drink deep.

After several months of hard work, we are excited to finally be launching our drinkers with a whole new theme of names, revolving around actual beverages and drink components.  May we present to you ‘drink deep.’

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Over the years, people started using their glassybaby in more ways than one.  Aside from lighting them, customers, staff included, began drinking out of their glassybaby collections.  And so, the drinker was born.  Lee’s oldest son, Hector, wrote the perfect description of the drinker and how it came to be.

Long before the arrival of the drinker, Lee had always wanted to give back to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Having visited several times, she saw how underfunded they were and she wanted to help in a big way. From the day they were born, back in 2008, 10 percent from the sale of every, single drinker is donated to the Department of Veteran Affairs to support the basic daily health needs of our veterans.  Giving is the core mission at glassybaby, so it has been so rewarding for us to be involved with such an incredible organization.

The drinker can be used with both warm and cool liquids and can be rinsed in the top shelf of your dishwasher (although we recommend hand washing ). Like their glassybaby sibling, each and every drinker is hand blown with three layers of glass by our talented glass artists. With names ranging from ‘moo’ to ‘fresh squeezed’ to ‘fizz’ to ‘crème de cassis,’ and a variety of sets, there’s a drinker for everyone in your life.  We’re ready for you to peek through our entire collection, so come check them out!

drink deep.