glassybaby + Obliteride

10% from the sale of each ‘crush’ will be donated to Obliteride, a community bike ride funding cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Do you remember your first crush?  I do.  Now that I’m married, I tend to crush more on objects and colors than people.  (I suspect my husband will be happy to hear this!)  Lately, I’ve been crushing on the color orange.  I find that orange is an instant mood lifter and energizer.  It’s the accent color in my living room and the color of my newest raincoat. I even have a collection of orange drinkers that I use daily.  I love that burst of color on my kitchen table…especially on a rainy Seattle morning.  Just try staying sleepy in the company of orange drinkers (or glassybaby).

A few months ago, I began noticing the color orange on some famous Seattle buildings and landmarks.  Turns out that “painting the town orange” was central to the promotion of Obliteride, a new, community-wide effort to accelerate lifesaving cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Obliteride will culminate in a fundraising bike ride August 9th-11th that will be quintessentially Northwest.  To support Obliteride, and the efforts of Fred Hutch to end cancer, we are pleased to introduce the ‘crush’ glassybaby.  It’s a beautiful, vivid orange that gives 10% back to Obliteride.  Since 2007, glassybaby has donated more than $100,000 to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Join the community determined to ‘crush’ cancer.  To purchase ‘crush’, click here.


glassybaby + The Humane Society

10% from the sale of each ‘purr’ and ‘wet dog’ will be
donated to the Humane Society of the United States

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It’s no secret that we love dogs at glassybaby.  At our Madrona studio and hotshop, every day is ‘bring your dog to work day’.  This workplace perk means that we share daily in the love and affection from a motley crew…some with pedigrees, but more from rescue shelters.  Recently, the cat lovers amongst us let out a collective sigh when one of our newest color glassybaby was christened, ‘purr’.

glassybaby has partnered with the Humane Society of the United States since 2010, and donated over $18,000 to support the efforts of the world’s largest animal protection organization.  10% from the sale of ‘purr’ and ‘wet dog’ will be used to support the Humane Society’s Emergency Services Program that rescues dogs and other animals from disasters or abusive situations, like puppy mills.

Unconditional love, entertainment, friendship, devotion, drool, fur and occasionally a bird or mouse; it is nearly impossible to describe all the gifts that our canine and feline pets bring to our lives.  Now you can select a ‘purr’ or ‘wet dog’ glassybaby and, until June 30th, you can include a personalized gift card to celebrate or pay tribute to a beloved pet.

glassybaby + Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

10% from the sale of each ‘goodness’ will be donated
to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

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glassybaby is pleased to announce a new glassybaby color that gives back to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA).  The vision behind SCCA, founded in 2001, was to turn cancer patients into cancer survivors by bringing together the research and treatment of doctors and scientists from three renowned institutions: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s. 

You might say we are tickled pink about the choice of color and its new moniker:  a beautiful, light pink named ‘goodness’.  My friends and family will readily attest to my love of all things pink.  I think it started with the fluffy clouds of cotton candy, riding high atop a white paper cone that were a rare and treasured treat of childhood.  Many years later, pink is my go-to color for clothing, lipstick, running shoes, stationery and even ice cream.  When I’m literally “in the pink”, I’m feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world.  Join me in supporting a great color for a great cause.  To purchase ‘goodness’, click here.

- Mary

gifts from the heart

The Valentine Delivery Squad and Michelle Chattin, glassybaby Director of Partnerships and Ridge Lanning, glassybaby Madrona sales.

happy valentine’s day

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Imagine our delight when two adorable kindergartners from St. Therese Catholic Academy stopped by our Madrona store with a hand-made Valentine!  In fact, the entire neighborhood is decked-out in these made-with-love gifts.  Each time I see one hanging in a store window, I can’t help but smile.

We did some gift giving of our own recently.  Thanks to a generous glassybaby community and an amazing December, we presented some of the largest giving checks in our history.  Northwest Harvest was the recipient of a check in the amount of $14,537!  We were overwhelmed with gratitude when we learned that this money will provide 66,000 meals!  Those meals were made possible through the amazing work of Northwest Harvest and your generosity.  Two gifts from the heart, for sure!

Left to right: Michelle Chattin, glassybaby Director of Partnerships; Deborah Squires, NW Harvest Director of Community Engagement; Mary Batterson, glassybaby Giving Manager; and Emily Burkland, glassybaby Customer Service.



a December to remember

thank you to our incredible glassybaby community

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At glassybaby, we love the idea of a new year filled with possibilities and fresh opportunities to further our mission of giving.  Each month, we write checks to our giving partners based on the previous month’s sales.   Thanks to our incredible glassybaby community, it was a December to remember.

Our December sales allowed us to write some amazing checks to our giving partners last week.  In total, we gave away $146,643.28!  Of course, none of that would have happened without you.  If you purchased a glassybaby in December, you helped make these checks possible.  We are so grateful to you for your support.

We’ll be featuring stories about our giving partners in the coming months, highlighting how and where they use the money we give them.  Please join us in our efforts to raise and donate “one million more”.  We can’t think of a better way to start the New Year.


remembering company charlie

A few months ago, a woman came into the Bellevue store to purchase a couple of drinkers.  When I noticed that she was only looking at the charlie drinker, I told her it was one of my favorites, and also the first drinker I had ever purchased.  She told me that she loves its name, “charlie,” and keeps returning to the store to buy more.  She explained that her brother, who had served in “Company Charlie,”  had recently been killed in the line of duty in Iraq.  To her brother’s family and friends, this drinker now serves as something so much more than a glass.  It is a commemorative piece that they all own.  She also loves that 10%  from the sale of each drinker is donated to the Seattle Division of V.A. Puget Sound to support veterans who are battling cancer.  This Fourth of July, we imagine that you will be raising your charlie drinkers in remembrance.  At glassybaby, we gratefully acknowledge the cost of our freedom as we join you, your friends, and family, and celebrate your brother and those who have bravely served our country.