lighting the way home part 3: sisters find success



The Divas half-marathon at Long Island was Mary’s first-ever half marathon and a special way for her family to honor the memory of their dad, Jim, who passed from cancer 29 years ago on October 7th—the same date as the race.

The weather forecast for race day was miserable—rainy and very cold.   The sisters believe that something greater was working from above when the day dawned with cool temperatures, but bright sunshine.  In fact, the rain did not begin to fall until after the sisters had crossed the finish line.  They called it “love from above!”

Mary’s goals were to get in better shape, complete the half marathon and re-connect with her sisters, who found themselves on opposite sides of the country when Mary moved to Seattle in 1980.  Mary accomplished all three of her goals:  she definitely got in better shape, she completed the half-marathon, and she and her sisters have newfound appreciation for each other.

In Mary’s words:

“This experience was so much bigger than the actual half marathon.  It was so many little and big things—our unspoken connection, a common goal, family dinners, last minute training together, crossing the finish line with each other to the cheers of family and friends.  Truly amazing!  We are strong and united with each other, regardless of the geographic boundaries between us.”

glassybaby extends heartfelt congratulations to the O’Brien sisters for accomplishing their goals and honoring the memory of their dad!  Along with her running shoes, Mary’s carry-on bag included a collection of ‘sister’ glassybaby—one for each of her sisters.


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