happy homecoming

a brother’s return from Afghanistan is celebrated with glassybaby

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Our mission is to spread love, light, hope and healing around the world, so it’s always rewarding to see that become a reality, as I recently did.  Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful mother and daughter, Tina and Risala, at glassybaby in Madrona.  The Kansas natives were here to surprise their son/brother who had just returned home from Afghanistan and, having heard about glassybaby through a loved one, they decided they had to stop on by.

Risala explained, “We enjoyed immensely our visit to the glassybaby store. It was a wonderful way to commemorate the homecoming of my brother (my mom’s son). (…) Well, we LOVED the city!! As I mentioned above, my mother and I were in the city to surprise my brother at the welcome home ceremony of the 593rd Sustainment Brigade at Ft. Lewis, WA. The Family Readiness Liaison and command worked diligently with us to make this a wonderful surprise for my brother. He had been deployed for nine months to Afghanistan after a short return from Iraq.  We had heard about glassybaby votives from my partner, Glenda. When planning to leave for the trip, I asked her what she would like as a gift from Seattle. She told me of this beautiful story of hope and life and of how this woman’s victory over cancer had led to the creation of the glassybaby. Well, I could not get the power of the story out of my mind. I mentioned it to my mother and she, too, wanted to see this place in person. Once we took the tour and felt the love and life in the place, we knew that owning glassybaby to commemorate this time was perfect. My mother selected ‘studio 54’ and the one I selected for myself is ‘belle.’ I selected ‘hudson’ for Glenda. Now, we plan to exchange glassybaby at Christmas each year!”

Thank you for visiting us and sharing your story.  We hope you enjoyed your trip and we would love to see you both again!