glassybaby seconds sale + The Kathi Goertzen Foundation

 glassybaby will donate 10% of all sales from our seconds sale on June 29th to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation to support their important mission to end brain tumors and brain cancer.

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Preparations are underway for our upcoming seconds sale on Saturday, June 29th, at our Madrona location.  Doors open at 8am!  I hope you will put it on your calendar if it’s not there already.  In addition to purchasing our less-than-perfect glassybaby at a discount, you will be helping to support a great cause:  The Kathi Goertzen Foundation.

I had the privilege of growing up with Kathi Goertzen, but not in the traditional sense. She didn’t live down the street from me, nor did we attend the same schools.  Rather, I invited Kathi into my home each evening to share with me what was going on in the world, and in my own community.  Whether the news was devastating or uplifting, I trusted Kathi to bring it to me.  I valued her journalistic talents and adored her sense of humor.  And like many living in Western Washington, my heart sank when I heard that she would be having surgery for a brain tumor.

Kathi’s subsequent 14-year journey taught me lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Her bravery, courage and selflessness survive her, along with an amazing husband and two talented daughters.  In August, it will be a year since she passed.  I still miss her.

Always one to think about others, Kathi started the Kathi Goertzen Foundation to inspire and support others dealing with brain tumors and brain cancer.  She believed that a cure was not only on the way, but right around the corner.  We are pleased to be donating 10% from our seconds sale to support the efforts of the Kathi Goertzen Foundation.