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chocolate covered cherry

if you can dodge the flying fresh fish and save a little cash after the temptations of nectarines and Native-American belt buckles, you'll find Pike Place Market's most delicious offering, a Yakima Valley chocolate covered cherry

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anatomy of a glassybaby


gathering creation begins when our glassblowers first gather the hot glass on the blowpipe from a 2,300 degree oven. that's why we call it the "hot shop".


the unique color of each glassybaby comes from the dropping and rolling of the glass, with three layers of glass creating the color of each glassybaby.


we call it glassblowing because the artist actually blows into the mold to begin creating the shape and forming the “ice”, or the clear glass bottom.


trimming the glassybaby is when the glassblower crafts that perfect iconic glassybaby shape.


glassybaby is born the moment they stamp the bottom with the glassybaby logo, and put in the cooling oven for 15-16 hours to relieve the glass of any stress.

creating the baby

watch the creation


power of giving


every glassybaby gives 10%

10% (at least $4.40) of the revenue from each glassybaby is donated
to organizations dedicated to helping people, animals and the environment heal


dollars donated


of every
helps heal



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white light fund

white light

color club
(the gift that keeps on giving)

hand picked by our founder lee rhodes, each month members of the color club will receive a very special glassybaby. chose from a 3,6,9 or 12 month subscription and receive a different glassybaby every month*.
some months the glassybaby will be a special edition just for the club,
but every month it will be a special gift for yourself or a friend.
collect kindness.

*every handmade color club glassybaby ships at the end of each month.

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