Seconds Sale First in Line Contest

win first place in line, round trip airfare, and a two night stay at Pan Pacific Hotel

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With just over a week until our seconds sale, I want you all to know about our Seconds Sale First in Line Contest before it’s too late.  Our seconds sale is known for drawing a line of people that wraps around the block and beyond.  We know it’s not ideal to camp out in front of our store, especially at this time of year, in order to be first in line, so we’ve come up with a solution.

The Seconds Sale First in Line Contest will grant one winner and a friend two places at the front of the line before doors open at 8 a.m.  Along with the joy of being first in line, we will fly you out here from any of the lower 48 states and provide a two-night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

In order for you to win this contest, we want to hear from you!  In 100 words or less, please explain why you deserve to win.  Do you have a special memory, story or simply a love for glassybaby?  Tell us about it.  Photos and videos are encouraged too.  Hurry up though!  The last day to submit an entry is tomorrow, Jan. 18.  The winner will be chosen by our founder, Lee Rhodes, and will be announced on Monday.  We can’t wait to hear from you!