remembering company charlie

A few months ago, a woman came into the Bellevue store to purchase a couple of drinkers.  When I noticed that she was only looking at the charlie drinker, I told her it was one of my favorites, and also the first drinker I had ever purchased.  She told me that she loves its name, “charlie,” and keeps returning to the store to buy more.  She explained that her brother, who had served in “Company Charlie,”  had recently been killed in the line of duty in Iraq.  To her brother’s family and friends, this drinker now serves as something so much more than a glass.  It is a commemorative piece that they all own.  She also loves that 10%  from the sale of each drinker is donated to the Seattle Division of V.A. Puget Sound to support veterans who are battling cancer.  This Fourth of July, we imagine that you will be raising your charlie drinkers in remembrance.  At glassybaby, we gratefully acknowledge the cost of our freedom as we join you, your friends, and family, and celebrate your brother and those who have bravely served our country.