we’ve “fall”en and we can’t get up

fall is right around the corner (this sunday to be exact,) and you can practically feel it in the crisp seattle air. here at glassybaby madrona we’ve made the transition into what I think is the most beautiful palette of colors we have, the fall palette.

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don’t get me wrong, I love the bright pops of color in the summer and the soft and cozy shades of pastels in the spring, but there’s just something so special about our fall colors. maybe it’s the way that the rich browns play off of the deepest purples, or how lustrous copper tones in ‘hide & seek’ magically blend with the yellow green undertones of ‘greenlake.’ whatever it is, it works, and I love it.

outside of the fall palette card, which is a brilliant blend of 30 of our best fall colors, our fall sets are some of my other faves. with names like ‘extended family‘, ‘at the cabin‘, and ‘sowing the field‘, these combinations of colors are the definition of fall in my mind.

even though this is the season of change, it’s a change I’m happy to make. ¬†I hope you enjoy these fall colors as much as I do :)