building community at the Relay for Life

“When you’re sick, the best thing to do is build a community and the best way to do that is to have something to build it around…glassybaby is an object but it’s also a community that we all love and share.” – Lee Rhodes, glassybaby founder.

This photo of Debra, Kristine and Lee was taken at the 2003 Relay for Life in Greenlake, Seattle, Washington. We look a little blurry… in part because of the photo, but mostly because we were walking all night for a great cause.  It was a little chilly and rainy, very Seattle. As the day faded into night we lit the colors greenlake, grass, and happiness by our tent, they stood as beacons of hope and a welcoming light each time we did another lap around the track. I like the way we’re leaning into Kristine, she’s skinny and she gets cold, so we have to watch out for her. x Debra

‘happiness’ + Gilda’s Club NYC

goodwill is the foundation of glassybaby
each glassybaby sold helps spread healing, light, and hope.

10% from the sale of each ‘happiness’ glassybaby
is donated to Gilda’s Club NYC.

Gilda’s Club NYC supports the running of programs, networking groups,
lectures, workshops, and social events at the clubhouse free of
charge for patients and families battling cancer.