I love gold

Just like neon and ombre are making big statements this year, so are metallics.

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Mike Meyer’s character Goldmember from the Austin Powers movies might hands down be one of my favorites. He was clearly ahead of his time with his love for gold.  Today, 11 years after the film’s release, it’s easy to spot sharp silvers and lustrous bronzes everywhere from skirts and handbags, to nail polishes and eye shadows.  We often get asked if we have glassybaby in gold, silver or even bronze tones.  Most metallic color bars tend to have an opaque quality that doesn’t give you that “glassybaby glow”, and what’s a glassybaby without color AND light? Fortunately we can work our color magic and create metallic palettes that would make the lovers of all-things-shiny happy :) I love this gold palette that lit the night at a recent award show party.

And check out these other metallic palettes in ‘silvers’ and ‘bronzes’