glassybaby one of a kindness

what is the “perfect” glassybaby?

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When I first started working here, I was so picky when it came to selecting my own glassybaby to purchase.  They had to be the perfect height, the perfect size and the perfect shape.  After a year and half here, my perception has thoroughly changed.  I am now almost the exact opposite of my former self when it comes to glassybaby.

I’m sure several of you have a picture in your head of the “perfect” glassybaby, but the important thing to realize is that each of these pictures is unique and different from the next.  I now see beauty in little imperfections and in the characteristics that make each glassybaby unique.

As quality control manager, I determine which products are firsts and which are seconds.  I have a list of 20-plus reason codes for the seconds.  Everything, from bubbles to tool marks to dirt, is on this list and we’re sure to check for them all when lighting and evaluating each glassybaby.

When I find one that is ridden with bubbles, I instantly mark it as a second.  However, when I find one that has a few bubbles, which allow the inner light of the candle to glow outward, I can’t help but find that beautiful.  Or when the overlay is a little bit off in ‘Dijon’ and the striping is more pronounced than usual, I get excited at the idea of who’s going to be lucky enough to find that one.  And when ‘Hudson’ has a black base, which is highly unusual, I have to show all my coworkers.

My point is that all these “imperfections” are inherent to glassblowing and the production of glassybaby.  Every single glassybaby you purchase is a handmade piece of artwork.  No two are the same.  We love that and we hope you do too.


Valentine’s Day is just one day away…

…it’s time to go shopping!

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am such a last minute shopper when it comes to gift giving. To add even more stress to the equation, it’s incredibly difficult to find gifts for Valentine’s Day. On such a romantic holiday, do you only give gifts to your significant other or do you give them to your kids, your parents and even your friends too? I think so.

Do you remember giving and receiving Valentine’s Day crafts when you were a little kid? It was always so exciting to me. Now that I’m older, though, I’m interested in gifts that last longer than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. That’s why I’ll be giving glassybaby to my loved ones this year. And there are a number of glassybaby sets that are suitable for anyone who is close to your heart.

Some of my favorite sets for a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse are ‘red hot love,’ ‘pillow talk,’ ‘endless love’ and ‘love story.’

As for the rest of your loved ones, I enjoy ‘xo,’ ‘inspired by you’ and ‘together.’

No matter which sets you choose to give, I guarantee you’ll be making some people very happy. We can only hope you receive some glassybaby too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


glassybaby artist, Harrison

creating the Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament Championship trophy

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Hi everyone! Recently, the Pac-12, which is one of our corporate clients, approached us asking if we would recommend a glassblower to help create the trophies for the Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament.  We were so excited to be partnering with them for women’s basketball, since our own company was started by a woman.  Our selected glassblower, Harrison Neel, has been working on three different pieces for them: the championship, MVP and all-tournament trophies and we’re very excited to see the final products on display at the March tournament in Seattle.  Pac-12 also gifted their coaches some glassybaby in their team colors!  Just a few days ago, they came to our Madrona location to conduct a photo shoot and interview, so we wanted to share the news and give you all a little glimpse of Harrison in action.  Enjoy!


glassybaby men’s night

tuesday, february 12

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and we all know what every woman wants, and deserves, from her special someone.  glassybaby is the gift that keeps on giving in every way and will last you a lifetime.  How do I give my boyfriend/husband a hint, you ask?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you men’s night at glassybaby!

Tuesday, Feb. 12, all three of our stores will be ready to welcome your men, with snacks and drinks, and help them pick out some beautiful hand-blown glass votive holders from 4-7 p.m.  We will have pre-boxed gift sets ready to go, but we can also help your significant others create a personal, unique set by grouping together a few of your favorite words and colors.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a set with ‘cherish,’ ‘dream’ and ‘grateful?’  I know I would.

Ten percent of all sales from men’s night will be donated to the White Light Fund at the University of Washington Medical Center.  Get a gift by giving a gift.  What could be better?  Hope to see you there.


First in Line Contest Winners

Candi & Natalie’s glassybaby seconds sale experience

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As you may remember, we recently welcomed our First in Line Contest winners, Natalie and Candi, to our biannual glassybaby seconds sale on Jan. 26.  It was so wonderful to finally meet them both, as they took their places at the front of the line, and they were even more charming in person than in their video entry.  Lucky for us, the two sisters took several photos of their journey and graciously shared them with us, along with a synopsis of their experience.  Natalie wrote:

“Thank you SOOOO much! We had such a fantastic time. It still seems too good to be true. A whole weekend with my sister AND glassybaby, what could ever be better than that??? It was so great to meet you and Lee, all the wonderful people at glassybaby! That few minutes before the sale officially opened when Candi and I had a private seconds sale all to ourselves will stay as a sweet place in my memory forever and ever…I’m pretty sure we packed as much fun as we possibly could have into one super duper weekend! No regrets here! And finally, here are the four glassybaby I will be adding to my personal collection. It was love as first sight with each of them, but then, how could it not be?”

Thank you, Natalie and Candi, for joining us.  We hope to see you again soon!


A ‘hudson’ for Finn

and a very happy 5th birthday!

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Remember when you turned five years old and all you wanted for your birthday was a brand new bike?  Or a Barbie?  Or maybe even your favorite game?  Well, for Finn’s fifth birthday celebration, all he wanted was a trip to the glassybaby Madrona location with his family.

Early last week, our hearts melted when Finn and his family came in on his birthday to see the glassybaby dogs and watch the glassblowers in action.  Unfortunately, all the dogs had gone home, but Finn and his little brother, Mac, watched the glassblowers in awe.   Finn’s parents had taken him to the University Village store several times, and upon being mesmerized by the video playing behind the counter, he made it his mission to come visit us.  He even picked out a beautiful ‘Hudson’ glassybaby as one of his birthday gifts.  What great taste!

Finn’s mother, Molly, wrote to us, via email, “[Finn] was so excited to watch the artists blow glass and everyday, it was a countdown to his ‘glassybaby birthday party.’  Thank you so much for helping to make his birthday a memorable one! He was over the moon!  We went to dinner across the street and, while devouring his macaroni and cheese, he said with a smile, ‘Isn’t this the best birthday ever?’  That’s all we could ask for.  Thanks again.”

That’s all we could ask for as well.  Thank you for visiting us and we would love to see you all again soon.  Happy birthday Finn!


Off to the Emerald City

Seconds Sale contest winners Candi & Natalie
are on their way to the front of the line

(see their winning video here)

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Throughout this week, we’ve been in touch with our Seconds Sale First in Line Contest winners, Natalie and Candi.  We’ve all been anticipating their arrival and were thrilled when they sent us a few pictures of their packing efforts.  Although we’re beyond excited to have them both here so soon, we can’t help but wish that Natalie would bring along her adorable Dachshund puppy, Uno, to come play with all the glassybaby dogs!

We’re hoping to receive some more amazing photos of Natalie and Candi on their glassybaby journey.  And we’ll be sure to snap some of our own this weekend as they take their place, first in line, at the seconds sale on Saturday at 8 a.m.  Who knows?  Maybe we ‘ll even convince them to perform an impromptu glassybaby concert.  Hope to see you there!