come next?  As she walked out of the store, she turned to Annjette and said, “See you next week!”

We can’t wait to hear what comes next.


happy st. patrick’s day

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St. Patty’s Day is almost here and we have the perfect gift for the host of any party or get together you may be attending this weekend.  I know St. Patrick’s Day isn’t generally a day of gift giving, but why not celebrate with glassybaby?  We have some beautiful shades of green, such as ‘imagine,’ ‘lucky‘ and ‘emerald,’ that could be scattered about your home as decor for any form of celebration this upcoming weekend.  We also offer our drinkers in ‘alan,’ ‘cedric‘ and ‘maddie girl,’ all of which are various greens.  So, light some glassybaby, grab a drinker and celebrate!


finding comfort in color, light, and music

Jennifer Kelly and her band members light glassybaby before every show

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We all have those certain things that just make us feel better when we’re down.  Whether it’s a childhood blanket, a cup of hot tea, a favorite movie or, my newest addition, glassybaby.  Relaxation is rare in times of stress or worry, but the light from a glassybaby, or several, has really helped soothe me recently and I know I’m not alone.

Not too long ago, Jennifer Kelly came into our Madrona store and connected with Andrea, one of our sales associates.  She ended up telling Andrea the story of her personal battle with breast cancer and how glassybaby has been a comfort.  Andrea was so touched by Jennifer’s story that she shared it with us and we wanted you to hear her story too.  In Andrea’s words:

“Before she got cancer, her passion was singing; however cancer changed her life and she was no longer able to sing like she used to. So she started writing music. Now that she is cancer-free and fully recovered, she is debuting her new album that she wrote. While she was writing her new album, she gifted glassybaby to her band members. The band decided as a whole that they wanted to bring their glassybaby to each show. Their production manager built little, special stands for each member’s baby. So before each show, they all light their glassybaby, gather around, take a moment and then enter the stage.”

We got in contact with Jennifer shortly after hearing her amazing story and she was kind enough to send us this spectacular photo of ‘happiness’ atop her amp.  Enjoy!