summer of love

There’s something about the warm weather that seems to make everyone a little bit happier. A little bit more loving. Or maybe that’s just how it seems in the Pacific NW.

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 When you spend the majority of your year in grey weather, the slightest hint of summer sun seems to bring out the best in people. We rise earlier, we stay up later. It’s one of the best times of the year to visit a place like Seattle, it’s truly stunning. It’s like the long months of grey and rain are all worth it because the lush greens of the trees and bright pops of color in the flowers are at their best. At times I feel like I’m seeing things in some sort of Blue-ray vision because everything is so sharp and crisp.  
Summer is also the season of love; new love, old love, all love really :) It’s as if all of our worries are washed away by the magnetic and healing power of the summer warmth. A couple of years ago I created a set named ‘summer of love’.  I feel like it captured two of the best things about summer…love and bright colors. I hope you enjoy.



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