heat waves

I just had the pleasure of spending this Memorial Day
weekend in Palm Springs, California with my boyfriend.

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It was so nice and relaxing, but best of all, HOT! The days averaged at about 96 degrees, a whopping 30 degrees hotter than our Seattle forecast. Being from Seattle, there’s something so rejuvenating about the dry desert heat. Maybe that’s why we get so many requests from our community for desert-named colors. We often hear our customers say things like “this reminds me of the desert”. ‘seattle sunset’ is a good example of this.
While on our way to El Paseo (the Rodeo Drive of Palm Desert), let’s just say things didn’t work out quite as we had planned. There we were, in Cathedral City, 97 degrees, on the side of the road waiting 45 minutes…yes, 45 minutes for the Westbound 111 bus. I could go into greater detail about why we were on the side of the road at 4pm in the desert waiting for a bus, but I’d rather talk about the fun stuff, like color. As I sat at the bus stop, right shoulder slowly burning, I stared off into the distance at the heat waves and started putting together a palette of desert colors in my head. I started thinking of burnt reds and oranges mixed with the layered natural earth tones. Colors like ‘seattle sunset’, ‘love’, ‘crush’, ‘butterscotch’, and the neutral sand-colored ‘beach’ made me think of that time of the day when the sun sets and the rich and vibrant colors bounce off the earth’s surface and back into the sky. Such a natural beautiful palette, I hope you enjoy.
At the end of the day, we never did make it to El Paseo, but that’s okay because memories were made (and money was saved ;)