Oh, how I love you, neon!

Can you really refer to something as “just a trend” if it makes a fabulous comeback?

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From bellbottoms to Keds and blunt bangs to wingtip sunglasses, these trends have all come back from their once doomed fates and are looking better than ever. And much to my delight, so has neon! I’m in love with the bright pops of color I see everywhere, on skinny jeans, nails, and even the tips of our favorite ballet flats. It’s the perfect little pick-me-up in a city often back-dropped in gray.

When customers are looking for a great grouping of brights, it’s no wonder that I always circle back to my favorite “neon” colors like ‘chartreuse’, ‘sorry’, and ‘canary’. Oh, how I love you, neon! You are one trend that I don’t mind seeing again and again.