A ‘hudson’ for Finn

and a very happy 5th birthday!

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Remember when you turned five years old and all you wanted for your birthday was a brand new bike?  Or a Barbie?  Or maybe even your favorite game?  Well, for Finn’s fifth birthday celebration, all he wanted was a trip to the glassybaby Madrona location with his family.

Early last week, our hearts melted when Finn and his family came in on his birthday to see the glassybaby dogs and watch the glassblowers in action.  Unfortunately, all the dogs had gone home, but Finn and his little brother, Mac, watched the glassblowers in awe.   Finn’s parents had taken him to the University Village store several times, and upon being mesmerized by the video playing behind the counter, he made it his mission to come visit us.  He even picked out a beautiful ‘Hudson’ glassybaby as one of his birthday gifts.  What great taste!

Finn’s mother, Molly, wrote to us, via email, “[Finn] was so excited to watch the artists blow glass and everyday, it was a countdown to his ‘glassybaby birthday party.’  Thank you so much for helping to make his birthday a memorable one! He was over the moon!  We went to dinner across the street and, while devouring his macaroni and cheese, he said with a smile, ‘Isn’t this the best birthday ever?’  That’s all we could ask for.  Thanks again.”

That’s all we could ask for as well.  Thank you for visiting us and we would love to see you all again soon.  Happy birthday Finn!