‘creamsicle’ sunset

A glassybaby “faithful follower and collector” recently sent us an image of the most beautiful sunset off the Palos Verdes Coast in Southern California. She appropriately called it a CREAMSICLE SUNSET. It’s a perfect match to one of our all-time favorites, ‘creamsicle’! If you haven’t seen it before, you m-u-s-t check it out. It’s unique coral stripe hugs the soft white glassybaby in all the right places. Simply divine.

I used to think that my “glassybaby goggles” were only worn by those who worked at glassybaby and see the colors everyday. Well I was wrong. It turns out that our community also wears them, and wears them well if I don’t say so myself!

Color inspiration surrounds us every day. Were you recently inspired by something that reminded you of your favorite glassybaby color?  Please send it our way, we’d love to share:) email: photoblog@glassybaby.com