There is Hope for Love!



A couple recently visited our Bellevue glassybaby store to select a gift in celebration of their 38th wedding anniversary! They chose the warm color of friendship, mostly because they loved the name. Over the years, glassybaby has not only lit up their home, but has also provided a creative means of communication. The wife, Jill, shared that when she and her husband were in the middle of an argument, she returned home from work to see a note using the two glassybaby colors hope and love. Along with the glassybaby was this message: “There still is HOPE for LOVE.”

Our HOPE for this LOVEly couple is that their 38 years of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP continue to grow. Thank you for including glassybaby in the celebration of your life together!

capitol love


So much glassybaby love in D.C. this weekend.  It was an all white decor wedding and glassybaby were invited.  The ceremony and reception sites overlooked the city.  ‘hope‘, ‘cream‘ and ‘sheer cream’ were glowing white light with the U.S. Capitol in the background and ’baby’ matched the cherry blossom branches on the chupah. Mazel tov and warm wishes to the bride and groom!

debbie hits the road

Sometimes we plan road shows to see sites we’ve never seen, or taste food we’ve never eaten, but our favorite way to plan a road show is to visit the people we love and who love us back.

glassybaby Road Show 101

1.  We pack up hundreds of glassybaby into “debbie” (our nickname for the glassybaby van), drive to your town, meet you and yours, and become best friends.

2.  Unload debbie and throw a party… at your house, your barn, a restaurant, your club, or local event space. Think tables filled with glassybaby aglow as you mingle with your friends enjoying sweet background music and videos of our very own glassblowers making glassybaby by hand in our Seattle studio.

3.  Party goers then get to choose from hundreds of glassybaby, and 10% of the night’s sales go back to the charity of your choice.

4.  As the evening winds down, we clean up, pack debbie, hug goodbye, you promise to visit us in Seattle, and we thank you endlessly for the chocolate and potato chips you graciously give us for the road trip home.

Sound fun? Email us at and let us know why we should come to your town, and how we can make a difference by giving back to a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

See you on the road!

xo glassybaby