glassybaby + The Humane Society of The United States

10% from the sale of each ‘wet dog’ will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States

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Someone mentioned “the dog days of summer” yesterday.  Hearing that phrase, which many associate with the hottest and longest days of summer, I had to smile.  At glassybaby, we have our own definition for “the dog days of summer”.  In fact, we not only have the dog days of summer…we also have the dog days of fall, winter and spring!  Most every day we are fortunate to have some four-legged, furry guests in our showroom and hot shop.  Check out this recent visitor:

If this doesn’t elicit some serious puppy love, I don’t know what will!  Have you ever noticed that people resemble their dogs?  This owner even seems to have taken some fashion cues from his pooch.

We’re passionate about helping dogs and other animals through our partnership with The Humane Society of the United States.  The money we give is used to help animals in crisis—whether it is due to a natural disaster or human-created abusive situations like puppy mills.  To date, we’ve given more than $19,500 to support the nation’s largest animal protection agency.  To purchase ‘wet dog’, click here.  Enjoy the last days of summer–and may they be “dog days” of the glassybaby variety.


glassybaby + Obliteride

Through August 31st, 10% from the sale of each ‘crush’ will be donated to Obliteride, a community bike ride funding cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Less than a week ago, more than 700 riders (including virtual riders) and hundreds of volunteers came together in Seattle for the first ever Obliteride—a community bike ride created to fund cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  The weekend was filled with good music, delicious food, amazing stories and a collection of riders that chose between the 25-mile, 50-mile, 100-mile and 180-mile courses.  The sense of camaraderie and determination reminded us very much of our own glassybaby community.  In total, they’ve raised $1.46 million on the way to their goal of $2 million. This money raised will support research whose aim is to ‘crush’ cancer.  Through the end of August, you can purchase a ‘crush’ glassybaby and we will donate 10% from each sale to Obliteride.  To purchase ‘crush’, click here.