glassybaby seconds sale + The Kathi Goertzen Foundation

 glassybaby will donate 10% of all sales from our seconds sale on June 29th to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation to support their important mission to end brain tumors and brain cancer.

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Preparations are underway for our upcoming seconds sale on Saturday, June 29th, at our Madrona location.  Doors open at 8am!  I hope you will put it on your calendar if it’s not there already.  In addition to purchasing our less-than-perfect glassybaby at a discount, you will be helping to support a great cause:  The Kathi Goertzen Foundation.

I had the privilege of growing up with Kathi Goertzen, but not in the traditional sense. She didn’t live down the street from me, nor did we attend the same schools.  Rather, I invited Kathi into my home each evening to share with me what was going on in the world, and in my own community.  Whether the news was devastating or uplifting, I trusted Kathi to bring it to me.  I valued her journalistic talents and adored her sense of humor.  And like many living in Western Washington, my heart sank when I heard that she would be having surgery for a brain tumor.

Kathi’s subsequent 14-year journey taught me lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Her bravery, courage and selflessness survive her, along with an amazing husband and two talented daughters.  In August, it will be a year since she passed.  I still miss her.

Always one to think about others, Kathi started the Kathi Goertzen Foundation to inspire and support others dealing with brain tumors and brain cancer.  She believed that a cure was not only on the way, but right around the corner.  We are pleased to be donating 10% from our seconds sale to support the efforts of the Kathi Goertzen Foundation.

glassybaby + Urology Care Foundation

10% from the sale of each ‘wingman’ will be donated to the Urology Care Foundation to advance urologic research and promote men’s health

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‘wingman’ is a phrase that was coined to describe a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment.  Outside the context of flying, a ‘wingman’ is someone who watches your back and provides mutual support. Who couldn’t use a ‘wingman’ in their life?

June is National Men’s Health month and the perfect time to be a ‘wingman’ to the important men in your life:  dad, husband, brother, child or friend.  Most men do not seek out medical care, and many take better care of their cars than they do themselves!  Remind the men in your life that they need to be healthy, stay healthy and get regular medical check-ups.  To purchase ‘wingman’, click here.


glassybaby + dads & grads

It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate a classic Seattle rite of passage:  commencement at the University of Washington.

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With Husky Stadium still under construction, this year’s ceremony will take place at CenturyLink Field on June 15th.  To the graduates and the friends, family and faculty that accompanied them on this journey, we offer heart-felt congratulations!  We applaud your dedication and hard work.  We can’t wait to see where you direct your passion and talent.

Just in time to celebrate the dads and grads in your life, glassybaby will donate 10% from the sale of each ‘purple haze’ to the White Light fund at the University of Washington Medical Center.  Since 2003, The White Light Fund has been supporting many important facets of cancer care at the University of Washington—including The Living Well with Cancer Series and The Collegiana, a UW owned apartment hotel serving UW Medical Center patients and their families.  To purchase ‘purple haze’, click here.

glassybaby + Memorial Day

10% from the sale of each drinker will be donated to the
Department of Veterans Affairs to support the health care needs of veterans

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As we celebrate Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives in service to our country.   Amongst the activities that fill the first “official” weekend of summer, may you remember that there is a cost for the freedom we enjoy in these United States.  We are grateful to the men and women who were willing to pay the ultimate price.

To date, glassybaby has donated more than $78,000 to the VA Puget Sound Health Care System to support the health care needs of veterans.

glassybaby + The Humane Society

10% from the sale of each ‘purr’ and ‘wet dog’ will be
donated to the Humane Society of the United States

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It’s no secret that we love dogs at glassybaby.  At our Madrona studio and hotshop, every day is ‘bring your dog to work day’.  This workplace perk means that we share daily in the love and affection from a motley crew…some with pedigrees, but more from rescue shelters.  Recently, the cat lovers amongst us let out a collective sigh when one of our newest color glassybaby was christened, ‘purr’.

glassybaby has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States since 2010, and donated over $18,000 to support the efforts of the world’s largest animal protection organization.  10% from the sale of ‘purr’ and ‘wet dog’ will be used to support the Humane Society’s Emergency Services Program that rescues dogs and other animals from disasters or abusive situations, like puppy mills.

Unconditional love, entertainment, friendship, devotion, drool, fur and occasionally a bird or mouse; it is nearly impossible to describe all the gifts that our canine and feline pets bring to our lives.  Now you can select a ‘purr’ or ‘wet dog’ glassybaby and, until June 30th, you can include a personalized gift card to celebrate or pay tribute to a beloved pet.

glassybaby + UW School of Nursing

jane’s caramel

10% from the sale of each ‘jane’s caramel’ will be donated to the
University of Washington School of Nursing

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glassybaby took its light to the UW School of Nursing’s annual Nurses Recognition Banquet on May 8that Benaroya Hall. The banquet honors our community’s outstanding nurses and nurse leaders. Heartfelt congratulations to all of the honorees. If anyone deserves our recognition and appreciation, it is the nurses that tirelessly combine compassion and purpose to positively impact the lives of others.

glassybaby + Ben Towne Foundation


10% from the sale of each ‘cabo’ will be donated to
Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

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When Jeff and Carin Towne welcomed their first child, Benjamin Ward, into the world in the summer of 2005, they were overjoyed.  In the preciousness of their new baby lay the hope and wonder and limitless possibilities exemplified in a new life.  Ben grew into a fiercely determined, passionate, loving little boy.  Nothing could have prepared the family for Ben’s diagnosis of stage-4 high risk neuroblastoma shortly after his second birthday.  Ben underwent an intense course of treatment that included chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplant, radiation, anti-body therapy and more.  Ben was in remission in July of 2008, only to relapse catastrophically in October.  He died on December 30, 2008.

It’s hard to imagine anything more difficult than losing a child to cancer. Many parents, if faced with these circumstances, would have wanted to leave the realm of cancer and cancer treatment far behind them.  Jeff and Carin chose to channel their heartbreak and loss into something to help others.  They established Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Foundation to fund world-class research that will ultimately change the way childhood cancers are treated.  In the words of Carin Towne, “We will be a voice for pediatric cancer research — a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves.”  I think I know where Ben’s determination, passion and love came from.  Until there is a cure, please join us in the fight to end childhood cancer.  To purchase ‘cabo’, click here.