Go Seahawks!


When I tuned into the Seahawks playoff game this past Sunday it was towards the end of the first quarter.  Much to my dismay, I found our Seattle Seahawks down 14-0!  Now I’m not overly superstitious, but I knew something had to be done.  Without delay I scanned my glassybaby collection and chose a navy, white, and lime green to light in support of the team.  It wasn’t until after they were shinning brightly on my coffee table that I realized how aptly named my selections were; ‘forever,’ ‘hope,’ and ‘imagine.’  It was meant to be.  Once those babies were lit, the Redskins didn’t score a single point while the Seahawks marched on to victory.  ESPN might tell you that it was Marshawn Lynch’s 132 rushing yards, or Russell Wilson’s tenacity that won the day, but just between you and me I know it was the glassybaby.  In any case, we’ll certainly be lighting up our lucky candles next Sunday in my household!

- Courtney