innocent brilliance

Celebrating moms with glassybaby has become quite a trend,
a trend that we are very fortunate to be a part of.

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 Year after year we see the same top sellers with names like ‘mom’, ‘angel’, ‘gratitude’ and ‘courage’. But during a visit to our Bellevue store this week, Mrs. Pam Jenness, our fabulous Bellevue store manager and Rentals Coordinator, shared some interesting information with me that made me think that these trends might be changing. We have a natural tendency to gravitate towards gifts that say something about the qualities that make our moms so special to us; their courage, their strength, their unconditional love. But what about the people and things that inspire these qualities? The children, the husbands, the family pets. Children make great shopping companions when shopping for a glassybaby. Instead of typical colors, they go for unexpected colors with names that say something about the people and things that make our moms so wonderful, the people and things that allow our moms to demonstrate these unique qualities that they possess. They gravitate towards names like ‘wet dog’, ‘sister’, ‘brother’, and ‘dad’. You might say it’s a backwards way of thinking about Mother’s Day gifting, but I believe that anything from a child’s mind, in its most pure form, is the best way to tell her thank you. I’d like to call it ‘innocent brilliance’. These colors are not only brilliant in their unique names, they also happen to look fabulous together (see below). So for next time around, I will be sure to note these new and unexpected colors as a part of our Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

To all mother’s, happy belated mother’s day from the entire glassybaby family.



I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day on this Monday afternoon.  Spring is here in full force and I love it!  The flowers are in bloom and the sun is beaming down on us.  Pictured here: ‘peony,’ ‘believe‘ and ‘cabo.’

 Hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous day!