the new year is finally here…

…and with it the opportunity for new beginnings and change.

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The New Year is finally here and along with it comes the opportunity for new
beginnings and change. Buried beneath the champagne toasts, the party hats
and all the celebratory parties is the pressure of a New Year’s resolution. It’s not
creating one that’s problematic; it’s trying to stick to that resolution that usually
leaves us feeling disappointed and defeated. So, why not come up with a New Year’s resolution that you can actually uphold?

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to give back more, as I’m sure a lot of you do too.  I also tell myself that I’ll finally finish decorating my room, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen. Basically, I need to decorate.

When I discovered glassybaby a couple years ago, I was so excited because I had found a product that did it all. A votive holder, a beautifully colored glasswork and a fine piece of art, glassybaby is all-in-one décor that everyone can use. With all different colors and the one of-a-kind characteristic each hand-blown glass votive has, glassybaby will simultaneously fit in and stand out among everyone’s home décor.

glassybaby donates 10 percent from all sales to different organizations; several of them give back to cancer patients. Every glassybaby purchase helps someone in need. And you can help too. Some of my favorite giving sets for the New Year are ‘a new day,’ ‘discovery,’ ‘catalyst’ and ‘inspired by you.’ Any one of these sets will warm up your home and brighten your décor.

Regardless of your resolution, we wish you a happy new year and hope to see you soon!


Introducing Jordan

new voice of the forever glassybaby blog

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Hello glassybaby friends and family,

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be joining the blog team in writing posts for all of you to read and connect with glassybaby this year. I can’t wait to hear from all of you and learn your stories, but first, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Jordan and I’ve been working with glassybaby for one year and three months. I began working in the store, but after a year, I transitioned to the position of quality control manager.

Now, my journey with the blog is beginning and I must admit that I’m both excited and nervous. As a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in journalism, I’m very passionate about writing and editing. I hope you will share your stories with me so I can incorporate them into the blog and spread the glassybaby story around the world.

We’re looking forward to a wonderful year, so please join us along the way!

Thank you for reading,