Back to school

Well, it’s official.  The kids are back in school.  Even with our sunshine-filled days, there’s no mistaking fall is in the air.  The mornings are crisp.  The yellow school buses are back on the road.  Our Seattle sunsets are coming a bit earlier each day.

I always face this time of year with a mix of emotions.  I’m sorry to see the carefree (and homework free) days of summer end.  Late nights…kids in pjs wandering down to have breakfast at what, during the school year, would be lunchtime.   The relaxed days of summer lying before them, filled with endless possibilities.

On the other hand, I look forward to the structure that the school year imposes…and the opportunity for my kids to learn new skills and discover new passions.  It’s a time for new challenges and new adventures.

The house was eerily peaceful that first morning after dropping off my youngest son at middle school.  The cap was off the toothpaste; a couple of rejected shirts were strewn across his bed and there were cheerios on the dining room table.  He was looking forward to re-connecting with his bff after the summer had taken them in different directions.  He was NOT looking forward to being ankle deep in homework.

I remember the courage it took to leave my boys on their very first days of preschool.  My oldest marched into the classroom with barely a glance back at me.  I walked to my car teary-eyed and a tad rejected.  My younger son had a more interesting first day. Panic set in when he got to the front door of the school, so he decided he would spend the day outside of the building and promptly hooked a part of the pulley system of the flagpole to the belt loop on his pants!  For over two hours, he resisted the periodic urging of his teacher (and his mom) to come inside.  It wasn’t until she came out to tell him they were getting ready for snack time, that my son, a lifelong foodie, decided to venture into the classroom.

As a parent, sometimes it takes courage to let them go…and sometimes it takes courage to bring them home.  Wherever you are along the courage continuum, I wish you a year filled with new adventures and endless possibilities.  Do you have a first day of school story?

Until next time,