the seconds sale shopper

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor sleep deprivation daunts this intrepid treasure hunter.  She’s up before the sun, with a latte in one hand, and a folding camp chair in the other, off to stake her claim in line.  A seasoned veteran, she is always prepared.  Her reusable market tote packed with every essential.  Water bottle?  Check.  Mini flashlight?  Check.  Strategically color categorized shopping list? Check and check.  It’s been six long months of waiting, but at long last, it’s here.

Yep, that’s right.  It’s time once again for the glassybaby summer seconds sale.  On Saturday June 30, almost 4000 glassybaby and drinker seconds will be available for purchase at our Mardrona store ($27 for glassybaby seconds, and $34 for drinker seconds).  10% of all revenue (a giving goal of over $10,000) from the sale will be donated to the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund at Swedish Medical Center.

If you happen to be a seconds sale rookie, here are some helpful hints to keep in mind:  Doors open at 8am, but the very first shoppers typically start queuing up several hours ahead of time.  (Last year one devoted husband even spent the night in his car so that his wife could be first in line!)  You don’t have to be in line before sunrise to get into the sale by any means, but obviously the earlier you are, the more seconds there will be to chose from.   It’s a good idea to bring a sturdy box or bag to carry your purchases home in, and a small flashlight or lighter are also helpful for a quick glassybaby glow test while you shop.

Simply put, the glassybaby seconds sale is just something which must be experienced to be believed.  We hope to see you there bright and early Saturday morning!