Happy Arbor Day

Today is Arbor Day in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s almost five and I don’t have a tree to plant. So, Marissa sent me this photo of the tree in front of our Madrona store to try to make me feel better. It looks cold to me, so I ventured out of the closet to see if it’s as naked today as it looks in the photo.  I am happy to report that it now has buds and flowers and looks quite springy.  I asked Kari, in the retail store and Kim, our web store manager, what kind of tree it is and they didn’t know. The best answer I got was from Allen who said it’s the kind you climb.  Every day is some day in the United States, so if you’re like me and you missed Arbor Day, don’t worry, tomorrow, April 28, is Save the Frogs day and I think if you don’t eat one or run one over, you’ve done your duty.  xo Debra

spring is here

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere March 20th is the first day of spring.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere you have to wait until September 22.  It’s because the earth is round, it tilts and sometimes we’re closer to the sun than at other times.  That’s how I understand it and I think you could repeat that theory at a cocktail party, but I’m not sure I would use it in a term paper. Anyhoo, think birds, flowers, sunshine, melting snow and rushing rivers.  When Lee first decided to name glassybaby, many of the names she came up with were ‘springish’; bark, grass, hidden moss, new fern, rich beautiful colors that are still popular today. I think for her it stemmed from the comfort of being grounded and the hope of renewal— that no matter what happens, we can always start again, dig deep, reach for the sun… and bloom.  Happy spring.  xo Debra