ocean shores

People seem to be pretty relentless when it comes to talking about Seattle’s rainy, grey weather. Does it rain a lot? Of course. Is it grey a lot? Absolutely. But what we lose in the soggy grey, we gain the beauty of our own back yard.

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 Just a couple of hours southwest of Seattle lives a little seaside community known as Ocean Shores. I heard so much about this place growing up and this last weekend I finally got to see what the hype was all about.  We arrived to an unexpectedly hot and sunny afternoon.  As we pulled up to our hotel we followed a long and narrow road that lead us right up to the ocean shore, literally. I had never seen anything like this. Cars filled with families lined the entire beach. Some kids ducked and dodged chilly waves while others flew their kites high into the sky. It might not be the sandy beaches you typically think of, but this was one beach that people were certainly making the most of. It was Northwest beach bliss at its finest and I loved it!
Being a Seattle native, I know how quickly the weather can change and as the afternoon closed in, so did the clouds. Even though we missed what could have been an incredible sunset, we did get the calm close of night with an incredible pastel painted sky (please see above image). Simply beautiful. And a lovely matching palette of glassybaby I might add too :)