Another beautiful drinker day is here!  And today’s picture features most of my favorites.  With our new drinker names, any combination of drinkers forms an interesting concoction.  Today’s post includes, from left to right, ‘valerie,’ ‘hops,’ ‘on the rocks,’ ‘single malt’ and ‘cola.’  Enjoy!

I used to be much more of a neutrals fan when it came to grouping my glassybaby.  Over time, however, I’ve become much more intrigued by throwing in some brights here and there.  And during the warmer seasons, I’m especially inclined to pair brights with brights, as seen here.  From left to right: ‘robin hood,’ ‘seattle sunset’ and ‘cabo.’  Enjoy!

I love different variations of greens and blues, especially when there’s a bright and springy green paired with a deeper blue.  These two colors complement each other so well; I can’t help hoping to see this color scheme floating around on some summer pieces this season.  Please enjoy ‘forever’ and ‘imagine.’