capturing light & life

Many of us have caught fireflies in a jar.  And if we didn’t, we dreamed we could.
The idea of capturing fireflies, seeing them light up the jar brings joy.

Is it the light? Is it the life? Is it participating in the ultimate summer fantasy?  I think it is holding light in our hands.  For just a little bit, owning that energy and happiness.

Recently, a friend of mine was selling her house.  Like me, she caught the
“glassybaby bug” and has feathered her nest with a variety of glassybaby.
She loves and values the energy and emotion glassybaby invokes in us
and shares with those that come in contact with them; the people
we welcome and embrace in our most intimate setting… our home.

In the current housing market, as we know, selling a house can be daunting.
But I found one of the offers she received very interesting.  An offer was written
to include seven of her glassybaby.  No kidding, the offer had a stipulation
that she leave seven of her glassybaby.  We are not sure why seven
and we aren’t even quite sure which seven.  She didn’t accept the
offer but the term of this contract stayed with me.

The realtor thought this a strange request.  I did too at first.  But the more I thought
about it, the more I understood.  The potential buyer wasn’t really reacting to
the seven glass votives.  The potential buyer was trying to capture the life
and light in the house… the essence of the home my friend
had created.  The essence conveyed in these
colorful, joyous glassybaby.

I get it. I bet you get it too.  Creating that place.  That place you want to be,
that those you love, love.  A place where glassybaby is at home…
where glassybaby is home.

spring is here

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere March 20th is the first day of spring.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere you have to wait until September 22.  It’s because the earth is round, it tilts and sometimes we’re closer to the sun than at other times.  That’s how I understand it and I think you could repeat that theory at a cocktail party, but I’m not sure I would use it in a term paper. Anyhoo, think birds, flowers, sunshine, melting snow and rushing rivers.  When Lee first decided to name glassybaby, many of the names she came up with were ‘springish’; bark, grass, hidden moss, new fern, rich beautiful colors that are still popular today. I think for her it stemmed from the comfort of being grounded and the hope of renewal— that no matter what happens, we can always start again, dig deep, reach for the sun… and bloom.  Happy spring.  xo Debra