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the art of light  

within our shop in the madrona neighborhood of seattle, washington, more than 80 glassblowers, inspired by your stories,
devote themselves to handcrafting each unique glassybaby, from sand to hand to heart. 

creating each glassybaby involves eight hands, 2000 degrees of focused heat, and a multi-layered
glassblowing process that results in glassybaby of every hue because, with every glassybaby,
kindess comes in colors and no two hues glow quite alike. 

chocolate find in store latte find in store believe find in store coal find in store cabo find in store blue bird find in store little bear find in store crush find in store sweet pea find in store lemon drop find in store happy birthday find in store sunshine find in store sweet patootie find in store aquamarine find in store bud find in store imagine find in store mountain lake find in store chatham find in store sister find in store cherish find in store pebble find in store nest find in store pond find in store gem find in store

our colors define us

the vibrant color in every glassybaby comes from rods of concentrated colored glass called “color bars.”
for every glassybaby there is a corresponding color bar and for each bar a specific amount is needed to create the proper density of color. the amount of color per glassybaby is called a “color drop.” very early in the morning these bars are loaded into a mini oven
to get pre-heated to a temp of 1010 degrees or higher.


gathering creation begins when our glassblowers
first gather the hot glass on the blowpipe from a
2,300 degree oven.


the color of each glassybaby comes from a three layered application of clear and colored glass. this process is what makes each glassybaby a tough and sturdy vessel. 
(clear glass > colored glass > clear glass)


after the last layer is gathered from the furnace the
mold blower inflates the glass into a cork-lined graphite mold thus creating the iconic glassybaby shape.


trimming each glassybaby is a delicate and detailed
step where the glassblower crafts the finished,
one-of-a-kind glassybaby shape.


a glassybaby is officially born when the glassblower
stamps the bottom of the glassybaby with the
original circular glassybaby logo made from a custom bronze stamp.


placed into an annealor (slow cooling oven),
each glassybaby then cools for between
15 - 16 hours to help relieve the glass of any stress.

final product

once cooled, each glassybaby is checked by quality control experts who look for up to 20 different standards. they are then transferred to our stores to illuminate another person's story. glassybaby are works of art, as unique as the individual that chooses one, formed by eight hands, born in the usa, citizen of the world, each with its own name, one of a kind. kind of like you.