light and love shine from City by the Bay

On August 19th, we joined forces with glassybaby faithful, Trina Chow, to help raise money for the Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk, which will take place in San Francisco on September 28th through 30th.   Debra and Rae, our Seattle glassybaby contingent, traveled to the City by the Bay with over 400 glassybaby to sell at an event held at the Presidio Landmark.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone that turned out to support this very worthwhile cause. Over $1,200 was raised through event and online sales.

If you missed the roadshow, you can still support the 55-mile, 3-day walk, which will benefit three Bay area non-profit organizations providing services to low-income and under-served breast cancer patients.   For more information, go to

Many of the people attending the sale, including Trina, are members of the Warming Hut Hotties.   The “hotties”, as they like to call themselves, are a group of more than 1,000 men and women who recently celebrated their 10th year as a team.  Together they have walked, crewed, and volunteered in 40 multi-day fundraising events and raised over $2.9 million for the breast cancer cause.

glassybaby is planning another roadshow to San Francisco in December. Additional details will be forthcoming.  To Trina, the Warming Hut Hotties and everyone participating in the inaugural Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk, we’ll be thinking of you on the weekend of September 28th.  Thank you for choosing to make a difference.  You inspire us.



One thought on “light and love shine from City by the Bay

  1. Thank you, to all at glassybaby, for all of your support to our team, and for helping us raise money for the Immediate Impact Breast Cancer Walk. We have so many people on our team who are fans of glassybaby, and we all appreciate your philanthropy. You all inspire us as well!

    Thank you for spreading the word about our event, which is only 10 days away! We’re all very excited to walk, and to see what our total fundraising will be. So far, we have raised over $65,000!

    I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

    Much love to all of you,

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