blank slate

I often get asked to suggest colors for first-time gifts. How do you gift someone that you’ve maybe only met a handful of times?

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I love this challenge :) During the last holiday season I created the ‘starter kit,’ in my opinion, the perfect choice when you’re working with a blank slate. It has three of our best neutrals, ‘jane’s caramel,’ ‘friendship,’ and ‘hide and seek.’ There’s a universal appeal to these three colors that can give you peace of mind when sending a gift to someone you might know very little about. From the milky gradation of creams and purples in ‘friendship’ to the hypnotic glow of the red flame in ‘hide and seek;’ each one of these colors is unique, but as a whole, fit into so many different settings. That really can’t be said about many of our colors. So if you’re ever stuck at the moment of complete uncertainty, the ‘starter kit’ is a great jumping off point into the colorful (and sometimes daunting) world that is glassybaby. Enjoy :)