finding comfort in color, light, and music

Jennifer Kelly and her band members light glassybaby before every show

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We all have those certain things that just make us feel better when we’re down.  Whether it’s a childhood blanket, a cup of hot tea, a favorite movie or, my newest addition, glassybaby.  Relaxation is rare in times of stress or worry, but the light from a glassybaby, or several, has really helped soothe me recently and I know I’m not alone.

Not too long ago, Jennifer Kelly came into our Madrona store and connected with Andrea, one of our sales associates.  She ended up telling Andrea the story of her personal battle with breast cancer and how glassybaby has been a comfort.  Andrea was so touched by Jennifer’s story that she shared it with us and we wanted you to hear her story too.  In Andrea’s words:

“Before she got cancer, her passion was singing; however cancer changed her life and she was no longer able to sing like she used to. So she started writing music. Now that she is cancer-free and fully recovered, she is debuting her new album that she wrote. While she was writing her new album, she gifted glassybaby to her band members. The band decided as a whole that they wanted to bring their glassybaby to each show. Their production manager built little, special stands for each member’s baby. So before each show, they all light their glassybaby, gather around, take a moment and then enter the stage.”

We got in contact with Jennifer shortly after hearing her amazing story and she was kind enough to send us this spectacular photo of ‘happiness’ atop her amp.  Enjoy!