color personified


“The feeling that a person gives me that I cannot say in words comes in colors and shapes.”

-Georgia O’Keefe

Color is a language all it’s own.  Unique in it’s ability to express even the most complex or intangible things.  A memory, an emotion, a mood.  At glassybaby, we live and breathe color everyday, and it doesn’t take very long before you can’t help but see everything in terms of shades, hues, and palettes… even people.  When I think about the people I know, certain colors just seem to spring up in my mind.  They aren’t necessarily favorite colors, or the colors they wear or decorate their homes with.  It’s the colors they are.  The color of their laugh, their charisma, their personality.  It’s difficult to explain, but easier to see.


This is my mom:

This is my dog:

This is the friend who I know I can call no matter what, even at 2am:

This is the friend who keeps me calm in the face of chaos:

This is the friend who believes in even my wildest day dreams:

How do the people you know and love bring color to your life?