2012 Summer Olympics Conclude

The 2012 Summer Olympics concluded Sunday night with a closing ceremony that was part rock concert, part light show and part theatrical production.  It seemed a fitting tribute to an amazing two-week display of the world’s top athletes who came to perform on a world stage that had been erected in and around London.  We watched the games on televisions and big screens, on tablets and mobile phones.  Though we were nearly 5,000 miles away from the action, we collectively held our breath, watched in wonder, shed tears of disappointment and cheered raucously.  We were mesmerized by the sheer physical prowess of the athletes, by their determination and sacrifice and by the fractions of a second that determined the medal winners.

Over the course of 300 events and 32 different sports, we were able to witness history in the making.   The Olympics always remind me that we have more in common with people of the world than we realize. The drive to be the best in an athletic endeavor is a universal language.   The courage and grace to rise and try again in the face of disappointment, needs no translation.  Whether an athlete came from a large country or a small country and whether they went home victors or not, their Olympic hopes all started with the same thing:  a dream.

That dream was pursued with single-mindedness and undying commitment.   What’s your dream?  What are you willing to do to make it come true?

Until next time,