“love at first sight”

A note from Susan, one of the glassybaby faithful:

It’s funny the things that make an impression on us and we remember clearly, forever.  We expect this from major life events like weddings, births, deaths, first kiss, first love or first heartbreak.  But it is also the unexpected events which happen to us that at the time don’t seem like a big deal but stay with us always.  As if in that moment our subconscious knows we are experiencing something special, something that starts us down a new path.  A path we may not know has changed until we start to glimpse a destination new and unexpected.

For me, one of these was the day my new friend Debra took me to her friend Lee’s home. I remember being entranced by Lee, a girl crush in the making.  Cute curly hair, big smile and energy both innocent and wise at the same time.  They took me through her beautiful home and into her garage where they introduced me to glassybaby.

I remember pink, red, yellow, orange and white.  They were a special secret hidden away in a little garage, lit only by the sunshine coming in from the raised garage door.  In my mind’s eye, moats of dust float in the Seattle sunlight and the babys wink at me from their crude shelves.

Most likely there were only a few colors, it was probably a gloomy Seattle day and the door was probably closed.  But the magic that is glassybaby took hold of me that day, drawing me in and rearranging my reality.

Since then I have acquired quite a few.  They live in an antique secretary by my front door and are the basis for much of my decorating and self expression.  I pull them out based on the season..but more importantly how I am feeling about the season.  Right now, as I try and immerse myself in the carefree-ness of summer I have a big group of green on the table behind my couch.  They range from light yellow greens to true grass greens to deep forest greens.  A small group of yellow, white and pink sit beyond the green on the dining room table.  For me it is like looking across the summer lawn at the pretty flowers thriving in the sunny beds.

That makes me feel like summer, that makes me happy and that is the magic of glassybaby.



glassybaby Founder, Lee Rhodes to Speak at Blogfest 2012 in NYC

Lee will be one of the keynote speakers at Blogfest On Design 2012, which is being held in New York from May 21st-23rd.  Blogfest is a three-day tour designed exclusively for interior design bloggers featuring the industry’s top shelter magazines, A-list design celebrities and breathtaking venues.  Lee’s topic is “The Impact of Color and Light” and she will deliver her remarks today, May 23rd.  Here are a few excerpts from her speech:

“Color is one of the most powerful tools that designers have at their disposal.  The reason for this is simple:  as humans, we respond to color on both a physical and an emotional level.  As a result, color is nearly impossible to ignore.  Light is another element available to designers.  Light affects more than just our mood—many of our biological rhythms take their cues from light.  The impact of color and light, when they are combined, is something far greater than either element by itself.  I have experienced the transformative affect of color and light firsthand.”

“There was something about the color and flickering light of a glassybaby that brought me peace and hope at a time when both were difficult to come by.  When you’re fighting cancer, or any serious illness, there is a constant soundtrack of ‘what ifs” running through your mind.  glassybaby took me away from that.  It nourished and restored my soul.”

“Even with my early success, I can’t tell you how many people told me that my product and my company wouldn’t work.  Many doubted that I could hand-make a product in the USA; others doubted that I could be successful with a single product; still others questioned my decision to give a portion of revenue away.  All of these people underestimated the power of color and light.  I knew I had something special because you can’t help but look at a glassybaby and feel something.”

As bright and unwavering as the glow from a glassybaby, is the amazing community that has grown up around them.  glassybaby isn’t about selling a product.  It’s about selling an experience and an emotional connection that defy explanation.  A glassybaby becomes what people need it to be:  A form of celebration, a means to heal, a way to honor someone, a simple way to bring beauty into everyday life.”

“Not only did our customers take glassybaby to heart, they took our mission to heart.  They made it their own.  Our community literally grew flame-by-flame, story-by-story.  Our customers are our greatest ambassadors and marketing people.  We share so much more than a product:  we share an emotional connection created around color and light and a burning desire to help others.”

We are so proud of Lee and grateful for the opportunity to share the glassybaby story with design bloggers from across the country.