muted moderns

bark, ankle deep, shade 51, chatham, devil dog

the perfect palette for a warm modern space

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One of the many reasons I love my job at glassybaby is the simple fact that I get to play with color all day. It’s become one of the easier parts of my job, but nothing that I take lightly. Every now and then I come across a task that puts up a good fight, something that really challenges the way I see and use color. This happened just the other week when I was asked to help put together a modern palette for a new condo. I almost didn’t know where to start; I was at a bit of a loss. Do I go green and get a clean, fresh and modern feel or do I go grey and achieve that ultra-modern, industrial look? Neither of these spoke to me. I understand the simplicity of modern design, but I don’t think you have to lose the warmth that color can bring to a space, modern or not.  And then one night at a dinner party I was totally inspired by the random colors in a centerpiece of frosted, ceramic votives. This was it! The perfect muted moderns for the condo. As anyone at glassybaby knows, you start to wear what I think of as “glassybaby goggles” where you see everything in glassybaby color. I was seeing my perfect muted moderns in a most unexpected place.

My glassybaby goggles never really come off, but I’m okay with that :)

Above is the modern mix I came up with, I like to call it ‘muted moderns’.  I think it’s the perfect palette for a modern space that gives you the warmth of glassybaby color that we all look for at the end of the day.