Where does a glassybaby come from?

It takes four glass artists, three layers of molten glass,
and two thousand degrees, to make
just one glassybaby.

Each and every glassybaby we make is made this way.
By skilled artists.  By hand.

If you’ve ever visited our Madrona studio and hot shop, you’ve likely seen this complex, finely choreographed production process in action.  You’ve likely also seen customers with their noses practically pressed up against the window to the hot shop floor, enthralled by the flurry of activity taking place.  And who can blame them?  It can be absolutely entrancing to watch how effortlessly these artists, twirl, shape, and cut molten glass.

The passion and dedication that these artists put into their work is a big part of what makes each glassybaby special, unique, and truly one of a kind.

On Monday our hot shop will close for routine maintenance, but we’re taking the opportunity to bring the most important part of our shop to you!  Monday August 27 through Sunday September 16* members of our talented glass blowing team will be in all of our glassybaby stores to answer questions about their work, and offer a little insight as to where a glassybaby really comes from.

Meet Mike and Alyssa, two of the glassblowers that will be visiting our stores over the next two weeks.

Mike has been with glassybaby for over 5 years.  He first started back at our original hot shop in the Greenlake neighborhood.  Since then, he too has done just about every job there is to here as a glassblower.  Mike grew up seeing glass art occasionally, and it always piqued his interest.  So when his high school began offering classes in his Junior year, he jumped at the chance.  After working with glass first hand, he was sold.  After high school, Mike returned to glassblowing in 2006 and has been at it ever since!

Like many of our glass blowers, Alyssa is a talented, trained artist with years of experience in the art of glass blowing.  She first began blowing glass seven years ago when she saw memo for a class being offered at Anderson University in Indiana.  After just one class, Alyssa fell in love with fluidity and versatility of the medium, and she decided to change her major in order to pursue a fine arts degree in glass.  Alyssa has been with glassybaby for the last 4 and a half years, doing everything from overlaying color to hand shaping and trimming glassybaby.  She is a veritable fountain of glassybaby production knowledge.

If you’ve ever wondered, well… anything there is to know about how a glassybaby is born, these are two fantastic people to ask!


*excluding Tuesday 8/28, Saturday 9/1, Tuesday 9/4 at our Bellevue location & Monday 9/3 in all stores.