grass, pearl, purple haze

The glassybaby votive candleholder set that I would choose to honor my neighbor who was like a mom to me is ‘grass’, ‘pearl’ and ‘purple haze’.  These colors remind me of the beautiful white and deep purple lilacs she grew in her yard.  The fragrance from her incredible garden filled our neighborhood each spring and summer.  Margaret could never have children of her own, but she shared her wisdom and love and lilac bouquets with a wide circle of friends.  She used to say, “You don’t have to give birth to bestow unconditional love upon someone.”  Sending glassybaby light, love and lilacs to you, Margaret. ~Mary

joy and heart


The glassybaby handmade candle holder set that best represents my Mom is “joy” and “heart”. As a child, I used to walk to school with a boy that lived a few blocks from my house. He would come every morning and wait in front of our house, too shy to come and knock on the door. He was always dressed like he was going to church—dress pants and a yellow-plaid shirt that had a collar and looked like it could use a good ironing. On the mile walk to school, we would stop frequently so that he could pull up his socks. The dress shoes he was wearing appeared to be at least several sizes too big and as they slipped on and off his feet, they pulled his socks down. One day, while walking home from school, he asked if we had any bandaids at our house. My Mom helped him cover the blisters on the tops of his feet where his shoes had been rubbing. Before he left to continue walking home, she asked if she might draw an outline of his foot on paper. As soon as he left, we got in our station wagon and drove to the neighborhood JCPenney store. My Mom told the salesman that we needed two pair of shoes: one in the size of the outline she had drawn on the paper, and one that was the next size up. She also bought two packages of socks. When we got home, she took the shoes out of their boxes and unwrapped the socks. We placed the items in a plain, brown grocery bag and wrote my friend’s name on the outside. I walked them to my friend’s house and placed them on the porch near the front door. My Mom told me not to ring the bell, nor to ever mention that the shoes and socks were a gift from us, unless my friend specifically asked. He never did. The next day my friend showed up to walk to school wearing his new shoes and socks. The pure joy on his face is something I will never forget. My Mom had a huge heart and I would witness her generosity many times throughout my childhood. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! ~Mary