growing up glassybaby

Have you met Winchester, our newest glassybaby pup?  We were so taken with him, that we named a glassybaby drinker after him. (10% from the sale of each drinker will be donated to the Seattle Division of V.A. Puget Sound to support veterans battling cancer.) Winchester is now 16 weeks old and continues to steal the heart of anyone he meets.  Winchester is a Vizsla and belongs to Ryan, one of our most revered glassblowers.  If you liked “When Harry Met Sally” you will adore “When Ryan Met Winchester”.  What began as a friendship quickly blossomed into true love If ever there was a human-canine match made in heaven, it has to be this one.

It’s hard to determine who is most fortunate in this relationship:  Ryan for having found Winchester or Winchester for having found Ryan.  Because these two are mostly inseparable, you will often find Winchester hanging out in the Madrona store while Ryan uses his talent to craft molten glass into glassybaby.  There never seems to be a shortage of willing puppy sitters, myself included.

The job used to entail mostly oohing and ahhing as Winchester slept.  Now he has grown into a PUPPY in every sense of the word, and watching him is a bit like watching a very busy toddler…that’s downed a latte or two!  On a recent Sunday morning, Winchester found the basket where we keep our chocolate stash.  (A sweet treat for our customers.)  In just a few minutes time, he managed to pull the basket out from under our cash register table.  When I bent down to move the chocolates, he grabbed the end of the scarf I was wearing and pulled it out from around the collar of my jacket.  A minor chase ensued.  After retrieving my scarf, Winchester found a bagged tealight and began tossing it in the air.  Once I had the tealight back in my possession, a bee flew in window and Winchester began enthusiastically barking at it.  This all transpired in a little under five minutes!

After a nice long walk with Ryan, Winchester was, at last, ready for a nap.  As he slept, the most angelic expression played across his beautiful puppy face.   Every now and then his paws would twitch as if he were chasing something.  It got me thinking…what does Winchester dream about?  I think I know:

• Ryan

• Sleeping near the warmth of the hotshop furnace

• glassybaby

• Ryan

• Playing at the park

• Walking home from work with Ryan

• A good-smelling stick

• Ryan

• Stew for supper


Who can resist a good love story?


Until next time,