glassybaby + Stand Up To Cancer

glassybaby will donate to Stand Up To Cancer 10% of the purchase
price from the sale of each ‘shine’ from now through July 1, 2014.

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This Is Where The End Of Cancer Begins.

That’s the promise and the premise behind Stand Up To Cancer, a charity launched in 2008 by the Entertainment Industry Foundation, whose goal is to raise funds to accelerate the groundbreaking research necessary to end cancer. We are proud to announce a new glassybaby that gives back to Stand Up To Cancer: ‘shine’.  In addition to our single giving color, we also have a ‘stand up’ set:  ‘shine’, ‘joy’ and ‘taxi’.  We greatly admire Stand Up To Cancer’s mission to end cancer and save lives. To purchase ‘shine’, click here.  To purchase the ‘stand up’ set, click here.

stand up

‘spring’ glassybaby + UW Heart Center

10% from the sale of our ‘spring’ set will be donated to
the UW Medical Center’s Heart Center Support Fund

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Spring officially arrives on Wednesday, March 20th.  In the often-gray, Pacific Northwest, we greatly anticipate this change in seasons.  It is as much an emotional shift as it is a weather shift for us.  (We don’t put away our umbrellas and raincoats until the end of June!)  Whatever spring represents to you—a change in seasons or a change in attitude, we hope it makes your heart and spirit soar.  10% from the sale of our ‘spring’ set will be donated to the UW Medical Center’s Heart Center Support Fund.

gifts from the heart

The Valentine Delivery Squad and Michelle Chattin, glassybaby Director of Partnerships and Ridge Lanning, glassybaby Madrona sales.

happy valentine’s day

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Imagine our delight when two adorable kindergartners from St. Therese Catholic Academy stopped by our Madrona store with a hand-made Valentine!  In fact, the entire neighborhood is decked-out in these made-with-love gifts.  Each time I see one hanging in a store window, I can’t help but smile.

We did some gift giving of our own recently.  Thanks to a generous glassybaby community and an amazing December, we presented some of the largest giving checks in our history.  Northwest Harvest was the recipient of a check in the amount of $14,537!  We were overwhelmed with gratitude when we learned that this money will provide 66,000 meals!  Those meals were made possible through the amazing work of Northwest Harvest and your generosity.  Two gifts from the heart, for sure!

Left to right: Michelle Chattin, glassybaby Director of Partnerships; Deborah Squires, NW Harvest Director of Community Engagement; Mary Batterson, glassybaby Giving Manager; and Emily Burkland, glassybaby Customer Service.



glassybaby men’s night

tuesday, february 12

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and we all know what every woman wants, and deserves, from her special someone.  glassybaby is the gift that keeps on giving in every way and will last you a lifetime.  How do I give my boyfriend/husband a hint, you ask?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you men’s night at glassybaby!

Tuesday, Feb. 12, all three of our stores will be ready to welcome your men, with snacks and drinks, and help them pick out some beautiful hand-blown glass votive holders from 4-7 p.m.  We will have pre-boxed gift sets ready to go, but we can also help your significant others create a personal, unique set by grouping together a few of your favorite words and colors.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a set with ‘cherish,’ ‘dream’ and ‘grateful?’  I know I would.

Ten percent of all sales from men’s night will be donated to the White Light Fund at the University of Washington Medical Center.  Get a gift by giving a gift.  What could be better?  Hope to see you there.


a December to remember

thank you to our incredible glassybaby community

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At glassybaby, we love the idea of a new year filled with possibilities and fresh opportunities to further our mission of giving.  Each month, we write checks to our giving partners based on the previous month’s sales.   Thanks to our incredible glassybaby community, it was a December to remember.

Our December sales allowed us to write some amazing checks to our giving partners last week.  In total, we gave away $146,643.28!  Of course, none of that would have happened without you.  If you purchased a glassybaby in December, you helped make these checks possible.  We are so grateful to you for your support.

We’ll be featuring stories about our giving partners in the coming months, highlighting how and where they use the money we give them.  Please join us in our efforts to raise and donate “one million more”.  We can’t think of a better way to start the New Year.


Seconds Sale First in Line Contest

win first place in line, round trip airfare, and a two night stay at Pan Pacific Hotel

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With just over a week until our seconds sale, I want you all to know about our Seconds Sale First in Line Contest before it’s too late.  Our seconds sale is known for drawing a line of people that wraps around the block and beyond.  We know it’s not ideal to camp out in front of our store, especially at this time of year, in order to be first in line, so we’ve come up with a solution.

The Seconds Sale First in Line Contest will grant one winner and a friend two places at the front of the line before doors open at 8 a.m.  Along with the joy of being first in line, we will fly you out here from any of the lower 48 states and provide a two-night stay at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

In order for you to win this contest, we want to hear from you!  In 100 words or less, please explain why you deserve to win.  Do you have a special memory, story or simply a love for glassybaby?  Tell us about it.  Photos and videos are encouraged too.  Hurry up though!  The last day to submit an entry is tomorrow, Jan. 18.  The winner will be chosen by our founder, Lee Rhodes, and will be announced on Monday.  We can’t wait to hear from you!



the new year is finally here…

…and with it the opportunity for new beginnings and change.

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The New Year is finally here and along with it comes the opportunity for new
beginnings and change. Buried beneath the champagne toasts, the party hats
and all the celebratory parties is the pressure of a New Year’s resolution. It’s not
creating one that’s problematic; it’s trying to stick to that resolution that usually
leaves us feeling disappointed and defeated. So, why not come up with a New Year’s resolution that you can actually uphold?

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to give back more, as I’m sure a lot of you do too.  I also tell myself that I’ll finally finish decorating my room, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen. Basically, I need to decorate.

When I discovered glassybaby a couple years ago, I was so excited because I had found a product that did it all. A votive holder, a beautifully colored glasswork and a fine piece of art, glassybaby is all-in-one décor that everyone can use. With all different colors and the one of-a-kind characteristic each hand-blown glass votive has, glassybaby will simultaneously fit in and stand out among everyone’s home décor.

glassybaby donates 10 percent from all sales to different organizations; several of them give back to cancer patients. Every glassybaby purchase helps someone in need. And you can help too. Some of my favorite giving sets for the New Year are ‘a new day,’ ‘discovery,’ ‘catalyst’ and ‘inspired by you.’ Any one of these sets will warm up your home and brighten your décor.

Regardless of your resolution, we wish you a happy new year and hope to see you soon!