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a colorful language

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I always turn to glassybaby when my loved ones need a little pick-me-up and a dose oflight, hope and healing.  It has served as my go-to gift for birthdays, holidays and house-warming parties, but the opportunity to give glassybaby extends far beyond the obvious.

When you give glassybaby, you are given the opportunity to tell a story.  Our combination of colors and names really allows you to find a palette that complements any color scheme and signifies any emotion. We like to call it ‘colorful language’.

I recently heard of a few new ways to give glassybaby, so I wanted to share them with all of you.  One customer told a sales associate of her idea to give a drinker and a bottle of champagne to each of her friends as they celebrate their 21st birthdays, and our new list of drinker names makes this idea even more fun!  Whether you want to go with ‘fizz’ and ‘maraschino’ or ‘vodka’ and ‘vermouth,’ we’ve certainly got you covered.

I was also told of a woman who received glassybaby from all her friends at her bachelorette party.  With every glassybaby telling the story of each unique relationship between the bachelorette and her friends, I can’t think of a more memorable way to celebrate.

There’s always a good reason to give glassybaby, and we’d love to hear yours!