glassybaby one of a kindness

what is the “perfect” glassybaby?

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When I first started working here, I was so picky when it came to selecting my own glassybaby to purchase.  They had to be the perfect height, the perfect size and the perfect shape.  After a year and half here, my perception has thoroughly changed.  I am now almost the exact opposite of my former self when it comes to glassybaby.

I’m sure several of you have a picture in your head of the “perfect” glassybaby, but the important thing to realize is that each of these pictures is unique and different from the next.  I now see beauty in little imperfections and in the characteristics that make each glassybaby unique.

As quality control manager, I determine which products are firsts and which are seconds.  I have a list of 20-plus reason codes for the seconds.  Everything, from bubbles to tool marks to dirt, is on this list and we’re sure to check for them all when lighting and evaluating each glassybaby.

When I find one that is ridden with bubbles, I instantly mark it as a second.  However, when I find one that has a few bubbles, which allow the inner light of the candle to glow outward, I can’t help but find that beautiful.  Or when the overlay is a little bit off in ‘Dijon’ and the striping is more pronounced than usual, I get excited at the idea of who’s going to be lucky enough to find that one.  And when ‘Hudson’ has a black base, which is highly unusual, I have to show all my coworkers.

My point is that all these “imperfections” are inherent to glassblowing and the production of glassybaby.  Every single glassybaby you purchase is a handmade piece of artwork.  No two are the same.  We love that and we hope you do too.