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what is the “perfect” glassybaby?

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When I first started working here, I was so picky when it came to selecting my own glassybaby to purchase.  They had to be the perfect height, the perfect size and the perfect shape.  After a year and half here, my perception has thoroughly changed.  I am now almost the exact opposite of my former self when it comes to glassybaby.

I’m sure several of you have a picture in your head of the “perfect” glassybaby, but the important thing to realize is that each of these pictures is unique and different from the next.  I now see beauty in little imperfections and in the characteristics that make each glassybaby unique.

As quality control manager, I determine which products are firsts and which are seconds.  I have a list of 20-plus reason codes for the seconds.  Everything, from bubbles to tool marks to dirt, is on this list and we’re sure to check for them all when lighting and evaluating each glassybaby.

When I find one that is ridden with bubbles, I instantly mark it as a second.  However, when I find one that has a few bubbles, which allow the inner light of the candle to glow outward, I can’t help but find that beautiful.  Or when the overlay is a little bit off in ‘Dijon’ and the striping is more pronounced than usual, I get excited at the idea of who’s going to be lucky enough to find that one.  And when ‘Hudson’ has a black base, which is highly unusual, I have to show all my coworkers.

My point is that all these “imperfections” are inherent to glassblowing and the production of glassybaby.  Every single glassybaby you purchase is a handmade piece of artwork.  No two are the same.  We love that and we hope you do too.


A catalyst for change – The Junior League of Seattle

The Junior League of Seattle is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.  Each year, Junior League members contribute more than 60,000 hours of volunteer service to the Seattle community, and positively impact the lives of more than 9,000 children.

We are very proud to announce our partnership with the Junior League
of Seattle, and introduce our newest giving set ‘catalyst.’


10% from the sale of each ‘catalyst’ set will be donated to the Junior League of Seattle in support of community programs that empower women and children.

Enter the promo code ‘catalyst’ with your online order between
September 18 and 25, and glassybaby will donate 10% from
your entire purchase to the Junior League of Seattle.

pools, mermaids and act-of-God swimsuits


When I was growing up, a swimming pool was a very alluring and coveted item.  There was a house several blocks away from ours that had an in-ground pool, and when I would walk past, I could hear laughter and happiness rising up and spilling over the top of the fence.  The fence had tiny spaces between the slats, and my big brother and I would look longingly through the gaps and imagine how wonderful our lives would be if only we had a swimming pool.  Convincing our parents was an argument we never won.

I was putting out a row of ‘pool’ glassybaby in our Madrona store last week and it’s gorgeous blue color got me thinking about pools, mermaids and act-of-God swimsuits.

I take a water aerobics class at a local health club.  On Friday mornings, our class is followed by toddler swimming lessons.  It is always fun to see the future swimmers come out of the dressing rooms and parade past us on the way to the shallow end.  Last week there was a boy with a superman swimsuit, a cape, a facemask, snorkel, water wings and flippers.  I don’t know how he managed to walk with all that gear on, let alone swim!

Next came two four-year-old girls, arm in arm.  One had on sunglasses, even though it was an indoor pool (a slave to glamour despite her young age.)  These two were so proud of their swimsuits. They were both one-piece suits; one had a lovely tutu that bounced as the little girl pranced along the pool deck.  When the duo walked passed, you could plainly see that one of the girls’ suits had taken a dangerous turn northward in a most critical area.  She was completely oblivious to her wardrobe malfunction and wasn’t the least bit self-conscious of her slightly rounded belly, or exposed backside; she was just thrilled to be at the pool in what she believed was a stunning outfit.  When they got close to where I was standing, I told them, “You two look like little mermaids!”  They giggled and smiled from ear to ear.  Their unbridled enthusiasm was infectious.

I couldn’t help but compare their enthusiasm for their swim attire to my reluctance at the thought of being seen in public in a swimsuit.  Few things in life are more fear inducing!  Which brings me to those act-of-God swimsuits.  Have you seen them?  If you are in the market for a one-piece suit that actually covers critical areas your body, you’ve no doubt seen these suits that promise to instantly make you look ten pounds lighter.  The first time I tried one on, I thought the act-of-God was getting INTO the suit.  As it turns out, an act-of-God is actually what it takes to get OUT of the suit once it is wet!   After much struggle and an almost dislocated shoulder, I came to the realization that the act-of-God swimsuit is probably not intended to get wet!

I hope the waning days of your summer are filled with unbridled enthusiasm…and if you don’t have a swimming pool, or an act-of-God swimsuit, you can always light a ‘pool’ glassybaby. (No dislocated shoulder or act-of-God required.)  These handmade votives make a lovely end of summer gift for a friend or for yourself.

Until next time,